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Rat Queens #13

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Rat Queens #13

Things looked dire for the Rat Queens after collapsing in the middle of a blizzard while barely escaping the attack of the hell shades. Luckily for them they were saved by Polle, who found them unconscious in a snowbank and brought them to Mage U.

While Violet is being pranked by Hannah and later snow sledding with Betty, Dee is marveled by the library- called the Repository, which apparently holds all books in existence. Now that Dee is the High Priestess- and believes N’Rygoth is real, she wants to learn about all Gods in an effort to destroy the God of her people. Meanwhile, Betty visits the market and channels her inner nerd by buying things just because they look cool.

Rat Queens 13 - Betty

Hannah’s father, Gerard, who is her stepfather and has been sealed away in a dimensional prison for leading the revolt against the Council of Nine, is questioned for Hannah’s sudden appearance at Mage U. Gerard assures the council member, Fairlight, that he has no idea why Hannah is at the U. He pleads with Fairlight that since she will never find him, to just let her be as trying to force Hannah out will only make things worse. Unfortunately, the Council still fears Hannah’s heritage and the damage she’s capable of causing.

Rat Queens 13 - Hannah

Finally, Betty talks Violet into riding her new mechanical sled that she bought at the market. Of course much to Violet’s chagrin, she can’t resist Betty’s charm and in spite of her better judgement jumps off the highest ridge of the mountain and right into a cave occupied by a Dragon.. Gulp!

Rat Queens #13
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Besides the exposition on Hannah’s father this issue doesn’t really move the story along as it’s centered on the adjustment of the girls in the magical world of Mage U. Once again it is hinted that Hannah did something horrible in the past that possibly got her kicked out of Mage U. Also, although Gerard turns out to be Hannah’s Stepfather, Wiebe emphasizes that their love is as real as if he were her biological father, and both go out of their way to correct others when they are addressed as stepfather/stepdaughter.

I wasn’t a fan of the color palette in this issue as it was really bright making everything look extra cartoonish. Dee meeting her brother at the Mage U. library was very coincidental. I believe he might have been sent to spy on her.

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