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Saga #45

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This issue hit all of my emotional buttons. It’s Saga at its very best: funny, poignant, and raunchy. The sudden appearance of Alana and Marko’s son is quickly explained: he’s the result of a projection spell typically used to forecast battle plans in war. It’s another power Alana is capable of because of the miscarriage. His name is Kurti *sob* and he’s fully aware of what he is, but also behaves as though they’ve all shared a life together. He even has a nickname for Hazel (Hazy, which she hates).

As tempting as it is to keep the projection going forever, its use could lead to Alana’s death. Alana worries how Hazel will handle losing Kurti, especially after she has so quickly bonded with him (farts and all). Watching this tested family struggle with losing this child, yet again, was truly heartbreaking. It felt like a representation of the ‘what if’ stage of grieving a loss, only extremely vivid.

Back at their ship, Petrichor is confronted by the religious family of cowboys. They’re under the impression that she’s traveling with a rich male companion who they wish to rob. As they prepare to lynch her, Petrichor comes up with a story of being dumped by her lover after she refused to abort their baby. She has quickly assessed the hypocrisy of these pro-lifers and it’s enough to buy her some time. They may think abortion is murder, but clearly have no problem committing actual murder.

Like everyone Alana, Marko, and Hazel adopt into their family, Petrichor would rather die than put them in harm’s way. Her sharp mouth — in more ways than one — come thisclose to getting her killed, but Prince Robot IV enters for the save.

As usual, the back matter in this issue was excellent, and it included a special sample of Brian K. Vaughan’s series, Paper Girls. If you’ve not yet picked it up, you should. There’s a sale on all Brian K. Vaughan’s titles at Comixology from now until September 4th.

Coming up in #46: Into the badlands! 

Saga #45
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Written by: Brian K. Vaughan | Art by: Fiona Staples | Letters & Design: Fonografiks

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