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Review: Void


Void is reminiscent of another sci-fi thriller, Event Horizon. John, the protagonist, is stuck on a prisoner passenger ship, chased by the murderous Colonel Mercer. As John sifts through the gore, we learn more about both the hero and our villain. All of the crew – military and civilian – are dead. Even the prisoners who were petty thieves and soft white-collar criminals were butchered. Our unlikely hero has to find a way off before he’s added to the pile. The art is just like the story: grisly, grimy, and just down right awful. I had to do a couple of double-takes at the gruesome details.


The plot twist may seem predictable, but how it’s framed within the story that gives it the edge. Imagery aside, Void is a subtle thriller but it isn’t lacking. Between the art and the gripping narrative, the story does not leave one wanting.

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