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Quantico – S1E7 – Go

Previously on Quantico, ‘God’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Remember when you were in school and you had to midterms and you basically wished someone would just blow up the school so you would never have to do this again? Well, at least your test wasn’t an actual bomb.

“This week we’re going to push you past your limit”

Even though every week has been a test at Quantico, this week is midterms and whoever doesn’t pass is out. Vasquez’s boo Brandon seems to be feeling the pressure. He’s tiring out during the physical and annoyed with his own performance. By the time the written exam comes around he’s a bundle of nerves, but lucky for him all the exam pages are blank. Alex goes into full team leader mode and her training kicks in. They start looking for evidence and using surveillance and they discover that everyone got a paper except Brandon. He freaks out and confesses that he thought it meant he was being kicked out so he loses his cool and leaves. Then all hell breaks loose and the remaining NATS and analysts are trapped in the exam room with a bomb that Brandon planted.


They manage to get the door open, but not disarm the bomb. In the end, Alex and Co. including Vasquez stay and try to disarm the bomb while Harper and some of the other recruits leave. Turns out the lesson was about sacrifice and Brandon was part of the game. Harper has to pack his bags and leave, but Caleb gets upgraded to agent training.

Nimah and Raina convince Shaw to let them tell the other NATS about their mission as a show of trust.

Alex also uses her leverage on Liam to get Ryan reinstated so the mystery of how he ends up with Vasquez lives on.



In present day, Alex and Simon are trying to track down the twins while Vasquez is on to Ryan and Shelby and hopes they’ll lead her to Alex. When Alex and Simon find Raina, she’s surprised to hear that Nimah is still alive and tells them that she hasn’t shown up for their last two switches. The terrorist cell they’ve infiltrated is on lockdown and Nimah has been stuck inside. Also Nimah has been using her feminine wiles to break down the leader of the cell and out of concern for her sister, she didn’t want to switch and put her in an uncomfortable situation. Unfortunately, just when everyone is working together to get the twins out without blowing their cover, Vasquez and the rest of the FBI shows up causing a gun fight with the terrorist cell, who thinks they’ve been made. Vasquez, in a rare moment of sense, lets Alex and an injured Ryan go because she’s finally let some of the jealousy go and realized that if the whole team is working with Alex maybe she was wrong.

Who’s Sexin’ Who

Ryan and Alex are on the outs, but like Ryan said Alex keeps coming to him so I don’t think his departure will affect their love affair. Caleb is back in training and Shelby stood up to his dad so they should be good for a while. Vasquez seems pretty pissed at Brandon and she let Alex take Ryan so she’s lonely in the past and the present. And now that Nimah and Raina get to be their own people, I’m sure we’ll see some sparks between Nimah and Simon, despite his goodbye kiss with Harper.

Answers and More Questions

  • Alex’s bugs in O’Connor’s office show us that whatever her dad was involved in also has to do with Caleb’s dad. I wonder if we’ll get a flashback to their days at Quantico. Also Caleb’s mom is trying to be the VP, maybe this conspiracy with Alex’s dad involves something they all covered up to advance their careers.
  • We still don’t know how Simon “left” Quantico. He didn’t give up Nimah and Raina or get kicked out to protect their secret.
  • How did Shelby end up with Caleb’s dad? She clearly knows how horrible he was to Caleb.
  • Brandon has shown himself to be someone who follows orders and isn’t a part of the NATS “cool spies” group. Could he be acting under orders?
  • If Caleb became a NAT again, how did he end up an analyst in the present day? How many chances does the FBI hand out because other people are being cut without remorse?

Federal Bureau of (No) Investigation

  • Nimah and Raina have been out in the field with a known terrorist cell. Why hasn’t anyone tried to bring in one of them for a debriefing after a major bombing? Is this investigation so stuck on Alex that they are ignoring everything?


Quantico S1E7
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    Performances - 8/10


This week we truly see the NATS working together in both the past and in the present. Although the pilot set up this idea that Alex was betrayed by one of her classmates, the overarching lesson of this show has been misdirection and I’m starting to wonder if any of the NATS are a part of this at all. Liam seems to be the next obvious choice since he targeted Alex from the beginning, but now that Caleb’s father is involved it could be an even bigger conspiracy.

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