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Saga #31

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Saga is finally back with an issue that is surprisingly sweet considering it features a decapitation, nudity, and an accidental death.

Saga #31

Klara, Hazel, and Hazel’s rebel kidnapper, Lexis, find themselves living in a refugee center after they pose as slave laborers held against their will on a rebel ship. This means they are protected and fed, as opposed to being jailed or worse, executed. This also means that Hazel has to bind her wings so that no one knows what she is.

But it seems as though there’s no hiding how special Hazel is, because her teacher clearly cares for her and suspects she’s hiding something. After surprising Hazel with a birthday present, she tries to convince Hazel to open up. She does, eventually, and unbinds her wings. The result is a tragic surprise.


Hazel has other guardian angels in the form of her grandmother, Klara, Lexis (who has been promoted to “aunt”), and Izsbel, who returns shortly after they arrive at the camp.

No Marko and Alana this go ’round, but we are introduced to a interesting character: a transexual from Wreath named Petrichor. She presents as male, but identifies as female. She’s shunned by the others from her planet, but doesn’t seem to have a problem taking care of herself alone.

Saga #31
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    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Art - 10/10
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    Back Matter - 10/10


This was a great issue to kick off the next act in this story. While I would have loved some updates on the other characters, I’m satisfied with learning how it came to be that Hazel was away from her parents for this long. Conditions in the refugee center reminded me of the HBO series, OZ, so I’m curious to learn more about Klara’s role there and how Petrichor will factor into the story.

The art, as usual, is perfection. And Saga is very good at the one-page reveal where you turn the page and shit suddenly gets so real. This issue had at least three of those moments and they didn’t disappoint.

I am so jealous that Brian K. Vaughan named a character Petrichor before I could.

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