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Queen Sugar – S2E3 – What Do I Care For Morning?

Previously on Queen Sugar, “To Usward”

While Aunt Vi and Hollywood made up for lost time between the sheets, Charley and Ralph Angel came to an understanding — of sorts — after the Landry’s dirty dealings come to light.

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Much like we saw in season one, the Borderlon siblings don’t always see eye-to-eye-to-eye, but when outsiders attack they squad up quick. This week, Ralph Angel once again gets resistance from Charley when he reveals his plan to leverage his portion of the land for a loan to plant his soybeans. Charley views this from the prospective of the farmers who agreed to work with their mill: how confident will they remain in the Borderlons if it appears Ralph Angel has a “side hustle”?

Unfortunately, it turns out some of the farmers who signed up to work with the new mill didn’t do so with the best intentions. The Landrys approached a few who were struggling financially and enlisted them to spy on the Borderlons, and that includes trying to steal a sample of Remy’s sugar cane while Ralph Angel slept. When Charley, Prosper, and Ralph Angel confront one of the thieves, Ra convinces Charley not to call the police. Instead, they confront the Landrys in their offices and tell them they’re aware of what they’ve been doing.

This is a surprising move considering Charley blasted Ralph Angel for approaching them alone after he found a drone the Landrys had been using to spy on their property. However, it falls in line with what Charley comes to realize by episode’s end: sometimes she needs to let people stand on their own and make calls that are best for them. In addition to signing the loan papers for Ralph Angel, she agrees to allow Davis to spend more time with Micah even after learning Davis lied about Micah agreeing to join custody and after he threatened to turn her in for forging his signature. Charley has needed to cut Ralph Angel some slack, but allowing the Landry’s illegal acts to go unpunished by the law and in public doesn’t really seem like the smartest play. And even though Davis later claims he would have never turned her in, why should anyone believe anything Davis has to say?

Micah’s still recovering from his arrest, and it still affects him, but he’s yet to give voice to what he’s feeling. Nova tells Charley that while he stayed with her, he didn’t eat or talk; he just slept. He’s not opening up to Charley or Davis. Only after a literal pat on the back and “keep your head up” from Ralph Davis does Micah appear to lighten a tad, but it surely won’t be that simple. Hopefully the character will be allowed to verbalize what he’s feeling soon because it’s not very compelling to watch him mope and stare.

More Tea

Nova spent the episode in Atlanta speaking at a symposium on mass incarceration. After a contentious debate with a fellow speaker, they later connect on a more personal level. This is great, but I still need to know what the hell happened to Calvin.

The theme this week was second chances. Ralph Angel understood how the farmer could betray them and do something stupid (and illegal) because he’s struggling to take care of his family. Hopefully this act of kindness won’t come back to bite them in the ass as I’m sure Ralph Angel’s past transgressions (left that baby in the park with some damn churros…) will.

Queen Sugar S2E3
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"What Do I Care For Morning?

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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6 Comments on Queen Sugar – S2E3 – What Do I Care For Morning?

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: I’m not a fan of Charley. She keeps making selfish decisions and doesn’t listen to anyone else. I need her to listen to people and stop thinking she know every damn thing. I have no love for Davis but he not wrong; he should be able to be in Micah’s life. Do you think he would habe been wrong to narc on her for signing his name on the loan papers?

    Where’s Calvin?!?

  2. For the Podcast: Davis could have been in Micah’s life without lying on Micah. Plus he put on a jacket over a towel. What are you doing Davis?
    How do you think Charley and Nova will 1) find out about the Will? 2) react to It?
    Hollywood bout to quit a good job for some Vi honeypot? I love it and also wonder about his benefits.
    Nova and Dr. Bootstraps are kinda cute since they challenge each other. I love that the white guy and light skinned 3B curly girl didn’t get to talk at all. Also Nova talks in Spoken Word.
    That’s all. I really tried to keep it short.

    I’ll keep this super short
    1. I threw up watching milk dud and spoiled mac in bed with each other. He should have blew is big lip ass up on that rig. He better ship out and up to the lord and soon.
    2. We got Nova talking about Micah. I don’t give a shit about this story line. What I do cry about is dat shiny bald nigga. He better not be crypt keeper’s hands new boo. Y’all hear him say, “Just outside” Was that a date? And you know what? His name is DU BOYZ not DU BOIS. He trying to sound fancy and he ain’t slick. You from up the street nigga.
    3. The Dark Knight was ready to shoot these eggshells. He said “we gone find out who the real one is.” He was so ready to cap a nigga I that I officially have a “when RA going to jail” countdown.
    4. CAHLEY and Davis’ paint by number beard are annoying. I hate she and I swear this nigga uses Bigen.
    5. Y’all I hate all these niggas on this show. Everrbody can die on the rig.

    Love the show!

  4. Here is a link to the article that talks about Sharon Lawrence being cast as Lorna (Charley’s Mama) Nova and this new guy are going to be interesting. I doubt he will let himself become another one of her fuck buddies.

    Who was the us that Henry Lee was talking about when he said Landry sent us over to get some of Remy’s sugar cane ? Instead of just letting him go they should have pumped him for all the info about who Landry was using as spies.

    The Landrys and Boudreaux MUST have some powerful enemies somewhere and Charley needs to find them.

  5. FOR THE PODCAST: I coding everything Mizzez Weeks said

    Overall Good episode; much going on
    Vi/Hollywood back 2gether again-1 up 4 black love, that is, until the next major drama occurs
    Nova/DuBois-nice relationship developing here; will She give him an opportunity or is he just another ride on her merry go round of men
    RalphAngel can be a knucklehead @ times but I liked how he stood up to the Landrys & was protective of blue. Speaking of Blue, he’s adorable as ever & grew a couple of inches
    Charley-she was in a mood this episode-the way she dealt w/Ralph Angel over the business & especially w/the custody issue involving Micah. Davis is no prize but he should have the opportunity to try to be a good parent to Micah. Perhaps seeing her Ralph Angel & blue convinced her that Davis/Micah need that father-son bond.
    That’s all I have 4 this week.

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