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Review: Saga #25

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Saga #25 Cover

Alana, Hazel, Klara, and Izabel are being held by Dengo in their tree/ship. He never lets Hazel out of his sights, which makes it hard for Alana and Klara to mount any kind of attack. One false move and he’ll kill the baby. To make matters worse: Alana is going through withdrawals, the ship’s energy is almost depleted, and they’re forced to milk Hazel’s pet walrus for sustenance.

Klara continues to be one of my favorite aspects of this series. We know that Alana didn’t really have a mother, and for all of her strength, Alana could use a kick in the ass sometimes. She calls Alana on her shit and reminds her that they soldiers, and should be trying to save themselves instead of waiting to be rescued.

Klara Plots an Escape

On Demimonde, Gwen, The Brand, and Sophie search for the dragon sperm needed to make a cure for The Will. They find a dragon and prepare to lance one of his testicles when Sophie realizes those aren’t balls. It’s a female dragon who pisses on them, marking her prey and calling for backup at the same time. Dragons are super efficient that way.

Dragon Pee

Things aren’t much better for Marko. He and Prince Robot IV are having trouble tracking Friendo the Walrus to find their families. They don’t get along, and Marko is still a little shitty with Yuma for getting his wife hooked on drugs and into this predicament to begin with. And poor Ghus. He’s looking around like, “How did my life come to this?”

Since Dengo hasn’t had any success recruiting people to his cause via the airwaves, he’s moved on to Plan B: He’s called in a crew of scary-looking badasses.

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • This series is determined to break my heart. I just know it. First the “this is the story of how my parents split” fake out had me up in my feelings. Now, we learn that it’s been months since Hazel has seen her dad and it will be years before they see each other again. #JesusFixIt
  • I need to know how Brian K. Vaughan writes black women so well. Sure, they’re aliens, but still…
  • Loved the opening explaining how the outsourced planets are still suffering while the people of Landfall and Wreath have basically moved on. That’s why it’s so dangerous for people to actually listen to Dengo or to know that it’s possible for their people to put this shit behind them.
  • As usual Fiona Staples does amazing work here.
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