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Review: Thor #1

There was a lot of excitement when, back in July, Marvel announced a new series featuring a female Thor. Marvel has long been a leader in their positive depictions of women and minorities (despite their stumble with Spider-Woman Assgate), but people were still surprised and a little cautious. Would this new Thor be weaker? Would she really be Thor?

The first issue, If He Be Worthy, released today and while it’s too early to say what kind of Thor she’ll be (she doesn’t appear until the last frame), the rest of the story shows lots of promise.

Thor #1 Cover

The issue begins with a brief summary explaining how things stand in Asgard (now Asgardia). Odin has returned from a self-imposed exile to find that his wife, Freyja, has ruled in his absence and his son, Thor, is a bit of a mess. After joining The Avengers in a battle on the moon, Thor received a whispered message from Nick Fury. Whatever he said caused the god of thunder to drop his hammer on the moon’s surface and Thor (nor anyone else) hasn’t been able to pick it up since. He’s not eating, sleeping, and barely talking.

Thor Is All Up in His Feelings

Odin blames his wife, suspecting that her coddling has caused their son to go soft. Before Freyja can tell him to go have a damn seat, word arrives that the Frost Giants are attacking Midgard. Odin and Freyja both bark orders at the same time. He demands everyone go home because it isn’t their fight, while Freyja believes they should ready for war. Odin reminds her that he’s home now and there’s no longer a need for an All-Mother.

Odin represents all the fanboys thinking a woman should know her place, while Freyja is the rest of us, telling them to have a damn seat.

Sick of his parents’ shit (and still being all up in his emotions), Thor stomps off stating that he’s going to hit up the Hall of Weapons and then home. Freyja doesn’t think he means Asgardia and she’s right.

Deep beneath the Norwegian Sea, Frost Giants are attacking an underwater research facility. Led by Malekith the Accursed, they’re looking for something lost long ago and they believe the researchers have recently found it. As a frantic scientist searches, Thor appears minus his trusty hammer Mjolnir. Instead, he’s rocking a battle-axe. This amuses Malekith and as the two fight, he taunts Thor. Not only does Malekith win, he cuts off Thor’s arm and leaves him for dead after gathering what he came for. The poor scientist is left to drown as well.


So, who is the new Thor? We still don’t know.

New Thor

Score | 9.5/10She’s able to pick up Mjolnir, but her identity is unclear. Before leaving to regain control of his kingdom, Odin warns his wife it’s time for her to “remember her place in the world.” As she eyes the hammer she whispers, “Perhaps it is.”Freyja seems the obvious answer and I’m here for it. Odin represents all the fanboys thinking a woman should know her place, while Freyja is the rest of us, telling them to have a damn seat. P.S. What the hell did Fury whisper to Thor? Hail Hydra. Kidding.

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