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Saga #38

Previously in Saga #37


If there’s one thing we know about Saga, it’s that the best laid plans will never work out the way they’re supposed to. A quick stop on Phang for fuel turned into a stay that lasted months. Alana, Marko, and company end up providing for the tribe of creatures caught in the middle of the war – much like they are – and form a pretty comfortable existence.

Of course, this is much to the annoyance of Petrichor, who doesn’t trust the creatures one bit. She’s encountered “their kind” before (suicide bombers) and is convinced they are all alike. You can’t help but make comparisons to real life people displaced by war, who are also stripped of their humanity.


Prince Robot IV has also had just about enough of Phang and wants to venture across the land (through various battlefields) to get the fuel they need so he can get back to his son. Izabel offers to scout ahead since she can’t be hurt or killed. She’ll check that the route is clear and report back.

Elsewhere, The Will shows up on Gwendolyn’s doorstep and meets her wife instead. Yeah, didn’t see that coming either. She sends him to Cefurbo where Gwendolyn and Sophie on High Command Business.

Speaking of freelancers, Izabel runs into a nasty pair who, unfortunately, have the ability to kill her kind. They do just that when she won’t give up Hazel’s location. What makes this especially devastating (besides the fact that Izabel was awesome), was Hazel’s last moments with her babysitter. Let’s just say Hazel was totally getting a bit too big for her britches and said some hurtful things. She’s too young to have to deal with that kind of regret and guilt, but this is the life she’s forced to lead – one where anyone you love can be gone without warning.


Though, the final page suggests Hazel may not be free of Hazel Izabel just yet.

Saga #38
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