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Quantico – S1E4 – Kill

Previously on Quantico, ‘Cover’


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Hos-tage, noun – a person given or held as security for the fulfillment of certain conditions or terms, promises, etc., by another. Quantico has done well with these overarching episode themes. With ‘hostage,’ the cadets and instructors deal with the this in different ways, and by the end of the episode one deals with this in a very literal sense.


Call of Duty CPA

The cadets are given a few high-stakes hostage scenarios to deal with as their lesson of the week. Before it begin,s Ryan is told by Liam that Alex is no longer a mark and that Ryan needs to convince her to drop out of Quantico. Ryan questions this, but Liam tells Ryan he needs to not ask questions and follow orders.

“If she’s no longer a mark why do you need her out of Quantico, Liam? Just let her be!”

During the scenario, due to her own demons with killing her supposed hero FBI agent Dad, Alex fails the scenario and considers quitting because of it. Apparently when someone gets shot you can’t just duck in cover to heal. Even if it’s just a shot in the shoulder. So, Elias, this isn’t like Call of Duty at all!

A jarhead drone that who will follow anyone’s orders

Ryan gets assistance from Miranda to talk Alex out of quitting. Miranda tells Alex that just because her dad was a good agent, that didn’t make him a good man. As Liam walks by the office and sees the three of them talking he makes eye contact with Ryan.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4a7097″ class=”” size=””]”I teach the people who find people. You think I couldn’t find you?” – Miranda[/pullquote]

I trusted you!

Back in present day Alex is pushing Simon to take her to the guy who can identify the fuse she found in her apartment. However, Simon was instructed by Director Clayton to keep Alex there until the strike team could arrive. At ground zero, Ryan and Clayton text Simon similar texts about the strike team being on the way and Ryan feels deceived that Simon is working with Clayton. Simon and Alex inquiry into the fuse leads them to Shelby.

You’re my hostage now

While Alex rummages through Shelby’s beautiful home, Shelby arrives. Shelby is extremely snarky during her face off with Alex. While they have guns drawn on each other Shelby tells Alex that there were 7 bombs at Grand Central and it had to be detonated within a 2-block radius. Shelby also spills the beans that Simon is still FBI which is news to Alex.

Ryan arrives to warn Alex and Simon that the FBI are on their way, and to complete the Mexican standoff by drawing his gun on Shelby. I know Simon didn’t have a gun, just go with it.


This leads to Ryan taking Simon back to ground zero as Alex asks the two of them to leave. Alex subdues Shelby after the FBI arrives and asks her how the fuse was part of the bombs. Shelby isn’t cooperative, but Alex assures Shelby that she’s her hostage now and she will wait as long as it takes. Hopefully that means she’s gonna go full Jack Bauer on Shelby to get the info she needs.

Who’s Sexin’ Who

  • So Ryan is currently with Natalie in present day, but at training it seemed he and Alex were getting ready for a relationship of their own.
  • I see you, Caleb. Taking Shelby to the gun range may not have had the desired effect considering she’s such a good shot.

Answers and More Questions

  • When Ryan texts Simon, he knows Simon is FBI, right? What conversations have they had to know he’s undercover? Liam didn’t know Simon was an agent, but not know Simon was taking orders from Clayton?
  • Miranda explains why she needs Nimah and Raina to poison this terror cell that her son is caught up in. I’m glad Nimah and Raina are back on the same page, but I’m still don’t understand why Miranda needs twins to do this. Why is it a secret between the three of them? This can’t all be for her son, can it?
  • Now we see why Elias feels he has to keep an eye on Simon: he’s showing all the red flags of the “enemy within” . Elias, you probably want to present that case sooner than later because threatening the guy you’re investigating is a good way to have an… accident. What are you waiting for?
  • What has Simon done that his Jewish associate thought to ask if he was responsible for the bombing? Also, he lied about the translation to Alex.
  • Alex, what did you find out about Shelby’s parents’ death?
  • So, Shelby came “clean” with Alex that’s she’s been talking to her half sister. So has Shelby been wiring money to her sister? Why? Oh, and one more thing about that…

Federal Bureau of (no) Investigation

  • Shelby just lies to the bureau about not talking to her half sister and they just go with it? Phones have to be the easiest things to track and they haven’t figured that out?
  • Simon covers for Ryan when he’s interrogated at Ground Zero saying he wasn’t at Shelby’s during the raid. Where did the FBI and his woman Natalie think he was? Did they lose their agent in the middle of this manhunt that’s being dubbed the worst attack on U.S soil since 9/11?
Quantico S1E4
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