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Scandal – S2E22 – White Hat’s Back On

Previously on Scandal “Any Questions?”

Let’s Handle This

Oliva is filled in on the Billy Chambers discovery. We learn that Billy was about to be killed by Charlie, but he used his access to confidential info to talk Charlie out of it. We also learn that Rosen hasn’t turned over the Cytron card. He’s holding onto it for awhile longer.

The original Defiance crew: Cyrus, Hollis, Mellie, and Olivia are in the food storage area of the White House. They need to decide what to do about Billy, but Olivia says they’re waiting for one more person. Fitz arrives, shocking everyone, and says, “Let’s fix this.”

Surprise, surprise: Hollis wants to kill him. Olivia thinks they should figure out where the Cytron card is to take it and neutralize Billy. Mellie is not at all happy to see Olivia and Fitz on the same page. She storms out and Cyrus follows, assuring her that Fitz will come around since he’s running again and will need her.

Alone, Fitz tells Olivia that his plan isn’t to have her wait for another four years. He’s still getting a divorce and he’s going to marry her. He tasks her with using her superpowers to come up with a plan to get the public to accept it. He then uses his tongue a.k.a. his superpower on Olivia’s nether region.

Ronan, the lead B613 guy, meets with Jake and instructs him to bring Olivia in. Jake doesn’t want to without knowing why, but he’s not getting an answer. Ronan walks off with a female B613 agent following quickly behind.

Not-So-Silent Partner Revealed

James is blindsided when other journalists know that Fitz is seeking religious counsel. He confronts Cyrus about being the source to everyone but him, and in the process he informs Cyrus that Sally Langston is putting together an exploratory committee to run against Fitz. Cyrus confronts her, but gets nowhere.

Olivia realizes that Billy’s partner has to be someone respectable, who the public would believe, and who was directly affected by Defiance. It’s Governor Restin, the man Fitz “beat” in the election. Quinn hacks into the security cameras outside Restin’s mansion and they discover that Billy has been there. Huck tells Olivia that he worries about Quinn because she reminds him of Huck. He also worries about Olivia, but she tells him not to even though she worries about herself.

David calls Billy to give him a heads up.

Ronan and Cyrus meet on the park bench and Ronan continues to push Cyrus to release the sex tape. He says Cyrus needs to worry about Fitz and he’ll take care of Olivia.

After Ronan leaves, Cyrus gets a call from Olivia who tells him about Restin. Cyrus flips all the way out because Restin is meeting with Fitz at that exact moment. He rushes off, but collapses in the middle of the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, Restin tells Fitz he knows all about Defiance. Fitz plays dumb, but Restin says the only way he’ll keep quiet is if Fitz fires Sally and puts him on the ticket when he runs again.

Serious Like a Heart Attack

Olivia and Fitz are in his office when Cyrus calls from the damn ambulance. The man can’t even slow down to have a heart attack!

Olivia doesn’t think putting Restin on the ticket will make it go away. They need to come up with a plan to get that card. They know Billy still has it or Restin would have played it already.

James visits Cyrus in the hospital and they hug and make up. Kinda.

Cyrus and James

Strange Bedfellows

Billy wants the card from David, but David isn’t sure. He doesn’t want to turn on his friends. Billy admits that he had to kill some people, but all because of Olivia Pope. He reminds David that Olivia ruined his life and she’s not his friend. David turns over the card.

Olivia tells Fitz to pretend to take Restin’s deal. When Restin reaches out to Billy to get the evidence, they’ll be able to track Billy and get the card back. Olivia brokers the deal and it works. They have Billy’s location.

Quinn and Huck


Be on the Right Side of History, Mellie!

Mellie learns that Fitz’s approval numbers are up, but hers are low for airing their dirty laundry. She immediately shows up at Cyrus’ hospital room hoping for a photo op with Fitz. He sets that shit STRAIGHT.

No, ma’am. Have a seat. He’s going to divorce her and support her political career. He will pretend to date, but eventually marry Olivia and if Mellie doesn’t get on board, they will label her a racist. And the Republican party will be so happy to have a person of color in the fold, they will love Olivia.

Yup. Fitz played the trump card like the motherfrakkin’ ace of spades. No pun intended.

Mellie storms out.

Ish Just Got Real

Cyrus is foggy in his hospital bed and believes he sees Ronan standing over him. He asks him what he wants from Olivia. When Cyrus opens his eyes again, Ronan is gone.

Olivia is home and on the phone with Fitz. She knows that Cyrus leaked the story about Fitz seeking counsel because he wants Mellie and Fitz together when Fitz runs. After they hang up, someone tries to enter Olivia’s apartment. She panics, re-locks her door, and starts to call the police when someone grabs her from behind.

It’s Jake! *swoon*

The female B613 agent busts in and Jake shoots her in the head. *fans self*

Jake takes Olivia to her office and warns her to stay there overnight. He admits to being in B613 and says he has to disappear now because he defied orders in protecting her. As long as she’s with the president, she’s in danger. Olivia offers to help him, but he tells her that sleeping with him was an order, so don’t bother missing him. She instructs him to close his eyes and kisses him goodbye. As Harrison and Abby watch Jake leave, Harrison says, “Ish just got real.”

Indeed, Harrison. Indeed.

Dropping Bombs

Cyrus has left the hospital to warn Olivia. She already knows she’s in trouble and asks him if he knows about B613. He admits that he does. Olivia says it doesn’t matter. She knows who’s behind, she knows why, and she’s going to be with Fitz anyway.

Cyrus damn near has ANOTHER heart attack. He tells Olivia that this isn’t a game. And he snitches that Fitz killed Verna.

Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn find Billy, but Huck can’t bring himself to torture Billy. So, Quinn does it. With gusto and glee!

Billy gives up the location of the card, but when Abby, Harrison, and Liv check it, it’s blank. Billy swears it’s the card that David Rosen gave him. Abby searches through David’s things and finds a notepad he kept of all the possible four digit code combos he tried for Olivia’s safe. Every night, when left alone in the office, he tried them until he got it right. We see that Billy and Charlie woke up David one night in the offices when they finally read the grand jury transcripts. They figured he’d want payback. David went along, but made a fake Cytron card, which is the one he gave Billy. Abby also finds a box marked, “For Olivia.”

Cyrus shows Fitz the video of Olivia and Jake having sex and he is devastated.

White Hat’s Back On

David Rosen takes the Cytron card to Cy and in return, Fitz holds a press conference announcing David uncovered the real mole (and Billy’s ass is going to jail) and appoints him the new U.S. Attorney for D.C. In the box to Olivia is a recording of Billy admitting everything and a pretty white hat which Olivia dons like a pimp.

Olivia Pope

Now What?

Olivia visits Fitz in the oval office and they both reveal that they know the other’s secret. He’s willing to forgive her for Jake, but he supposes she’s not going to feel the same about murder. Surprisingly, she does! But that’s not why they can’t be together. He got a fresh start and needs to run again with Mellie at his side. She needs to go back to her team and repair the damage to them by helping her.

Reset Button

The finale montage shows Fitz seeking Mellie’s forgiveness, Cyrus destroying the Cytron card once and for all, David back at his job, Jake being tossed in the Huck Hole, and Olivia headed out for a morning run. She doesn’t notice how people are staring at her. She walks outside to find the press in front of her building, firing off questions about her affair with the president. She tries to go back inside, but is hustled into a limo by two men in suits. In the limo she is greeted by…


“Hello, Olivia.”


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