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Quantico – S1E6 – God

Previously on Quantico, ‘Found’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

You can start panicking now

With surveillance being the lesson this week our favorite Nats, Caleb, Shelby, Nimah, Simon, Ryan and Alex  are so preoccupied pairing off to set up their own rendezvous, they were ready to ditch class to get some alone time. Yes, apparently this is FBI High School.

Leave it to Miranda to keep challenging them by giving them the task of surveilling her, which indirectly has them watching her son, Charlie, who just got home from Juvie.


While Alex and Booth are surveilling Miranda’s home they find Liam and Charlie, but are getting interference with their audio so Booth gets closer to the home. They overhear Liam talking to Charlie about Miranda stopping Charlie from shooting up a school that Liam daughter attends.  As Liam is leaving he sees Booth, and after berating him spills just enough tea about orders of watching Alex that Alex overhears it and drives off.

When Ryan finally catches up with Alex as she’s surveilling Miranda and Charlie at the school, she tells Ryan she doesn’t want to have anything to with him and to get the hell out. During this Miranda is trying to talk some sense into Charlie to accept what he was going to do – she knows because she found his note that she later burned to keep him out of prison. She is torn on whether or not she did the right thing for him.


It’s a total soap opera

In present day, FBI Agent Caleb is heading the operation to catch Alex before she sets the attacks in motion by reviewing all camera footage around Grand Central Station around the time of the attack. Since Simon is working on the inside he’s able to mirror Caleb’s computer to see what he sees. Caleb isn’t interested in looking for Alex though, he’s looking for his dad, Director Clayton. After running some facial recognition app Caleb sees that his Dad is having an affair with Shelby as he sees them on video embracing. This is what you’re using FBI resources for Caleb?

Shelby gives Alex the whole backstory on why it happened and when Shelby finds Caleb, he is livid – as he should be. Once Caleb decides to do his job, he does spot one of the Amin twins at Grand Central days before the attack.

Who’s sleeping with who

  • Let’s all welcome Simon and Nimah to the club. At Quantico, they finally let each other know how they felt, even though Raina didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Raina was right to be cautious, because Simon stumbled upon their secret and now he’s trapped in the closet. I’m sure there’s an R.Kelly joke in there somewhere.

Answers and More Questions

  • Charlie had a list of kids to kill at that school including himself, apparently.  I wonder if there was any significance of Liam’s daughter being on the list?
  • We get to see the seeds of how Natalie and Ryan got together since Alex switched rooms with her.
  • Miranda is using the twins to infiltrate the terror cell that recruited Charlie, as well as using the Nats to keep tabs on Charlie. It just stands out to me how much she’s using this for her personal reasons.

Federal Bureau of  (no) Investigation.

  • Miranda, I get that you wanted to keep tabs on Charlie, but spy cameras? C’mon, get the good stuff like the mirroring software Simon was using. If you had, you would have seen his IMs. ‘If u still want to talk we r always here.’
  • Liam, you were able to see the camera Miranda had hidden in War and Peace in her son’s room, but missed the camera Alex, a rookie Nat, set up in your office?
  • If Shelby and Clayton are going to have this affair, can they find an inconspicuous place to make out? So messy!


Quantico S1E6
  • 6.5/10
    Plot - 6.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Action - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Performances - 8/10


This episode didn’t do a ton to gain ground on who set off the attack or if the FBI is any closer to finding Alex since those points were covered in the last few minutes of the episode.  The relationships came off pretty well and set the table for the upcoming conflicts between the characters. Aunjanue Ellis did some fine acting in this episode, especially the interactions with Charlie.

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