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Review: Splendor

Splendor is a resource management game made by Space Cowboys for 2-4 players.


Splendor Box


It’s a really simple, fast paced game that requires a little bit of strategy, but not too much. It’s a light strategy game and lots of fun. It runs around 30 minutes.

There are only three components to the game. You’ve got your colored tokens, your cards, and your nobles (which are also cards).


Splendor Game Pieces


Game Setup

You lay out 12 cards, with 3 noble cards at the top. Like so:


Splendor Layout


Score | 9/10Gameplay

You only have 3 options to choose from. Each turn you can either pick 2 tokens of the same color, pick 3 tokens of different colors, or you can buy a card. Each card has a cost, which will be paid with the colored tokens. Each card also has a colored gem on the top right corner. That is considered a “bonus” and can be used to buy cards the same as tokens are used, only you don’t have to turn them in to buy the card.

Some of the cards also have victory points on them. The noble cards you can get at the end of your turn if you have the same amount of bonuses as listed on the card. Each of these cards is worth 3 points. The first person to get 15 points wins. It’s really very simple, but very fun.

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