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Saints Row IV: War For Humanity

Saints Row 4


A new trailer for Saints Row IV dropped today. While I’m excited to get my hands on the fourth installment of a game I’ve played since the beginning, this new futuristic storyline may take some getting used to. When it comes to Saint’s Row, I want to drive around in a purple tricked-out car, stop at Freckle Bitch’s or Charred Hard Burgers for lunch, and run insurance scams at busy intersections. If I want galactic warfare, I’ll play Mass Effect 3.

But still, they’ve brought back the original Shaundi. And Keith David!

Fine. Shut up and take my money.


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3 Comments on Saints Row IV: War For Humanity

  1. I can’t wait for this game! I loved SR the 3rd. I hope Zimos is in there too.

    • I love these games, too! I never did end the first one though because it would glitch up at a part in the end EVERY TIME. Never went back to it after trying for weeks and an update never came. I plan on wasting a weekend of my life playing this one.

  2. I never played the first one since I did not own a xbox 360. I do have part 2 on the pc but it is so weird going from 3 to 2.

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