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Saga #35

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Saga #35

There’s no shortage of characters with questionable morals – and sometimes no morals – in the Saga universe. This issue we meet Zlote, a drug-sniffing club owner who peddles in secrets. Doff trades him info on a closeted politician who’s threatening Zlote’s liquor license in exchange for Prince Robot’s last-known whereabouts. This is how desperate Doff and Upsher are: they’re willing to out a man and destroy his life in order to save theirs, even though there’s no guarantee The Will won’t give in to the voice whispering in his ear, telling him to kill them.

Prince Robot is utterly disgusted with his situation and Alana and Marko. He has zero confidence in their plan to enter Landfall to rescue Hazel, especially when he learns a portion of it relies on him wearing the uniform of a lesser and using fake royal credentials to gain access. Still, Prince Robot rises to the occasion to defend the ship and Alana when they’re trapped in a Hive-Mine while Marko jumps to Landfall. Something tells me Prince Robot has missed the action.

Prince Robot is Over it

Of course, the adventure to reunite these families has never been easy and it doesn’t appear it’s going to start now. As her parents are closer than ever, Hazel is being spirited off-planet by Miss Noreen. Predictably, Klara isn’t down with this, but hesitates when Hazel pleads her case.

And Hazel isn’t the only child in a possible dangerous situation. The Will has Prince Robot’s son, and Ghus may not be enough to keep him safe.

Doff Makes a Deal

Saga #35
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I’m not sure I buy Klara even considering letting Hazel out of her sight, even though she lives under the constant threat of being exposed in the camp. Also, I really want this family to reunite already, even though I’m enjoying most of the ride as they attempt to.

Prince Robot IV’s dialogue continues to be one of my favorite things about this series, and this issue did not disappoint there.

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