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Scandal – S3E15 – Mama Said Knock You Out

Previously on Scandal, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

Olivia is stomping through the White House, trying to get a journalist to delay a live interview with the Grant family. The interview is due to start in an hour and the journalist refuses to budge. Either they’re there, or he goes on live TV and speculates why they’re not. Olivia then stomps her way to the Grant kids and tells them, “We need to talk.”

24 hour ago: Fitz and Mellie preparing to have dinner with their kids. All small talk is shot down as those kids look like they’d rather be anywhere else but there. Fitz says the most important thing is to remember they are family and that they love each other. If the food could, it would get up off those plates and walk out the room.

Scandal S3E15 Fitz and Dem Kids

P&O are trying to find the money trail to B613, figuring that some government department must be funneling money to it. Huck warns Olivia off saying it’s too dangerous and that they need to focus on getting Quinn out. Olivia reminds him that even though they both miss Quinn, she made her choice. I call bullshit. No one misses Quinn.

Charlie grills Quinn about Huck’s visit and offers to kill Huck for her. She tells him no and assures him that what happened with Huck was no big deal. Besides, they need to concentrate on the Russian they have tied up in the trunk: Dmitri!

During a White House briefing we learn that Dmitri works for Ivan and they’re terrorists. Dmitri was last seen in Baltimore outside of a hotel, but now he has disappeared. Fitz wants him found.

Olivia wants to talk about the Grant kids and the upcoming interview, but Fitz would rather have sex in the oval office in front of the window.

Mellie and Andrew get it on in an office. He slips a hand under her skirt.

“You like it there? Or there?”

“Both. I like both.”

I really hope that wasn’t The Shocker.

Liv tries to prep the Grant kids. Jerry is on his phone and being noncommittal, but seemed really interested in whether or not the interview will be live. Suspicious, Liv tells Abby to look into the kids. Liv sees Mellie leave a room shortly before Andrew does. She warns him off, but he reminds her that she lives in a glass house with cracked walls.

Abby finds nothing major on the kids, but Olivia insists that they keep looking for another day before diving back into B613. Speaking of which, Eli calls and tells her to back off. They’ve tipped people off and because he still has loyal connections he was able to keep them off of her back. He won’t tell her where the funding is coming from, even after she reminds him that he told her to drag everyone into the light.

Mellie picks out a dress for Karen to wear during the interview. Karen doesn’t know why Mellie puts up with Fitz’s cheating ways, but Mellie tells her no one is perfect.

Mama Pope in on phone with Ivan who is spooked because Dmitri is missing. Adnan wants to call it off, but Mama Pope tells her it’s too late to get cold feet. They’re done when she says they’re done.

Charlie is STILL grilling Quinn over Huck’s visit. She calms him down, but then he suggests she should move in with him. Yikes! Then she takes her turn grilling into Dmitri for info. Charlie gets a murderous boner watching his girlfriend in action.

Huck beats up a guy and tells him to “tell Command to return my calls.”

Jerry is a little cycler terrorist. Not a lot of Twitter followers, but his fake account is very anti-Grant administration. Oh, and he’s been buying Reston for President t-shirts. Fitz calls him on it and Karen storms out the room and right into Mellie messing around with Andrew. Olivia walks in on that. Her whole face was like, “Some shit you just can’t unsee!” Olivia tries to talk to Mellie about it, but Mellie isn’t trying to talk about that with her.

Scandal S3E15 Mellie Liv Gif

Harrison calls Olivia to her office. Adnan is there and she wants immunity in exchange for Maya. Harrison tells Olivia that he owes Adnan so she tells Abby to find David and see what he can do.

Mellie tries to explain to Karen what she saw, but seeing your mama on her knees with Uncle Andrew is pretty self-explanatory. She yells at Mellie to shut up and get out of her room. I’m 150% sure Sasha and Malia don’t talk to Michelle like that.

Jake comes to the White House in a suit. A suit of sexy. Fitz wants Dmitri. Jake tells him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and even if he did know, he’s not Fitz’s little bitch. He’s Command. He decides ALL THE THINGS. Fitz just holds babies and gives family interviews. Damn. Fitz got played in his own oval office. Cyrus hears them talking from the outer office and when the secretary tells Cyrus who’s in there, Cyrus interrupts.

Cyrus tries to attack Jake with a vase. Jake grips him up. Cyrus accuses him of killing James. Secret service rush in, but Fitz says he’s got Cyrus. Jake apologies and leaves. Cyrus knows James knew what he was getting into, and Jake was just doing his job serving at the pleasure of the president, but it’s still fucked up what happened.

