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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 12 Enemy: Queen Metalia

Act 12: Enemy, Queen Metalia

Act 12: Enemy, Queen Metalia

Previously, “Act 11 – Reunion, Endymion

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This episode picks up immediately after the last one, with Queen Beryl gloating over the defeated Sailor Guardians. Beryl reiterates that the Endymion they know and love is dead, only to be replaced by Dark Endymion. He raises his hand to attack a completely shell-shocked Sailor Moon until he is interrupted by the newly revived Sailor Jupiter and her Supreme Thunder attack. Endymion attacks again, but this time the Guardians raise a shield to protect them. Fearing for their command center, Sailor Mercury creates a Hyper-spatial Sphere and teleports all of the combatants away. Beryl gloats over this respite before using her FANTASTIC hair to capture the Guardians and force the secret of the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” Venus realizes that Queen Metalia is actually the big bad and relays all of this to her comrades. They try to talk some sense into her, but Beryl says that she fully intends to betray her ruler and take over the world with Endymion at her side. In a fit of anger, Venus calls the sword from episodes earlier in order to strike her down. Her initial attack fails, but Sailor Moon unites the Guardians and aims for Beryl’s necklace; the necklace was said to be what gives Beryl her power. The initial attack fails, but the power of the “Legendary Silver Crystal” gives the sword more power and the necklace breaks. As Beryl dies, we see what her real motivation was: she was in love with Endymion during the time of the Moon Kingdom, but she couldn’t compete with the love he had for Princess Serenity. Metalia realizes that her vessel has died, and she commands Endymion to get the sword from them. He does and retreats for the Dark Kingdom via a portal, with Sailor Moon running after him.

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians - Sailor Moon Crystal

In the Dark Kingdom, Sailor Moon pleads with Endymion to come back to his senses, but he responds by lifting her in the air by her throat. Meanwhile, the Guardians are on their way to the North Pole to find Sailor Moon and defeat the Dark Kingdom once and for all; instead, they are greeted by the Four Kings who dispense with the pleasantries and attacks with all their might. Back in the palace of the Dark Kingdom, Metalia reveals herself to Sailor Moon, and grants Endymion the power to completely wipe the floor with her. Resigned to her fate, Sailor Moon is ready to give up until Luna contacts her via her commlink and gives her a stirring pep talk, telling her to use the power of her heart to save Endymion and save them all. Sailor Moon continues to plead with Endymion to make him fight through the evil, and he appears to waver a bit. Back in the catacombs, the Guardians are fighting a losing battle against the Four Kings, until Venus stuns them with a realization of a mission of their own. The four Guardians use the Sailor Planet Attack and reminds them of their past. They all come to, remembering that they are the Four Knights who served Prince Endymion. This being the type of episode it is, they come to in just enough time to be mortally wounded by Metalia in a glorious beam from the heavens, leaving the Guardians completely devastated. With their dying breaths, they reassure the girls and tell them their mission is not over. In the palace, Sailor Moon’s attempt at using Moon Healing Escalation to save her beloved fail spectacularly, as the Endymion she knows is gone. At this point, Sailor Moon is completely destitute, and sees that she has no other choice: she uses the Moon Sword to strike Endymion, and – after sharing one last kiss – runs herself through as her friends look on in horror.

Moon Healing Escalation - Sailor Moon Crystal

Here are my five standout moments of the episode:

  1. Seeing where this episode began, there was no way they would be able to bring any sort of brevity to the proceedings. I’m fine with that, as this is essentially the penultimate episode before a season finale.
  2. I actually felt sorry for Queen Beryl during this episode. Seeing how her motivation was purely based on unrequited love gave me some serious feels. Then, she deteriorates while reaching out for the love she could never have.
  3. Hey, Jupiter! Welcome back! That hit Mars put on her must have been potent as hell to knock her out like that. I can think of a few NFL teams that could use her on defense.
  4. Kunite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Jadeite. Rest in peace.
  5. What is it about being evil that allows you to just drip with delicious one-liners? “Let your corpse lay down on the ground of the Dark Kingdom” has to be one of the most sinister things I’ve heard on TV.

Score | 10/10This episode…wow! I knew we were coming up on the end of the first arc, but I didn’t expect this! Watching Sailor Moon and the Guardians go through the ringer was incredible, and it felt like every second could’ve been their last. Seeing the Four Kings finally free from their mind control was great; sadly, it was too little, too late. It was good to see them give one last uplifting message before shaking their mortal coil, though. I hope this isn’t the last we see or hear from them, though. The entire episode was great, but that last five minutes…I had to have rewound that at least three separate times. I loved this episode so much, and it makes me excited for the end of this arc. Bring it on!

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