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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 18: Invasion – Sailor Venus

Previously, Act 17: Secret – Sailor Jupiter

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“Wiseman, huh. That shady, fortune-telling old coot.” – Rubeus

In this episode, things get real. Minako tells the Usagi and Mamoru to start questioning Chibi-usa, because they didn’t start having their troubles until she showed up. Meanwhile, back with the Black Moon Clan, Rubeus, Saphir, and Esmeraude are bickering among each other, wondering whether or not the Wiseman can really be trusted. Calaveras sets forth to avenge her sisters and take out the Sailor Guardians once and for all; to do this, she sets forth a plan to fool the world through channeling. Speaking of channeling, Mamoru speaks to the Four Kings (Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoicite, and Jadeite) through their four elemental gems, and they help boost his confidence. During a battle the next day, Venus is attacked by Calaveras and the spirits of the other Spectre Sisters; elsewhere, Usagi, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi-usa (who stole Usagi’s transformation brooch) are attacked by Rubeus. Tuxedo Mask debuts his new attack and scares away Rubeus. Usagi is able to transform into Sailor Moon, and she takes out Calaveras. Chibi-usa finally explains that she is from the 30th Century, and she wants the “Legendary Silver Crystal” to save her mom.

Sailor Venus attacks! - Sailor Moon Crystal

1. I feel sorry for Naru. Until all of this happened, Naru and Usagi were the closest of friends. With this episode, however, she realizes that whatever Usagi is a part of doesn’t involve her at all.

2. Momo-chan sure looks familiar. I don’t think people are mentioned out of the blue for nothing; I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her later.

3. It’s a nice touch that they allow Mamoru to realize that he has essentially been inept the entire series. At least the original anime had him throwing roses all over the place. This one didn’t have anything until the greatest and cheesiest attack name ever: the “Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber!”

Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber - Sailor Moon Crystal

4. “Oh, no! We’re gonna get killed!” Brilliant commentary by Mr. Mask there, echoing what everyone else thought.

5. Venus’ lightly chastising of Sailor Moon was adorable; “You are late” made me smile.

Score | 9/10This was an adorably brilliant episode, and I’m thrilled that it moved the story along and answered the question everyone was asking: “What is Chibi-usa really doing here?!” The use of time travel to explain her presence and why she has a version of the “Legendary Silver Crystal” was great, and the fact that the crystals don’t work outside of their own time period was a nice touch as well. This eliminates the ability for an immediate Deus ex Machina. I’m sure we’re going to get one eventually, but it’s nice that it’s not happening right now.

Next up, the remaining Guardians travel to the 30th Century and come face to face with Sailor Pluto!


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