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Scandal – S3E4 – Say Hello to My Little Friend

Previously on Scandal: ‘Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington’

You Ain’t Got to Go Home…

Jake is leaving Olivia’s apartment. He doesn’t wanna go, and I damn sure don’t want him to go, but Olivia does and I guess that’s what counts. Whatever. He tries to tell her that he’ll be there to protect her, and when she says that her father won’t hurt her, he’s all, “You don’t know your daddy like I know your daddy.” She is not persuaded and poor Jake is sent packing.

You know who else ain’t getting none? David. He and Abby are ending a date and she’s not letting him come up. She wants to, but doesn’t. He tells her that his clients (the parents of a young girl killed by a senator) could really use the gladiators. She gets a call from Harrison and cuts the conversation short.

Huck’s at an AA meeting and Quinn is watching because Quinn is annoying. She gets a call from Harrison, too, and her phone beeping alerts Huck (and everyone else) that she’s there. Harrison is calling everyone with news of a new client because they need the money.


Cyrus is refusing to give James a quote on the senator accused of killing the young girl he was sexting.

New Case!

Senator Richard Meyers is accused of killing Desiree Oakes and he’s the gladiators’ new client. He swears he was home with his wife – and she backs him up – when Desiree was killed. Mrs. Meyers tells Olivia that her husband made one mistake, but they’ve been through counseling, he’s sorry, and Olivia cuts in that everyone deserves a second chance.

Scandal S3E4

Say hello to his little friend.

Olivia tells the press on the courthouse steps that the senator sexted one girl and made one mistake. David gives Abby a look because he knows she’s on the wrong side of this. Inside, three girls take the stand, all of them reading sexy texts that they received from the senator.

Scandal S3E4 Olivia and Press

New Competition!

The Democrats are having their primaries and Senator Josephine Marcus is attacking Fitz during a televised debate. Mellie doesn’t like it, but Cyrus says they should let them take all the shots they want during the primaries so when they bring them up during the general election they will seem old. Mellie says they need a war, to liberate some people, something to take people’s minds off how much the Republicans are turning out to be pussy hounds. Fitz is ignoring them both because he reads an article in the paper stating that Peter Foster took his own life.

Olivia tells Meyers that he cannot take the stand. The gladiators decide it’s time to slut shame Desiree. A man who claims to have been Desiree’s mentor takes the stand and says that Desiree feared for her life because of the senator. On cross examination, it’s revealed that her mentor was also her sugar daddy. It’s later all over the news that she had many men taking care of her.

After a White House photo op with some kids Mellie is asked about Josephine Marcus and she gives the standard politically correct answer. But she later whispers to a congresswoman something disparaging about Josephine without realizing that the congresswoman’s mic is still on.


Quinn is worried about Huck and corners him. She wants to know who he killed. He tells her that she shouldn’t have followed him, but doesn’t answer her question about who he killed.

Jake follows Huck in the parking garage and they both pull guns on each other. Jake wants to talk about taking down Rowan, but Huck ain’t about that life and tells Jake to stay away from him and Olivia.

Cyrus is jumping in Mellie’s ass about what she did. He calls in Ethan, his aide, who confirms that they are not doing well with female voters and if they went against Josephine Marcus in the general, they’d get clobbered. Mellie says she’ll fix it.

There’s A New Mole

Senator Meyers is STILL sexting even while he’s on trial for murder. A girl is on TV saying she got a pic of his junk the night before. His wife is fed up because the girl is telling the truth. She knows about the mole on his ding-a-ling.

Fitz learns that Peter Foster was struggling and is about to be buried in a cheap pine box. Fitz also learns, from Secret Service Tom, that Foster was honorably discharged from the military, but after that his life pretty much went to shit. Fitz arranges for Foster to be given a proper military funeral at Arlington Cemetery and Foster’s sister is surprised when Fitz shows up to pay his respects. Huck watches from afar.

The next day, James is upset with Cyrus because he had to find out about Fitz attending Foster’s funeral through the gravedigger’s Instagram account. Cyrus tells him he didn’t know anything about it, but Pete Foster’s name catches Cyrus’ attention and he later meets with Rowan to confront him about killing Foster. Jake sits on a nearby bench, trying to get audio of their conversation.

Scandal Joe Morton

Olivia’s Very Bad Day

Liv is being raked over the coals in the press. Harrison and Abby ask her if it might not be best that they drop this client, but she insists that they need the money… even though she’s willing to use her savings. She sends them off to work the case. Jake arrives with the files on Pete Foster and he’s curious as to why his records show he flew 86 missions, but only 85 are listed. Olivia kicks him out, but he leaves the files. Later, Huck goes through the files and listens to the audio recording. He starts having flashbacks to killing Foster. He also realizes that a mission number was tattooed on Foster’s body.

Mellie isn’t having a good day. Cyrus is jumping in Mellie’s ass again because her apology didn’t help and Josephine Marcus’ popularity is higher than ever. Fitz tells Cyrus to leave her alone. Mellie thanks Fitz, but realizes that he’s not really paying attention and doesn’t care about defending her. She stomps out.

Cyrus MellieTumblr

Cyrus sends Ethan to Montana to dig up dirt on Josephine.

Abby wants to have lunch with David, but he blows her off. He’s sick of her wishy-washy shit.

A Wife Scorned

Olivia tracks down Mrs. Meyers who says she is done forgiving her husband. She’s not going to get on the stand and lie and say that she still loves him. Olivia tells her she doesn’t have to. Mrs. Meyers takes the stand and admits that she hates her husband and that he’s a cheat. But she remains his alibi for the night of the murder. The courtroom – and David – is stunned.

Alone with Olivia, Mr. Meyers says his wife must really be done because she got on the stand and still lied for him even though she hates him. He was home that night, but she was out shopping. Meyers is found not guilty and Olivia confronts Mrs. Meyers, accusing her of killing Desiree because she thought it was just one girl and she was fixing it. Mrs. Meyers doesn’t really admit anything, but points out that Olivia said everyone deserves a second chance.

Shit Kickers Kicking Up Shit

Jake and Huck go to Olivia’s and tell her that Pete Foster was listed as the pilot on the Remington mission even though Jake knows it was Fitz. They figure out that whatever the reason was for the lie, it’s the same reason Rowan wanted Foster dead.

Also, Ethan finds out that Josephine Marcus entered a maternity ward pregnant when she was 15, but left a few days later without a baby. Awww, shit.

Cyrus visits Fitz in the oval office and basically tells him to drop the Remington shit before he fucks up his presidency more than he has already fucked it up.

Quinn confronts Huck again saying she’s worried about him. He yells at her that she’s not worried, she’s interested and tells her ass to take a fucking seat. Finally!


Abby sends David a pic of her lady bits and then enters his apartment for some sex. At least someone’s having it on this show!

Side Piece Bitch Move

Olivia and Jake are drinking wine, cuddling, and then straight up kissing when the Fitz Bat Phone rings. She answers it. Fitz just wants to chit chat while he rides in his presidentmobile. Jake ain’t having it and asks, “More wine?” clearly and loudly. Olivia gives Jake a little, “Oh, no you didn’t” grin. Jake gives zero fucks.

Olivia Jake Tumblr

It works because Fitz cuts the conversation short. And where is he going?

To meet Rowan, of course.

Like a boss.

Fitz Walking Tumblr


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