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Saga #33

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Saga #33

Upsher and Doff and back on the case since The Brand’s death means they can cover the Alana/Marko case with their brains exploding.

Their investigation first takes them to Ginny, the woman who tried pushing up on Marko. She placed a “missed connections” ad with a message for him, which the intrepid reporters find. Ginny drops the bomb that Marko’s child was stolen by a member of the royal family.

Realizing this goes a lot deeper than they thought, the two weigh the pros and cons of chasing the story. In the end, it’s the thought of a child being caught in the middle of this never ending war that pushed Doff to commit, and he believes Upsher is the right person to tell Hazel’s story.

Doff and Upsher

If you’re going to tell a war story – and I’d argue this is more of a war story than it is a love story – it’s always more interesting when you show how war affects aspects of “normal” life. This particular war has been going on for generations, and while I don’t know if Hazel is enough to stop it, I like the idea of these two journalists trying to be on the right side of this and making it happen.

Although this may be a bit harder to do now that they’re in the company of The Will, who has put on a few pounds.

The Will is back

Saga #33
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Like any true saga, this series spans many years and landscapes. It’s always nice when this series returns to characters we haven’t seen in awhile or ones we’d never thought we’d see again.

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