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Scandal – S2E20 – A Woman Scorned

Previously on Scandal “Seven Fifty-Two”

Like That Movie The Bodyguard, But 100% More Sexy

Jake is openly following Olivia around and she doesn’t appreciate it. As he stands outside her door she calls Fitz and demands that he calls off his puppy. Jake prefers pit bull. Of course, Fitz refuses and instructs Jake to have Olivia detained as a ‘material witness’ and put in a cell for her own protection if she doesn’t co-operate. That does the trick.



The Next Anderson Cooper

James is excited over an offer to be on-air personality for a cable news station. Cyrus barely has time to celebrate or process this news as he’s busying instructing his assistant to tell the press Mellie moved in Blair House with Teddy because the baby has the chicken pox and Fitz has never been exposed.

Why Can’t Mommy and Daddy Stop Fighting?

Poor Cyrus is spending this whole episode hoofing his ass back and forth through those damn White House tunnels. Mellie won’t bend. She’s going on national TV in 36 hours to tell everyone that Fitz is a cheater. Fitz wants Cyrus to remind Mellie that she will have NO political capital or friends if she goes through with it. They will tell everyone she was a frigid lesbian. Mellie calls THEIR bluff and Cyrus needs a nap.

Cyrus calls Olivia to find out if she and Fitz are truly over. She insists that they are.

Who Is Charlie?

Once Huck identifies Charlie from the video at the storage facility, the team investigates Charlie, checking into where he lived, the bakery he frequents, etc. They decide to tap into Cyrus’ personal cell phone to reverse find Charlie’s cell phone. This is done with reluctance from Olivia, who refuses to believe that Charlie was working under Cyrus’ orders. If they’re going to accuse one of her best friends of treason, they better be 100% correct.

We Will Never Be Over

Fitz summons Olivia to the White House. They argue in the Oval Office. He wants her back, and she’s done with the games. “If you want me, earn me!”

Just How Low Cyrus Will Go

Huck tells Olivia that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner on Cyrus’ orders. Charlie is Cyrus’ guy. He admits that he’s telling her that “because the last woman who was sleeping with the president ended up dead in the Potomac.” Meanwhile, Cyrus is walking through those damn tunnels again to Mellie. “What if I can get rid of Olivia Pope?” I think Mellie actually drooled.

Scandal S2E20


Jake Ain’t Stupid

The president’s secretary calls Jake and tells him his presence is requested at the White House. Cyrus put her up to it. Jake doesn’t leave because he’s not stupid so he’s there when Cyrus shows up. Cyrus tries to threaten him with telling Fitz that Jake slept with Olivia, and Jake counters with, “I will tell him that you just tried to get me to leave Olivia alone and in danger.”

Olivia lets Jake in for some wine and conversation. He admits that he stole the flash drive from her apartment and copied it. The info on it was only available to four people including Cyrus. Jake suspects that Olivia allowed him to keep Cyrus away because she thinks he’s the mole. Olivia wants to know why he slept with her. Jake says he did it because he likes her and he didn’t know she was the president’s girl. He wants to know how deep she’s in with Fitz. She answers by kissing him.

It’s official: Olivia Pope has THE best problems!

Charlie Is Working For…

The team tracks down a woman who Charlie was dating from a book club he joined. They figure out that he was using her for information on her laptop – she was a court stenographer on the Defiance grand jury trial. Charlie can’t be working for Cyrus because Cyrus already knew about Defiance.

Jake gets permission from his boss (Joe Morton) to investigate how Cyrus compromised him. Jake views his own home surveillance footage and sees Charlie breaking into his apartment and viewing the footage of Jake and Olivia having sex.

She’ll Blink

Cyrus pleads with Fitz to give in to Mellie. She is going on TV. She is going to put you on blast, Fitz! “If you love being president, you will give her whatever she wants. You will give anything for what you love.” Fitz nods and leaves with the secret service. Cyrus is so relieved so you can literally see him unclench his butt cheeks.

Waiting Out The Clock

But Fitz doesn’t go to Mellie, he goes to Olivia’s. He tells her that he has said time and again he’d give up the presidency for her, and she doesn’t believe him. So, now he’s going to prove it. He’s going to earn her. They’re going to sit there until Mellie’s deadline runs out. And that’s EXACTLY what they do.

At this point, I was a ball of emotions. I love me some Jake Ballard, but I am ALL ABOUT Olivia and Fitz.

When Cyrus realizes that Mellie IS going on TV he rushes through those damn tunnels AGAIN!

Mellie drops her bomb. And… Fitz gives zero fucks. Well, he gives one.

While his wife is on national TV telling the world that he’s sleeping with another woman, Fitz is sleeping with another woman.

And it is glorious.



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