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Scandal – S2E19 – Seven Fifty-Two

Scandal S2E19


It’s been three long-ass weeks since we had a new episode of Scandal. Let’s do this!

The episode starts off five years ago which means we’re subjected to Olivia’s really bad lace-front wig. She is pacing on a train platform, waiting for a train, and meets Homeless Huck. You remember when Huck used to look like Hagrid? Yeah. That Huck. She slips him some money and says she’ll be back the same time tomorrow and coffee is on her.

Huck Scandal


Back in the present, a doctor examines Olivia, who’s still in the hospital. She can go home tomorrow. When he leaves the room, Fitz walks over to Olivia’s bed and I SWOON! Swoon. He sits on the edge of the bed and tries to hug her, but she pushes him away. He says he’s sorry. She won’t forgive him. “You can’t just treat me like I’m a whore.” He says he loves her. She doesn’t believe him.

Believe, gurl. BELIEVE!

He leaves the room and asks Jake what happened to Olivia. Jake says someone attacked her outside of her apartment building. Fitz instructs Jake to find this person.

Meanwhile, Huck is still huddled in the closet at the offices, rocking back and forth and mumbling, “Seven fifty-two” over and over again.

14 Years Ago – Huck surprises his girlfriend at work. His tour in Kosovo was ended early. He doesn’t know why, but he has a government job interview the next day. The job he’s offered is in B13. He takes it.

Present Day – Harrison tries his best to get past the secret service and into Olivia’s room, but they are immune to his fast-talking ways. Apparently, you need to have a vagina for that to work. He spots Charlie (baseball cap guy), who’s calling in to report that he’s not going to be able to get anywhere near Olivia, and takes off after him.

At this point I’m yelling at my TV because Harrison is bad and all, but he’s no match for B-13 trained Charlie and I don’t want anything to happen to Harrison’s fine ass. Thankfully, Harrison doesn’t catch Charlie and he reports back to Quinn and Abby.

Flashback time! Huck is trained by Charlie, and by trained I mean, he’s told they kill and torture people for a living and given an array of power tools and guns. We see Huck take out his first target – a defense contractor suspected of selling secrets to China. While Huck gets deeper and deeper into his job, killing people for money, and taking their watches as souvenirs, his personal life changes too: he gets married to his girlfriend Kim and they have a baby boy. The stress of what he does finally gets to him as he cries over the body of someone he just killed.

At the office, Quinn, Abby, and Harrison try to talk to Huck, but it doesn’t work. Cyrus arrives at the hospital and tells Fitz that his being there is causing all kinds of problems. How can they explain that the president of the United States is visiting his mistress in the hospital? Cyrus meets Jake (who he knows is already helping Fitz) and there’s a bit of tension.

Secret Service Hal snitches (once again) to Mellie that Fitz has been at the hospital all night with Olivia.

Another flashback! Charlie finds out that Huck is married with a kid and tells Huck he has to get rid of them or he will. Huck tries to run away with his family, but the B13 guys grab him and put him in a hole in the floor of a room before he can. They leave him in there for many months asking him if he has a wife and son. Every time he says yes, they leave him in there until finally he says no. And he looks like Hagrid.

At the hospital Fitz begs for forgiveness. He wants to know if Olivia still loves him. She says yes and they kiss and I faint from the swooning. But she still won’t forgive him and then I’m heartbroken.


When Fitz gets home, Mellie has packed her bags. She is moving across the street and taking the baby with her. She threatens to tell the world about Fitz and Olivia and tank his chances of re-election.

LET HER ASS GO, FITZ! Yes, my Mellie hate is strong. I just can’t take that jawline!

Flashback! Huck goes back to work, but can’t go through with torturing someone. Charlie was ordered to kill Huck if he couldn’t, but Charlie orders him to run. Later, Charlie and his boss report to their boss (the same man Jake reports to played by Joe Morton) that Huck has been killed.

Jake reports to him and it turns out his boss wants to use Olivia to draw out Albatross (the mole). Jake ain’t about that life and wants out. His boss reminds him that there is no “getting out” in their line of work. Meanwhile, Cyrus calls Charlie and wants proof of hanky-panky going on between Olivia and Jake. Of course, he wants this to discredit Jake in Fitz’s eyes.

Olivia finally returns to the office and breaks through to Huck by telling him that he saved her that day on the train platform. He had the saddest eyes, sadder than hers. Huck finally snaps out of it and through a final flashback we learn that 7:52am was the time the day he last saw his son, who was about ten, with his mother on the train platform. He gave Homeless Hagrid-Looking Huck a dollar, never knowing that man was his father.

And then someone started cutting onions in my living room.

Next Week: Hell hath no fury like Mellie’s strong jawline.

Scandal Mellie

What did you think of last night’s episode? Are we supposed to like Charlie now because of what he did for Huck? Will Fitz find out about Olivia and Jake? Can we just get rid of Mellie already? And who the hell is Albatross?

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