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Sailor Moon Crystal – Act VII: Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask

Act 7 - Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask

Act 7 – Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask

Previously, Act VI: Tuxedo Mask

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We begin immediately after the events of the last episode, with Usagi waking up in Mamoru’s apartment. She picks up his domino mask and places it over his eyes to prove to herself that he really is Tuxedo Mask. Roll opening credits, and get straight to it. Usagi asks why Mamoru is looking for the “Legendary Silver Crystal;” he then tells her his story: he lost his parents in a tragic accident as a child, and he lost all of his memories as a result. He didn’t even recognize his name. Then, he started having the same dream over and over; a woman standing on a balcony asking for the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” He asks Usagi why she’s looking for it, and she stammers that Luna told her to protect it. She then hurries out, but not before Mamoru catches her and gives her back her bag – and her iconic nickname. Meanwhile Luna is at the arcade talking to someone (I wonder who) about the other guardians regaining their memories. She asks for more time for Usagi, but the person on the other end says there isn’t any more time left. We then see Queen Beryl talking to Queen Metalia – who makes her first appearance in the series; she accepts Beryl’s pittance of energy before demanding that she find the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” Beryl agrees, but she doesn’t seem as benevolent as she once did. She summons Zoisite, and has her to seek out Sailor Moon. He enchants a rental shop and possesses anyone inside to go find Sailor Moon, which gets the attention of Rei.

Queen Metalia and Queen Beryl - Sailor Moon Crystal


Over lunch, Makoto, Ami, and Usagi are discussing Sailor V on Ami’s “FinePad” when Umino comes out very creepily and says everyone is looking for Sailor Moon, whereas Sailor V is old news. Luna appears and they talk more about Sailor V while Usagi has a moment with Mamoru’s locket that she accidentally took; which is fine…because Mamoru has her handkerchief (D’awwwww). Later, Usagi goes to talk to Naru, but she finds that she’s possessed and looking for Sailor Moon – just like the rest of her class. They go to the arcade to examine one of the DVDs from the video store, and the console spits it out. Sailor V appears onscreen and tells them that it’s a Brainwashing DVD and that Sailor Moon has to save everyone. Mamoru also notices the brainwashing, as he is on the bus home when it abruptly stops and everyone leaves to search for Sailor Moon. At the arcade, Ami is analyzing the DVD when she finds Zoisite’s hidden message on it; along with Makoto and Rei, they all go to protect Usagi. Meanwhile, Usagi summons up the courage to transform and save the brainwashed masses, but this is the opening Zoisite is looking for. He appears and takes her hostage, and utterly annihilates the Sailor Guardians. He’s caught off guard by Tuxedo Mask, who cold cocks him, but he gets his revenge immediately thereafter. Zoisite questions Tuxedo Mask about his wanting the “Legendary Silver Crystal,” but he says that the only treasure he’s after is Usako. Zoisite decides enough’s enough, and is about to impale Sailor Moon with a RIDICULOUSLY LARGE CRYSTAL when he’s attacked by two new allies: a white cat named Artemis and…Sailor V, who is in an entirely new uniform.

Here are my five standout moments of the episode.

“Usako.” “Mamo-chan.” Yup.

Judging by what was shown in this episode, Queen Beryl wasn’t necessarily born evil; she may have had her own memories reawakened when she accidentally stumbled upon the Dark Kingdom’s hiding place on Earth.

This episode had a lot of Mood Whiplash in it. We go from dramatic to scary to humorous in the first fifteen minutes; after that it gets dark REAL quick!

To paraphrase Aria T’Loak from Mass Effect: Don’t. Mess. With. Zoisite. He curbstomps EVERYONE! The Sailor Guardians didn’t stand a chance, Sailor Moon stood even less of one, and Tuxedo Mask got a lucky shot in before getting manhandled. Were it not for Sailor V’s appearance, they all would’ve been killed.

Zoisite - Sailor Moon Crystal

So much for secret identities, huh? Here’s an idea; we’re fighting out toughest enemy, so let’s just blurt out our civilian names in front of him. Granted, they were nicknames, but they were close enough to their actual names to not really fool anyone.

Score | 9.5/10This was a great, great episode, and it stretched what I thought was a two-parter to a three-parter, and we’re all the better for it. When we get to the next episode, we’ll have a solid 72 minute mini-move that we can all enjoy. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been hard on Mamoru, but these past two episodes have seen me soften my stance greatly. You feel sorry for him and his loss, and you see why he is the man he is today. I wish the Guardians would’ve had more to do, but it’s only 24 minutes. Not a whole lot you can do with everyone in that time frame. Bring on the next episode!


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