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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 17: Secret – Sailor Jupiter

Act 17: Secret - Sailor Jupiter

Act 17: Secret – Sailor Jupiter

Previously: Act 16: Abduction – Sailor Mercury

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The theme of this arc appears to be divide and conquer. The Black Moon Clan is adamant on separating Sailor Moon from her beloved Guardians so they can get their hands on Chibi-Usa. This time, they have their targets aimed on Sailor Jupiter. Specter Sister Petz infects her with a virus that aims to weaken her enough to capture her without a fight. Meanwhile, Makoto begins to develop feelings for Asanuma, the young man we met back in Act 15. She falls so head over heels for him that she basically tells him everything about her and her fellow Guardians. Petz uses this opportunity to launch an impressive aerial attack and sacrifice herself to abduct Jupiter, thus removing another pawn from the Sailor Guardian chessboard.

Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Crystal

Here are my five standout moments of the episode:

  1. More humor! The first few moments of this episode was so funny, and it was fantastic to see. It’s almost as if they’re making up for lost time.
  2. Being a Guardian must give you the power of flight, because they float when they jump. To quote ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, “That’s levitation, Holmes.”
  3. The best part of these last three episodes is that it highlights the strengths of the Guardians and makes them more than just ancillary characters. Sure, they turn into cannon fodder shortly thereafter, but they really let you in on what makes them who they are.
  4. You have a talking cat and a robotic doll shaped like the head of said cat. So, what do you do? You take them to a cafe and discuss Sailor Guardian business in public. Way to go, guys.

Mamoru, Luna, Luna-P, and Usagi - Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. I’m not the best at flirting, but Makoto needs help. “I can’t lie to your eyes.” What? I thought I was the corny one!

Score | 8.5/10Next week, I fully expect Minako to be next in line; that’ll take away the the last and most skilled Guardian, and leave Chibi-Usa in the hands of Usagi, Mamoru, and Mamoru’s Tuxedo Mask doll. Seriously, where can I find that thing?

Here’s hoping for a great next episode!

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