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Rat Queens #14

Previously in Rat Queens #13

Rat Queens #14

We pick up right after last issue’s cliffhanger that has Violet and Betty facing off against a ginormous Ice Dragon. Fortunately for the girls, the dragon, Daniel, is a rather okay chap, as well as civilized. Daniel bonds with Betty over their fondness for candy (his gold hoard is secondary to his candy hoard). Daniel also gifts Vi a sword that turns out to be enchanted, causing her to blackout to a vision of what may be from the future.

We get more exposition on N’rygoth through Dee and her brother Senoa, who graduated from Mage U in the same class as Hannah and Tizzie, and who is also an atheist. N’rygoth is an ancient behemoth who was placed in an eternal slumber by Dee’s ancestors, and who will remain eternally asleep so long as her people continue to cast spells in its name. Dee and Senoa then vow to search the library for ways to defeat N’rygoth once and for all.


Hannah talks to her mother’s spirit through the mirror portal, and Mina explains how Gerard made sacrifices to save Hannah from the council. I love how the story is shown from the past, but Hannah’s thought bubble shows present day questions of what she believed.

Hannah’s mother tells her Gerard lied about what really happened to protect her, but now that the council has turned on him she wants her to go after them. As she’s transported back through the mirror portal, Hannah’s saved by Tizzie from the Council of Nine. Tizzie tries to warn her from going after the council, but as she knows Hannah won’t listen to her, Tizzie allows Hannah’s father to possess her so he can talk to her. Gerard forbids her from going after the council and wasting away all the sacrifices he’s made so she can be safe.

Hannah and Tizzie

The issue ends with a pissed off Dee wanting to have a heart to heart with Hannah after Senoa has been telling her stories from their days at the U.

Rat Queens #14
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    Art - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10


Highlights for me include: We got answers to a lot of long lingering questions. Betty interactions with Daniel the dragon was hilarious. I enjoy Dee and Senoa reminiscing about their mom and I the interaction between Hannah and her mom as well. I especially like the friendship between Hannah and Tizzie.

How much you want to bet Senoa is butthurt because Hannah slept with him and left him? Hannah’s already shown (with Sawyer) that she has a type.

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