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Review: Saga #30

Previously in Saga #29

This issue gave us some long-awaited reunions, but since this is Saga, they weren’t all that happy.

Saga #30 Cover

Marko awakens to the news that Prince Robot has been seriously injured during their crash landing. But when Ghus confirms they’ve landed on the planet where Marko’s family is, Marko gives not a single fuck about Prince Robot’s condition. He barks at Ghus to stay with him if he’s so concerned. He’s going after Alana and Hazel.

Meanwhile, Alana tries to escape from the remaining two members of The Last Revolution. She manages to grab a grenade and bluffs her way into another part of the ship to search for Hazel and Klara. She runs into Dengo, who assures her Klara and Hazel are headed for their rocket ship. Before they can leave, he needs to grab something from the engine room. Once outside, Alana holds the robot baby while Dengo reveals he swiped enough fuel to get their ship going again.

They’re surprised by two guards, who Dengo quickly shoots. He assumed Klara would have come through already and taken care of the guards. Before one dies, he admits to Alana he never saw Klara and Hazel.

Of course, Klara and Hazel run right into The Last Revolution members Alana just escaped from.

Just when Alana realizes her mother-in-law and daughter are still on the ship, it takes off. Dengo reasons they won’t get far considering all the fuel he stole. Alana ain’t tryna hear that shit. She calls him a retard, and when he protests her use of the word, she loses every bit of her shit and it’s glorious.

Alana Yells at Dengo

Before she can shoot him in the face, Marko arrives and reminds her that’s not who they are. But you know who’s EXACTLY like that? Prince Motherfucking Robot IV. He is so about that life he shoots Dengo mid sentence before finally meeting his baby boy.

Prince Robot Arrives

The dragon spunk cure works and The Will wakes up. He’s surprised to see Sophie has grown so much, and to learn The Stalk’s family left him a piece of her ship in the hopes it would help him track down her killer. But when he learns his sister, The Brand, died to save him, he reels on both Gwendolyn and Sophie, and demands they leave him alone. Dang. Not even a “thanks for saving my ass” first.

The story – for now – ends with Hazel in a classroom with other horned children .. and she’s standing on top of a table, getting scolded by the teacher because of course she is.

Hazel on the Table

Overall Thoughts:
  • The reunion between Alana and Marko was everything I wanted it to be except longer. However, I am glad their adventure isn’t truly over. According to Brian K. Vaughan, there’s a hint to what comes next in something Hazel said in one of the early issues. Ain’t nobody got the time to go back and read… oh, let me stop. I’m going back to see if I can figure it out.
  • Score | 10/10What becomes of Prince Robot now? I’m guessing he’ll end up traveling with Alana and Marko seeing as how he’s not welcomed back home. That puts him on the run and shunned by his kind just like Alana and Marko.
  • So, what’s with The Will’s reaction to learning his sister died? It was just a smidge much, no?
  • And where the hell is Hazel and how much time has passed?
  • How gorgeous is that cover? The answer is very. Very gorgeous.
  • Saga is taking another scheduled break – *sigh* – which makes me sad, but it’s not like I don’t have enough to read during the wait, and that includes The Private Eye Vols. 1 and 2 by Brian K. Vaughan. It’s our July book club podcast selection. Hopefully you’ll join us. You can learn more about it here, including where to purchase the two volumes.
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