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Quantico – S1E9 – Guilty

Previously on Quantico, ‘Over’

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

One of These Murders Is Not Like The Others

The Nats are introduced to Dr. Susan Langdon (Anne Heche), the former agent who caught the welfare mom killer. Their task is to split into groups, look at cases, and figure out which murder wasn’t done by a certain killer. Alex and Simon are in the same group and while Simon is stuck on one murder that didn’t fit the serial killer pattern, Alex finds the “right” answer.

Alex is preoccupied with helping Liam out while he’s going through a drinking binge and juggling Ryan’s feelings about helping Liam. Ryan is annoyed that Alex is helping Liam because of what he recently put them through, as well as Alex’s need to hide it from Ryan. Liam is all in his feelings about the people that died on that mission he and Alex’s dad were on, which has led to this drinking binge. At the end of this, Alex confronts Ryan to ensure their friendship is still intact.

Really, Alex? Friendship?

Ryan is definitely not here for just a friendship and thought he was staying at Quantico for the right reasons, but at this point he decides to leave.



In present day, Alex is taken into FBI custody only to be quickly moved to a HIG facility under the watch of Griffin Wells. Wells answers directly to the president and is there to get Alex’s confession. Jack Bauer Wells is not, but he begins to torture Ryan to persuade Alex to talk.

Meanwhile, Caleb is uncovering a bit of a conspiracy. The agent who found out someone else was using Alex’s badge during the attack is dead, but was killed before the bombing and it was staged, and her phone is missing. Since no one at the freaking Federal Bureau of Investigation decided to put a timeline of their number one suspect’s movements on the day of the attack, Caleb and Elias start one and deduce – with help from Nimah – that Alex was taken, drugged with chloroform, and dropped off at Grand Central. They present this evidence to Liam and he begrudgingly gets Alex out of Wells’ clutches. Liam later convinces Alex to accept a guilty plea to draw the terrorists out to see if they can stop them before they detonate a second bomb.


Burgers and Lies

I’m going to call Simon Sherlock Asher. He had a hunch the last victim of the welfare mom killer was staged. Later, when all the Nats and Susan go to a local bar, Simon corners Susan and basically accuses her of falsifying evidence to get this killer. Susan doesn’t deny this, and ends up threatening Simon – and damn near fulfills her threat if it wasn’t for Ryan stopping them in the parking lot. Susan gives Simon a kiss and whispers that he will never be able to prove it before she leaves. Simon does, however, tell the authorities about victim number 9 and it appears that the WMK will get off and the fellow Nats are not happy with Simon at all as a killer of 8 may go free.

Simon Phone call

Answers and More Questions

●  It seems too neat and tidy that Simon, having lost faith in the FBI, is now in the plot to blow up Grand Central.

●  When do we find out who killed Goodwin, the agent who tied together that someone other than Alex used her badge? It seems like a big lead that’s being glossed over.

●  So, if Charlie isn’t complicit in stabbing his mom since his prints weren’t on the knife, where is he now and why was Miranda so sure it was him who did it?

Who’s Sleeping with Who

●  Simon almost was on this list with whatever Susan – whatever she used to drug him, she may have had some fun before killing him.

●  Who needs mattresses? All Caleb and Shelby need is a bed of beautiful fall leaves.

Federal Bureau of (no ) Investigation

●  If the people who framed Alex knew about the FBI camera blind spot, why didn’t they have someone on the inside? Let’s be a little careful with who you bring in on this. Are you sure you can trust Liam?

●  It took a rookie Nat to figure out Susan doctored the evidence against the WMK? I guess checks and balances are a thing of the past!

Quantico S1E9
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This episode really pushed the plot forward to get all the current agents and former Nats (Hey, Elias. Welcome back.) on board with Alex being framed, even Liam. The side plot with Langdon and Simon was intriguing and I hope they bring her back in some way. Very disappointing that we didn’t see Charlie at all and Miranda got one line in this week. Just a few lines from Liam about the investigation around Miranda’s assault seemed like a wasted opportunity on a really interesting story. This gambit that Alex and Liam are trying to get the terrorists is a really dangerous move considering the stakes, but it should make for an excellent penultimate episode before the fall finale.

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