Maya calls Olivia. She wants Adnan back. Olivia calls her a terrorist, and she’s like, “At least I’m not the help.” Oh, snap! I’ll stay outta your business if you stay outta mine, Olivia.

Scandal The HelpVia Tumblr

Adnan wonders when the sour taste of being a snitching bitch will leave her mouth and asks Harrison since he should know.

EVERYBODY getting loud this episode!

He says he did what he had to even though she insists that she wouldn’t have turned on him. She says they could still be good together and he says the only thing this deal means is that they’re even. She takes off her panties and sits down. “Are we? Even?”

Drunk Mellie! The interview is about to go down and Olivia tells Mellie to swap the scotch for coffee. Olivia tries to talk to Mellie about fixing things with the kids, but Mellie insists that they cancel the interview. Then we see Olivia trying to get the interview pushed when the episode first started and telling the kids they need to talk. Fitz interrupts and tells the kids they are doing the interview. If not for him, then out of respect for their mother. And that’s when Karen puts Mellie and Andrew on Front Street.

Fitz storms into a meeting and punches Andrew in the face.

Quinn and Charlie report in to Jake and he asks for a moment alone with Quinn. He sends her to meet Huck, to find out what he wants. He wants to talk to Jake and she tells him that’s not going to happen. He wants her out of B613 and she tells him that’s not going to happen either. Then she licks his face and they kiss. Gross!

In the after glow of sex, Adnan tells Harrison she never would have turned on him and then injects him in the neck. “Now we’re even.”

Jake goes to see Eli, who really does work in the Smithsonian. Didn’t see that shit coming. Jake wants to know why he’s been talking to his people. Eli says the real reason he’s there to is try and find some common ground. He needs to know that someone walked this road before him. Made the same decisions. Then Eli basically tells him to go kick rocks. Jake says he did learn something from the visit: When he decides Eli has to die, he needs to do it himself. Eli just looks at him like, “And.”

Scandal S3E15 Eli

Fitz and Mellie have a confrontation. Andrew tries to go into the room, too, but Olivia tells him to hit the campaign road. Fitz reminds Mellie that she turned him away after Jerry was born saying she’s not a sexual person anymore. He spent ten years with a wife who wouldn’t touch him. He blames her for ruining them and when she says he has no idea what she’s given up for him, he demands to know. Olivia interrupts to remind them about the interview, but Fitz yells, “I’m talking to my wife!” Welp. Olivia leaves, Fitz tries to apologize, and Mellie takes that opportunity to get the fuck outta there.

I have to say, I’m not mad at Fitz. Yes, it’s hypocritical for him to jump up Mellie’s ass for cheating, but I’m not sure how many people would stay faithful for ten years during which you’re not just getting denied sex, but also love.

Olivia is like, “Fuck this shit. I’m going home,” but Cyrus tells her she has to stay. He needs her there. She says, “Tell me we’re not the help.” He can’t do that. They are. And he resents it, but he reminds himself that what they do matters. That James didn’t die for nothing. He tells her he will go home and cry, but she needs to go back in there and fix that family because that’s also fixing the country.

Olivia does just that. When Fitz tries to apologize, she tells him to take his regrets and remorse and direct them towards his kids. Go fix your family, Fitz. Cause I’m at work. And I can’t afford to mess up at my job now because it’s all I have left. And Fitz does it. (Can we take a moment to discuss the bass in Jerry’s voice? That kid sounds like he’s 30!)

Charlie is creepy stalker boyfriend and moved himself into Quinn’s apartment. Good. Hopefully, he’ll kill her in her sleep.

David and Abby arrive with Adnan’s immunity deal and find Harrison knocked out. Adnan is meeting with Maya and Ivan and she has all the presidential campaign info from Liv’s computer. Jake and his team are watching via cameras in the room. There are snipers ready to take them out or bring them in. Jake says to hold off and see how it plays out.

The Grant interview is about to go on as planned when Eli calls Olivia and tells her that B613 is funded by ALL the government departments. Not just one. He says he’s helping her because they’re family and family has to stick together.

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  1. iouno If I trust Papa Pope talking about “family needs to stick together”. Olivia’s been his daughter all this time. He either done made her mama crazy or didn’t see how cray she is.

    And I hear what you’re saying about Fitz. You got maybe a month of denying me sex before I’m out. Ain’t that much love in the world.

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