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Quantico – S2E12 – FALLENTORCH

Previously on Quantico, “ZRTORCH”

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Before we begin I have a major inconsistency to address. In the first half of the season when Alex encountered Lydia in the present day, she seemed unsure if Lydia was an AIC member or not. Now that it’s been revealed in the past that Lydia is the head of the AIC, it makes no sense that Alex would help her acquire those disks and be surprised when Lydia double-crossed her. Unless Past Lydia does something drastic to convince Past Alex she’s not in charge of the AIC (which makes no sense because Ryan knows she is) then that whole episode comes into question. Same goes for Léon and Dayana.


A year ago, Alex and Owen were hunting the AIC together. Since Owen finally came around to believing that his daughter was heading up the rogue faction, he decides to give the trainees an assignment that will be enticing enough for the AIC to piggyback on it. So the trainees are going to break into the NSA. The recruits mission is to delete their personal communications from the NSA server, but the AIC wants to tap the NSA to get a direct line to intel. Lydia returns to the Farm to oversee her AIC recruits and it gives Owen an opportunity to observe her. He wants to see if his daughter has really become a rogue agent.


As a team, they all work well together. And Alex continues to use her celebrity as a distraction, even taking a selfie with the receptionist at the front desk before strolling out after their op. But there’s continued strife within the ranks. Dayana sets up Léon because he tanked their last op in Amsterdam and he keeps trying to appeal to her conscience. Harry continues to needle Sebastian about his new “girlfriend”. And Ryan has his attention split between trying to gather intel on the AIC and making sure Alex isn’t tanking his mission with her independent investigation. 

Queen’s Bishop

Since the whole episode is about misdirection, everyone is concealing something. Harry agrees to help Alex in exchange for information about his dead lover’s father. Lord Bishop unfortunately is not into anything particularly nasty which frustrates Harry and in turn he ends up giving Sebastian another one of his long, “why won’t you come out of the closet” speeches. Don’t get me wrong it was beautifully acted by Russell Tovey, but we’ve heard it a dozen times. And I guess it was the speech that broke the camel’s back because Sebastian tries to choke the life out of Harry for making him feel this way. This is why he was kicked off the Farm and ended up married to that government worker.


Present day, the whole gang is trying to get out of the building without being shot by trigger-happy cops because the terrorists are mixed in with them. Will makes himself bait by telling everyone that he can identify AIC members. As Dayana and Sebastian’s wife ask a million questions (which no one finds suspicious), they realize that the AIC is picking people off in an attempt to get to Will and create panic. Then Sebastian’s wife outs herself as an AIC member (she calls the name AIC stupid and in that moment I wanted her to survive) and creates a diversion for Dayana to grab Will.


When Alex gets outside of the target area, Lydia is working with the FBI and claims that she stashed the discs on site and that Dayana is the one who grabbed Will for the AIC. So here’s where I call shenanigans. In the past, Ryan says that Lydia’s missions are sanctioned black ops. This is bolstered by what Caleb’s mom said a few weeks ago about being a part of the group that approved the formation of the AIC but given what the FBI discovered about the AIC’s missions, I don’t think those ops were sanctioned. What’s to say that Lydia’s ops weren’t sanctioned at one point and then they went rogue later. Hell, the team of FBI agents Miranda put together to flush out the AIC started killing people willy-nilly. And it doesn’t explain why Alex and Léon haven’t been suspicious of Dayana and Lydia from jump. They were the only two known AIC members. 

Who’s Sexin’ Whom?

I thought Sebastian and Harry were going to have sex, but Sebastian just wanted to choke him. And Léon officially broke up with “Jane” and I just realized Shelby’s alias was Jane Foster. This is why even CIA agents can’t sleep on their Marvel comics. He would have known something was up. But it does seem like Léon also has some attraction to Dayana.

Answers and More Questions

  • I think I went through all of my current gripes. Basically it feels like in order to draw out the mystery of the first half of the season some of the interactions in the present day have been inconsistent with what we now know about the past.

The performance score for this week’s episode goes up because of Russell Tovey’s scene about his closeted lover. It was beautifully acted even if the story was repetitive. Tovey is best known as George from the UK version of Being Human and he put in a stellar, dramatic performance on what could have been a simple genre show. He’s bringing that same level here and elevating a fairly simple story. What is frustrating now is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Based on what we’ve seen depicted in the past, the motivations and interactions we saw earlier in the season make no sense. How do we get to a point in the past that makes it so Alex doesn’t immediately suspect Lydia and Dayana when an attack happens? Same for Léon who knows Dayana got him booted for being disloyal. I hope the writers have an exit plan for the corner they’ve painted themselves into.

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