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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 11: Reunion, Endymion

Act. 11 - Reunion, Endymion

Act. 11 – Reunion, Endymion

Previously, “Act 10: Moon

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The episode begins with Usagi dreaming of her beloved Tuxedo Mask walking away from her. As she calls out to him, she is interrupted by Luna trying to wake her up. Luna silently remarks at Usagi’s strength at her new situation and reminds the young guardian that she can talk to her about anything. While walking to school, Usagi surmises that the power from the “Legendary Silver Crystal” comes from her attitude, so she decides to no longer be down again. As she’s walking down the street with Luna, she bumps into someone that looks mysteriously like Mamoru. She brushes it off as a coincidence and moves on. Turns out it really was Mamoru, and he shows up at the arcade. He sees Motoki and his friend Endo walk up and use that as an opportunity to hypnotize both Endo into going away and Motoki thinking he is Endo. Later, the girls are going to Ami’s to have a meeting and a girl’s night in…including Minako carrying the sword they found on the moon in the last episode. Once in Ami’s apartment, they test the sword on a diamond, and the diamond didn’t stand a chance. Ami informs them that the sword is both made of an unknown material that is poisonous. They also theorize that the Dark Kingdom essentially killed the moon, turning it into the dead planet it is now. During all of this, Usagi has fallen asleep. She later wakes up and sneaks out to the arcade. Once there, she sees Motoki and…Mamoru!

Minako, Makoto, Usagi, Ami, and the Moon Sword - Sailor Moon Crystal

Mamoru seems to be very interested in the Sailor V game and asks Usagi how to play it. He also notices that Usagi has the odango hairstyle much like Sailor Moon. Luna notices that something is really wrong here, and she calls the other Guardians to keep an eye on her. While they’re observing the goings on, Motoki’s friend Reika – who showed up earlier in the episode to drop off a book to Motoki – laments that he’s been spending a lot of time with the man he calls “Endo.” She also points out that the real Endo is a bit more feminine, and this person is certainly not. Luna tries to tell her to not go to the arcade because the guy she thinks is Mamoru really isn’t. Usagi tells her in no uncertain terms that she knows that and runs off anyway. At the arcade, Usagi is playing the Sailor V game while “Endo” is commenting on how he’s met Sailor V before. He tries to hypnotize her and force her to tell her secrets, but she resists the hypnotism and runs off. Later, he’s at the arcade with Motoki where Makoto confronts them. She tells “Endo” to stay away from him, but his eyes flash red and the screen goes to black. The girls are called to the command center where Makoto tells them that Endo is an agent of the Dark Kingdom and wants the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” She asks Usagi if she has it safe, which she does; then…the intrusion alarm goes off. In the confusion, Makoto grabs for the crystal, but Rei pushes her away and knocks her into a podium, which renders her unconscious.

Prince Endymion - Sailor Moon Crystal

Prince Endymion and Motoki then reveal themselves to the assembled Guardians; Endymion tells them that Makoto fell under his hypnosis and told them how to get into the command center. Minako, Ami, and Rei transform to fight while Usagi looks on in shock. The girls fight the two valiantly, even knocking Motoki out, but they’re no match for the corrupted prince, as he dispatches all three of them in short order and takes the “Legendary Silver Crystal” from them. Luna tries to get Usagi to fight, but she’s still unable to get into the battle…until Luna goes and attacks Endymion. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and attempts to use her Moon Healing Escalation to cure him, but it fails. Queen Beryl then shows – and introduces – herself to the assembled Guardians and tells them that she has possession of the crystal and that they will die by the hands of Endymion. Sailor Moon is now forced to either fight her beloved or watch the man she loves kill them all.

Queen Beryl - Sailor Moon Crystal

Here are my five standout moments from the episode:

  1. There was a bit more humor in this episode again, and it was much appreciated. Between Usagi losing her tiny little mind at Ami’s apartment building and Mina’s walking around with a gigantic sword like it was the most natural thing in the world, the first half of the episode really made me laugh.
  2. Mamoru is creepy as hell when he’s evil. He was kinda creepy in the original anime, but in this one? Jesus Christ!
  3. Sailor Venus’ transformation and “In the Name of the Moon” speech was beautifully animated. Her’s is my favorite of them all.
  4. Sailor Moon got raw in this episode! She looked like she was ready to kill her beloved for hurting her friends and allies.
  5. The girls are good fighters, but they get thoroughly curbstomped by the agents of the Dark Kingdom. This episode is no different, as Endymion essentially mops the floor with them at every turn.

Score | 10/10This show is getting really good at writing cliffhangers. Every episode ends with something making you hold your breath in anticipation, and this one is no different. Watching everything spiral downhill and wondering what the implications would be to those events is thrilling and breathtaking. How will Sailor Moon get out of this one? Will she have to fight her beloved, or will there be a last minute save from someone else? I don’t know, but we’ll find out together, won’t we?

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