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Scandal – S3E10 – A Door Marked Exit

Previously on Scandal, YOLO

Sally, Cyrus, Mellie, and James

We actually get to see the argument that lead to Sally stabbing Daniel Douglas in the back. This was done so well. She accuses him of ruining their lives, ruining her chance at being president, while he counters that she knew all along what he was. When he finally says he’s leaving her and that he may go to the press or write a book, she stabs him with a letter opener. What made this scene so great was that it felt like they filmed it three or four times and then pieced together the best parts. Sometimes we’d hear the characters’ dialogue while their facial expressions were from another part of the scene, perhaps a reaction to something the other was saying. Really hard to describe, but really effective. All throughout this scene we’re also getting flashes of the photos of James and Daniel Douglas, lest we forget what started Daniel Douglas’ demise.

Scandal S3E10 Sally

Cyrus arrives and while Sally rambles on about what a sinner she is, Cyrus flashes back to all he did to contribute to the situation. And then he throws up in the bathroom.

Cyrus talks Sally into covering up Daniel’s murder by having Quinn and Charlie clean up the evidence and pretending that she found him in bed, dead from a heart attack in the morning. Sally is damn near comatose when the military doctor arrives and the game is almost up when he tries to undress Daniel, but Sally finally snaps to attention and demands that he not touch Daniel.

Mellie delivers the “good news” that Daniel Douglas is dead, but when Cyrus tells her what really happens, she’s less happy. Cyrus is wallowing in his own guilt at being the “devil” responsible for his death. Mellie wants him to snap the fuck out of it. She calls Fitz and volunteers to go see Sally for the both of them.

At home, Cyrus tries to tell James about Daniel first, but James has seen it on the news. Cyrus accuses James of being upset that his lover is dead – in a really nasty way – but tells James he didn’t kill Daniel. James walks out and it doesn’t seem as if he believes Cyrus.

Leo tries to twist what happened into something that benefits Sally, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Mellie arrives and basically tells Leo to get lost without saying anything. Then Mellie very smoothly lets Sally know that she’s their bitch now.

James goes to David to try and get him to look into Daniel’s death, but David ain’t about that life! He like, “I JUST got this job back!”

James goes home and Cyrus wants to know what’s next. You can’t go to the cops, cause you ain’t got no evidence, James. You can’t take the baby cause you ain’t got no job. Cyrus is hoping James will stay because James is the love of his life.

Leo is upset because he feels like the administration is faking their sympathy to keep her from running, but then she admits that she killed Daniel Douglas and Leo is like, “Why didn’t you call me?!”

A woman who works for the NSA barges into David’s office. She wrote the code that allows the NSA to hack into cell phone batteries and record whatever is going on in the room. She has a recording of Sally Langston’s call to Cyrus.

Cyrus and James are all bunched up in their tiny-ass bed.. I mean, for real: WHY is their bed so small. Anyway, James wants to be White House Press Secretary. That’s what it’s going to take for him to stay.


Olivia, Gladiators, Fitz, & Daddy Pope

At Pope & Associates, Olivia puts Harrison and Abby on finding out what her mother did before her plane lands in Hong Kong in 12 hours. Thanks to the tracking device, Huck tells Olivia that Quinn is at B613 and we see that he implanted the device where her tooth used to be.

Before Quinn can inject Rowan, someone informs him that they have located Olivia. Welp. He don’t need Quinn no mo’ On the bright side, Charlie says at least Rowan didn’t make him kill her. Quinn ditches the device and syringe in the bathroom. Olivia yells at him to find Quinn.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s car is blocked by secret service men who take him, shackled, to a room where Fitz tells him he’s going to stay until Maya’s plane lands.

Fitz wants to know why Rowan had him shoot down that damn plane and then make Liv think her mama was dead. Rowan won’t say more than, “That’s a matter of national security and it’s above your pay grade, Mr. President.” Oh! And he reminds Fitz he has no power.

Abby and Harrison visit David to ask him to see Marie Wallace’s file.

Liv gets snippy with Huck because they can’t find Quinn or her father. Jake reminds her that father isn’t really a good guy, especially to him and Huck so maybe she should back the fuck off.

Fitz then tells Rowan how he’s screwing Olivia EVERY CHANCE HE GETS. Then Rowan puts Fitz in his damn place.


Fitz Be LikeCredit: Tumblr


  • Fitz is spoiled and entitled with Daddy issues
  • He’s a boy. Eli’s a man.
  • You think you love her, but you don’t. You love that she’s a door marked exit.
  • You will not use what I made to make you a man.

Then Abby gives Olivia a breakdown on her mom:

  • She was a spy. Stealing government secrets for money.
  • Abby reasons that Maya doesn’t have blood on her hands so Olivia could just let her walk away

Quinn is at Charlie’s and she wants to leave, but he sweet talks her into staying so she does. Ugh. They cuddle up in the bed. Double Ugh.

Jake and Huck track down Eli at the Pentagon and call Liv. She calls Fitz, wanting to talk to her father, but Fitz brings her in. Olivia confronts Eli about the night the plane was shot down. We learn that when he pulled Maya from the plane, she lied about there being a bomb on the plane and had him shoot it down for shits and giggles. Olivia wants Fitz to have her mom arrested the second she steps off the plane.

Before Eli leaves, he warns Fitz that if you cut off the head of B613, another head will just grow in its place. Then he’s like, “Give me back my shit so I can get up outta here.”

Charlie awakens to find Quinn gone cause her dumb ass done gone back to P&A. She expects an apology or something out of Huck and he’s like, “And?” He tells her that if it weren’t for Olivia he’d have pulled out ALL her teeth, peeled off ALL her skin, he’d kill her ass right now if it weren’t for Olivia. Then he revokes her Gladiator card and she leaves.

Fitz calls Olivia and tells her the plane never made it to Hong Kong. They found it in Mongolia. Her mama killed EVERYBODY on board (again) and escaped.

Finding Mama PopeCredit: Tumblr

Jake is at the offices and tells Olivia he has contacts in the area and they’ll find Maya. She tells him that her father will not let it go that Fitz had him dragged into custody like that. He and Jake gonna have problems. He says he wouldn’t underestimate the president. Then he lays a kiss o her and says this is goodbye. “I loved you. No matter what happens next. I wanted you to know that I loved you. I love you.”

LAWD! I swooned.

Then Quinn goes back to Charlie’s because fuck her.

Olivia calls Eli and wants to know if all he did these years was about protecting her from what her mother did. He wants her to come over for dinner the next night, Sunday, and talk about the other shit they used to talk about because she’s never going to get the answers she wants… not from him.

Eli struts into his office to find Jake there, in his chair, taking over B613. Now, Eli can have a job if he wants, but he has to take an aptitude test. BOOP! The president was behind that shit!

Olivia gets a call from mom. She won’t say where she is, but she tells Olivia they’ll see each other soon. She ditches the cell phone and then stomps off in front of the White House. Hair LAID.

See you guys when Scandal returns on Feb. 27th. Our podcast for this episode will be available on Saturday, December 14th. Ultimate Gladiator points for this episode will be awarded on Sunday, December 15th. 

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