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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 19: Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Act 19: Time Warp - Sailor Pluto

Act 19: Time Warp – Sailor Pluto

Previously, Act 18: Invasion: Sailor Venus

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“I control the Door of Space and Time. The Guardian of the Underworld, Sailor Pluto! Those who commit a taboo will be eliminated!” – Sailor Pluto

In this episode, Chibi-Usa explains how she got from the future to the past. She again pleads for help from the remaining Sailor Guardians, and decides to stay at Mamoru’s house until she’s ready to make her move. This makes Usagi insanely jealous, and she and Mamoru have a bit of a “heart to heart”…more on that later. The next day, they decide to travel to the 30th Century, where they come in contact with the Guardian of Space and Time, the Doctor – I mean, Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto is none too pleased to see them there and threatens to kill them, until Chibi-Usa talks her off the ledge, and they’re allowed to proceed through the time door that leads to Chibi-Usa’s time. Meanwhile, Esmeraude decides to step into the fray and use the Boule Brothers Chiral and Achiral to capture Chibi-Usa and the Sailor Guardians in crystal of their own creation. The time-travelers seem to be doomed, but a mysterious voice tells Mamoru to pray for the crystal floor to be shattered. He does, and he and Sailor Venus destroy the Boule Brothers while Esmeraude escapes. As the episode comes to a close, they come face to face with Neo Queen Serenity – who is encased in crystal – and King Endymion, the rulers of Crystal Tokyo.

Chibi-Usa and the Guardians - Sailor Moon Crystal

Here are my five standout moments of the episode:

1. I know I was one of the people happy they were bringing much needed humor back into the show, but they went a bit overboard in this one. There were parts of it that were on the verge of becoming unwatchable.
2. 30th Century Tokyo looks like it came out of an episode of The Walking Dead. Creepy!
3. Hey, look! It’s the Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber again! They are determined to make sure Tuxedo Mask isn’t useless anymore. I still miss the roses, though.
4. Esmeraude is such a troll, and I’m here for it. Cry for your mom, and she’ll let you have it. Admit you have the feels for someone, and she’ll spill the tea on that, too.

Esmeraude the Troll - Sailor Moon Crystal5.Circling back to the beginning, Usagi got jealous of a six year old, and Mamoru gave her sexy time to make her feel better. What? And, please don’t tell me that it was my imagination, because I’m an adult, and I know what sexy time looks like.

Score | 7.5/10This was such a frustrating smorgasbord of an episode. I liked 75% of it, but the first few minutes of it frustrated me and made me want to take a shower to get the creep off of me. Just when I was starting to like Mamoru as a character, this happens. This episode wasn’t without its merits, though; actually watching Sailor Pluto go to work was fun, and she was dreadfully serious, especially when she launched her “Dead Scream” attack, almost killing the time-travelling Guardians in the process. In the end, this is the set-up episode that will lead to the rest of the arc, and it looks to be an exciting finale to an enticing story that is already miles ahead of the arc before it.

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