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Review: Saga #26

Previously in Saga #25

Saga #26 Cover

Marko can’t help being a nice guy, and that’s why he ends up foiling a convenience store robbery – even though he’s a wanted fugitive. But because he’s also a man who hasn’t seen his wife and daughter in months, and he has no idea if they’re alive or not… and also because he’s a wanted fugitive, Marko ends up beating the would-be robber nearly to death. This doesn’t please Prince Robot IV, who believes the quietest witness is a dead one. Marko refuses to take lives.

Marko and IV Fight

Meanwhile, Dengo has called five members of The Last Revolution, resistance fighters dedicated to ending the war – by any means necessary. Alana flips and tries to talk Dengo out of letting them in. They’re savages who cannot be trusted. Klara goes one further and threatens to snap Hazel’s neck herself before she allows the terrorists near her granddaughter.

Klara Will Take Baby Out

Things are turning around for Gwendolyn and party. Sophie thinks to use their translator to communicate with the female dragons ready to kill them. A simple request for everyone to be friendly works, and the dragons back off from killing Gwendolyn and The Brand. They’d love to help out with the dragon spunk, but there’s only one dragon left and he lives on a hill, and he’s kind of a dick. The group isn’t easily swayed and insist they’ll make the trek up Mount Lazuli.

They’re being watched by someone who looks like he could be The Stalk’s brother. Something tells me the trip to Mount Lazuli won’t be without conflict.

Marko opens up to Yuma about hitting Alana with the bag of groceries. He feels it’s unforgivable. Yuma can’t offer a lick of advice because she’s high as fuck. She copped the drugs off the would-be robber. Marko already blames Yuma for getting Alana hooked on drugs, he doesn’t want a junkie along while he tries to rescue his family. Yuma points out she didn’t have to do much enticing because Alana welcomed drugs. She did so, Yuma says, for peace.

The resistance fighters are let in, and they’re lead by Quain, the captain of The Fourth Cell. Before Alana and Klara can barely get out an effective threat, one of the The Last Revolution renders them unconscious. Once they confirm that Hazel is indeed half LandFall and half Wreath, Quain takes Dengo into an embrace and promises they’ll do great things together. It’s right about here that Dengo starts making life decisions.

Prince Robot IV dreams of his wife, who turns into what she looked like when she died right when things in his dream were getting steamy. Unable to fall back asleep, he leaves his room to find Marko OD’d on the floor.

Oh, Marko.

Marko is High

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts:
  • This series insists on playing with my emotions. I didn’t expect it to be easy, but Alana and Marko being separated is too much. It is interesting that he has discovered drugs now, trying to find his own peace, as Alana is going through withdrawals.
  • Izabel gonna wake up and be like, “I can’t leave you fools alone for a few hours!’
  • Poor Marko.


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