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Reign – S2E1 – The Plague

Finally! It’s back! The fashion! The drama! The intrigue!

This season premiere episode of Reign wasn’t as juicy as most, but still juicy all the same. We left off with Mary ordering the guards to close the gate with Francis on the other side, about to go to Lola who is having his baby. Get all that. Yeah, it’s a mouthful.

“The black death is back to plague us all” Quite cheery, don’t you think? Catherine and Mary are ruling the castle side by side. (I’m surprised not one of them has tried to kill the other yet). Anyway, after a cheery speech on how they are prepared for the plague, everyone gets terrified and Mary tries to calm them. Mary and Catherine head to their chamber where they are quarantined in the throne room where there are flaming pits of fire to burn away the disease (like that will work). In the hallway, Bash tells Kenna to grab Pascal and lock themselves up in the room. Bash loves Kenna now, which makes for a mean story arc.

Reign S2E1 1

Francis is riding alone through the lands filled with plague, heads to Lola’s side and finds her alive (thank god). Someone from the house where Lola is staying, drumroll please, catches the plague. Francis and Lola take off into the woods. Back at the castle, a man has a proposal for Mary and Catherine: If they let him kill one man, he will signal the food to come to the castle for people to eat. If they do not comply with the offer, the shipment of food does not get signaled and the food does not come. (Basically, he is blackmailing the Queen). Great idea.

Francis runs into his 2nd cousin like a million times removed and they set up camp in the woods. He tells Francis not to give up what he has with Mary for Lola and their son. He tells him about his mistress and how she is married, but not really. Manly conversation and all that.

Reign S2E1 2

Back at the castle, the douchy blackmailer decided to take matters into his own hands and poison an entire family (potential witnesses of a crime) just to assassinate one person. That casualty list includes a little girl and Greer’s ex- boyfriend’s new girlfriend (potential juicy drama). Anyway, the little girl comes to Bash in a dream telling him that a reckoning is coming. He wakes and goes to find Kenna.

Mary is informed of the murder and Catherine blames Mary for it. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be a bitch queen like Catherine. They get into a fight, as usual.

Reign S2E1 3

Back in the forest, some ass of a duke rides with a young woman in a cage. She wasn’t even infected with the plague but still, ass. Who treats someone like that? Anyway, turns out the girl was part of the family that delivered the baby, so Lola recognized her right away. The asshat was going through the forest on the way to getting out of the plague infested land. He casually mentions Francis’ cousin has a ship standing by so his crew can escape the plague. He suggests Lola go on the ship to the Netherlands and that way he is rid of the mistress and the bastard child (douchey thing to say).

Reign S2E1 4

Back to Bash, he starts looking for Kenna, who is locked up in the room with a plagued Pascal. He opens one door thinking the person yelling is Kenna, but it turns out it was a young woman who was in the late stages of the sickness. She basically tackled him and then Bash killed her. By then, he was at a high risk of infection. He later went on looking for Kenna and found her locked in a room with a now dead Pascal. Later in the forest, Francis hears the baby crying and decides to hold the baby and he grows attached. He tells Lola that he doesn’t want her to leave to the Netherlands, but that he wants them to stay in the castle with him.

Reign S2E1 5

Back to the drama of the queens, Mary asked Nostradamus to create a potion that will simulate plague symptoms but not kill. That gave Mary the liberty to punish the killer any way she wants. She decides to throw him in the catacombs where the terminally sick people are held. Basically, certain death. After she locked him up in the cell, she had this powerful, yet maniacal stare. A perfect way to end an episode.

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