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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act VI: Tuxedo Mask

Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask

Act 6 – Tuxedo Mask

Previously, Act V: Makoto, Sailor Jupiter

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We begin this episode continuing with the last one, where Luna is giving Usagi the Moon Stick, telling her that it will help her in her fight against evil. About 30 seconds later, we’re into the opening credits. That has to be a record for shows that have a cold open. This episode centers a lot around Tuxedo Mask; he plasters himself all over Japanese TV, saying he’s after the “Legendary Silver Crystal,” and this attracts the attention of not only the Sailor Guardians, but that of Queen Beryl. Zoisite – the European Commander – begs for another chance to get the “Legendary Silver Crystal” as well as a lot of human energy. The girls meet up at the arcade, where Luna tells them more about the power of the “Legendary Silver Crystal,” and she lets them know that their fate is to protect the Moon Princess and the Royal Family. She also tells them that Tuxedo Mask is on her no-no list, which ticks Usagi off royally. The local media interviews an expert on the “Legendary Silver Crystal,” and she tells all of the viewers to help them find it, claiming that it has an eternal youth effect and magical powers. This order has a hypnotic effect that forces everyone to stop what they’re doing and search for the Crystal. Luna and the Guardians meet up at her secret base under the arcade and tells them that the people are being hypnotized from a signal emanating from the TV station.

The Sailor Guardians – sans Usagi, who runs away after hearing bad news from Luna about Tuxedo Mask – go to the TV station to confront Zoisite, who reveals himself as the expert on the Crystal. The Guardians hold their own for a while, but Zoisite is a bit too much for them. Meanwhile, Usagi gets a powerful pep talk from Tuxedo Mask. It’s his talk that gives Usagi the courage she needs to transform and save her friends. The Sailor Guardians are soundly defeated, but still have some fight left in them…until Queen Beryl appears and tells them that they will – and I quote – “be left prostate by my power.” Sailor Moon unleashes her Moon Healing Escalation attack and defeats Zoisite, who actually took the attack for Queen Beryl. She then uses her remaining energies to restore everyone’s energy. The episode ends with her passing out, only to wake up in Mamoru’s bedroom…who reveals himself to her as Tuxedo Mask.

Here are my five standout moments of the episode.

1. Queen Beryl…QUEEN BERYL! Unlike the original anime, she comes to Earth, ready to take out the Sailor Guardians in one fell swoop.

Queen Beryl - Sailor Moon Crystal

2. Zoisite introduced himself as the European Commander…so, if he’s the European Commander, what exactly are the others?

3. Tuxedo Mask and Usagi had a very powerful moment about halfway through this episode that I really loved. It actually gave him some purpose.

4. Usagi and Mamoru have a fascinating meet cute that I really thought was touching. He teases her, but it’s in more of a loving matter.

5. The two share similar dreams, but from different perspectives. I really got a kick out of actually seeing the events of the dream from Mamoru’s perspective for a change. It helped to make him more complex and more sympathetic.

BONUS: Sailor V and Artemis!

Sailor V and Artemis - Sailor Moon Crystal

Score | 9/10Outside of a couple of questionable animation choices – both featuring Queen Beryl (did we really need a slow reveal of her chest?), I really loved this episode. It made me like Tuxedo Mask a whole lot more as a character, and it fleshed him out. I also loved how they handled Usagi’s self-doubt, and it made her a stronger person when she overcame it. This episode ends on a cliffhanger, and it makes me really excited to see the next episode to see how it wraps up. I also liked that we got to see Sailor V near the end; that was fun.

Next episode promises to be great!


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2 Comments on Sailor Moon Crystal – Act VI: Tuxedo Mask

  1. About point 2, each general/king/commander belongs to a specific region in the world, Jadeite introduces himself as such in the first episode. It is stated in the manga.
    I was expecting this review because I thought you were going to freak out for the last scene, when Usagi wakes up in Mamoru’s room.
    The one that begs for another chance is Nephrite, this is Zoicite’s chance number 1.
    I have to agree with the cold open comment, it was just so weak, but let’s face it is a strange act itself even in the manga, it confuses me a lot every time I read it.

    • I must have missed Jadeite’s intro; I guess I’ll be rewatching that one.
      I almost did freak out, but I decided to watch it as it was intended to be watched. Like you said before; it’s a magical girl anime, so what more should I expect?
      I want Nephrite to get another shot, too. He won’t succeed, but it would be fun to watch.
      I sat down to watch it like, “Yeah, let’s get this started” only to see that it practically rolled right into the opening theme. I like the opening theme, but can we get a little more of an intro first?

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