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Review: Saga #28

Previously in Saga #27

There was lots of movement in this issue as some pursuers finally catch up with their prey, and the toll war has on families is further explored.

Saga #28 Cover

Sophie, Gwendolyn, The Brand, and Lying Cat are still on their journey to Mount Lazuli to fetch some dragon spunk. While Gwen and the cat sleep, The Brand and Sophie roast marshmallows and The Brand explains abortion. Now, you would think a child sex slave would know about such things, but the fact that she doesn’t reminds you she is still only a child – plucked out of her childhood and forced to engage in and understand things far beyond her years. The Brand also tries to impart upon Sophie that killing doesn’t feel good – and it shouldn’t. Sophie, already hardened, replies some people leaving the world makes it a better place.


The Stalk’s brother, Halvor, finally shows himself as he’s been tracking the group for awhile. He has the eardrum of The Stalk’s skull ship – the one stolen by Prince Robot IV – and was hoping Sophie could listen to it and track where his sister’s killer is for some good old fashioned vengeance. Why doesn’t he do it himself? He has a wife and six kids to worry about. Revenge quests are for the single and childless.

Meanwhile, as the members of The Last Revolution move their bargaining chips, one wonders if maybe they’re not going too far involving children in their fight. Another counters the horns and wings who started this war are solely responsible for all the death and misery it has produced.

Once they are locked away, Alana comes to and tries to persuade Dengo to turn on his allies. She knows he realizes they’ll escalate this far beyond what he had planned, but she doesn’t get an answer before one of the LR comes to retrieve him. Later, they come for Hazel having already struck a deal with one of the governments to turn her over in exchange for the release of 1,000 captured LRs. Alana loses her shit, of course, and manages to hurt one before she’s hypnotized into submission. They can’t kill her since whoever made the deal wants to deal with Alana personally.

The Last Revolution Takes Hazel

Score | 8.5/10Yuma still feels shitty about supplying Marko with the drugs upon which he overdosed. Ghus tries to make her feel better, but they’re interrupted by an attack from another ship. The Royal Guard has found them – thanks to Prince Robot IV calling the doctor for Marko. He’s been sold out. They give them one chance to surrender peacefully. When they don’t take it, their ship is fired upon.

The engine room is damaged and Marko instructs Yuma and Ghus to check it out. Ghus quickly identifies they have a fuel leak, but entry into the room to seal it means certain death for the person who goes. He prepares to sacrifice himself, but Yuma knocks him out and enters the engine room. She finally atones for her betrayals and dies as she lived:

High as Fuck

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