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Quantico – S1E5 – Found

Previously on Quantico, ‘Kill’

I would have named this episode ‘Undercover’ but that probably would have been a bit too on the nose. This week’s theme is about the masks we wear and what we reveal. During training, the nats are working on going undercover, and in the present day Alex is trying to get her story out to the public so that the FBI (hopefully) won’t shoot her on sight. 


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Undercover Lovers

All the recruits are overtired, but Director Shaw injects some energy into them by giving them an assignment to build a persona, which they will then test out in the field. And Agent O’Connor gives them a last minute twist when he has them trade off the personas they’ve built right before they begin their challenge, which is to secure a meeting with the CEO at a company retreat.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]“It’s not just me she has something on, it’s all of us” – O’Connor[/pullquote]

Caleb spends the entire evening undermining Shelby because he’s pissed she told about his trips to the gun range. Simon tries to use their night out to invite his “boyfriend” to meet his friends and throw Elias off his trail. For Nimah and Raina the stakes are pretty high. They have to switch every hour and debrief each other without getting caught or they’re out of the program. Alex and Ryan are pretty focused on winning the challenge, but they manage to get in more than enough flirting.

By the end of the night, Nimah and Raina are the challenge winners, but more importantly, they’re gaining confidence in their ability to be one person. Caleb and Shelby end up having hate sex, but he’s still pretty mad at Shelby so we’ll see how that plays out. And Ryan and Alex finally have sex, which we all knew was going to happen.

Jihadi Jane

In the present day, Alex sets up a meeting with some cyber hackers on the dark web in an attempt to get her story out to the public and change the narrative the media is presenting. Said media is using a super hot picture of Priyanka Chopra and is painting Alex as some sort of Black Widow type character. Unfortunately, she has Shelby dogging her at every turn, telling her to turn herself in. Also, the hackers want her to prove that she’s not the terrorist before they’ll help her. Despite her travels through Pakistan and Iran, Alex’s story is sympathetic enough to earn their trust and after broadcasting her story, the hackers also set her up with a safe house.


She also manages to convince Shelby she’s innocent so now Alex has allies inside and outside of the FBI. And after some searching, Asher finds another possible suspect who was at Grand Central that day… Caleb. 

Mother and Father Superior 

Ryan has aligned himself with Director Shaw over Agent O’Connor, but O’Connor tells Shaw why he’s interested in Alex and that shuts down Shaw’s suspicion of him. We also learn that the two of them planned to divorce their spouses and be together, but O’Connor didn’t go through with the plan.


Who’s Sexin’ Who

  • In the past it’s Ryan and Alex as well as Shelby and Caleb but while Ryan and Alex seem pretty cozy, Shelby and Caleb looks like it’s going to end in bullets.
  • The reveal that O’Connor and Shaw were ready to run away together raises a lot more questions about how they’ve gotten to this point, personally and professionally and I wonder if their relationship plays into whatever O’Connor did that Alex may know about.


Answers and More Questions

  • Elias breaks Simon down into admitting that he is not gay. Simon says he was enlisted in the IDF, but what he did as an Israeli soldier pushed him to reinvent himself. I’m wondering if Simon illegally left his post as a soldier as well.
  • Caleb was at Grand Central and seems to have an axe to grind against the other nats. And despite washing out early on, he’s showing that he’s pretty proficient at agent-ing.
  • Ryan comes clean to Alex about his wife. Still not sure where that’s going to lead and Alex doesn’t let that stop her from a roll in the hay.

Federal Bureau of (no) Investigation

  • As wonderful as the reveal that Alex was broadcasting from a mosque was, you mean to tell me that no one looked at the location they were going to and figured it out before they pulled up? You can hack the dark web, but you can’t use Google Maps?
Quantico S1E5
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    Performances - 7/10


Although this week was light on the action, story wise Quantico is doing a great job of pulling on a variety of threads and weaving them together. The dialogue and relationships can be a bit predictable. I’m really interested in seeing what present-day Nimah and Raina are up to. At this point, Alex has a lot of allies and I want to see where the twins fall.

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