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Reign – S2E2 – Drawn and Quartered

Previously on Reign, ‘The Plague’ 

Well, as I suspected Francis comes back. Yep. Shocker. I honestly think Mary should be King because she just flat out kicks ass. Anyway, the episode starts with Francis and Mary back at court and they are acting like everything is just peachy and perfect. Well that all changes when the man who Francis and Lola met in the woods (the guy who held a girl in a cage) shows up looking for his dead son. Turns out his son is the guy who Mary had murdered. Whoops! Mary tells Francis about this and he basically calls what she did stupid. Kinda was. But they realize they have to fix the problem before the father starts snooping around and then revolts. The father can’t find his son among the many remains of the plague victims. So he searches all over the castle and ends up in the catacombs (where the sick servants and peasants are held). Little does Mary know, there was a witness to the murder – a peasant who is immune to the plague?


Now that the father has the information about his son, he tells Francis, Mary, and Catherine he wants retribution. He tells them he wants to kill Nostradamus (the person who falsely diagnosed him) and all the guards who helped. He wants them to die in the worst way possible, drawn and quartered.

Lord Castleroy confronts Leif about what happened to his daughter and how he thought it was just to get back at Greer for not being with him. He insists he really did care for Yvette and Lord Castleroy punches him. Everyone walks away.


Back at the castle, Francis and Mary try to come up with a plan. Mary decides to confront the father. She finds out his douchebag son was acting on his orders and she tells Francis. Francis sends Bash to go to surrounding villages and find incriminating evidence against him. He finds out he murdered people, but mixed the murder victims and the plague victims in a mass grave: if the murder victims are dug up, you release the plague. With no evidence against him, they cannot stop the execution of Nostradamus. Catherina goes to visit him and then basically calls him a worthless person (you know, what she says to everyone) and then he tells her that Clarissa is alive.


Mary discovers the person the father ordered killed went to confession and told the truth about why someone would want him dead: He stole gold from the Vatican and he partnered with the father to kill a cardinal. Mary tires to use this information to stop the execution but first she has to come up with a plan. She stops the execution and shows up with evidence and information that she sent a letter by messenger to the Pope. Francis comes in and tells Mary he has stopped the riders and harshly tells her to leave. He offers the father land in exchange for not killing Nostradamus, an ally they may need. It turns out Francis and Mary were just acting and their plan went just the way they wanted.

Later, the father comes barging in and takes Leif’s land (which is just making him sadder). Earlier, Greer tells him she wishes she wasn’t ashamed of loving him (ouch) and hopes he can forgive her. Next, Lord Castleroy tells Greer he can’t marry her and he can’t take loving her when she loves someone else.

Francis goes in to hold his child and when Mary arrives. She tells him to claim the child. The nurse comes in to teach Francis how to hold the baby and then the nurse starts talking in this creepy voice. She says he is his father. If you remember in the last episode, they talked about a reckoning. That means there is an open door to the spirit world. Well, something juicy for the next episode.

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