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Rat Queens #15

Previously in Rat Queens #14

RatQueens 15- cover

Things come to a head as Hannah, after being ratted out by Dee’s brother Senoa, finally confesses why she was banished from Mage U, and more importantly, that she’s there to free her father Gerard by any means necessary.

Hannah divulges that she never wanted to attend Mage U but was pushed by her father, who wanted her to be a mage. Hannah fell back on her studies and rather than disappoint her father she made a pact with a fiend, Hazirel, to help get her through her courses. Eventually, the council of nine found out and brought her in for judgement, but Hannah – under the influence of the demon at the time – attacked the council, which led to her banishment.

Because she’s had to deal with being persecuted her entire life, Hannah misjudges Dee’s concern. Dee doesn’t really care what happened in the past, but wants to prevent the bloodshed that’s to come if Hannah’s plan to free her father comes to fruition. Hannah takes this for betrayal.

For the first time in the series we have genuine tension between the Queens. You could feel the menace when Hannah tells Dee “Kindly get your fucking hands off me.”

RatQueens 15- Turmoil

Even though Hannah always portrayed this “I don’t give a fuck what the world thinks about me” attitude, she always cared what her friends thought – evident by her iconic hairstyle that hid her horns. Not anymore; feeling betrayed and alone, Hannah lets go of the last vestiges of her humanity. She shaves her head, leaving a punk rocking mohawk and her heretical horns for all to see.

Ratqueens15- New Hannah

Things get heated when the council enforcers show up and get into a fight with Hannah, who gets in a few licks, including blasting both Dee and Violet in their attempt to constrain her and stop her from making things worst. Eventually the council goons overpower Hannah and imprison her in the void.

Later on we learn that Senoa was indeed possessed by Harizel, who gives a cryptic speech about loving Hannah before throwing Senoa off a cliff. Welp.

Finally, after a time jump of a few months, Harizel breaks into the void and informs Hannah that Gerard was executed by the council. Hannah, who’s all out of fucks at this point, professes to be his if he gets her out of prison. Double welp.

Some of the best lines in this issue

After Senoa recounts that Hannah said, “I am the living conduit of evil! Bow to me, you fucking Boob” to the council:

Hannah: “Does that sound like something I would say?”

Violet: “Yes, you said it to me exactly like that a week ago.”

Dee to Hannah: “And now who are you? The Demon or The Queen?” (Yaaass. That’s fucking badass)

Senoa: “Why would I help a demon?”

Dee: “Because she’s a Queen.” (Man. Dee was on point the issue.)

Violet: “We have to get her back.”

Dee: “With your sword?”

Violet (in tears): “It’s all I got.”

RatQueens15- Betty Bye

Rat Queens #15
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10


What a powerful issue. Wiebe has been weaving this complicated thread of Hannah’s life throughout the rest of the series and expertly converged them here. I totally bought why Dee, who’s filled with a new responsibility since becoming the High Priestess of N’rygoth, would want to talk to the council to get Hannah’s father freed, but I also understand Hannah’s reaction as well. She knows talking is not going to get shit done and she’s tired of playing by the rules – especially after feeling her friends betrayed her.

And poor Betty, who just wants to eat candy and he horny. I felt so bad for her as she didn’t know how to react to her two friends fight each other. It’s like when your two big sisters fight and you don’t know how to stop it. It was heartbreaking as she clung to Hannah’s leg to prevent her from leaving.

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