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Scandal – S4E11 – Where’s the Black Lady?

Previously on Scandal, ‘Run’

Powerless Fitz

The episodes picks up, presumably, right after Andrew has dropped his bomb on Fitz. The president wants to call in his staff, but a few secret service men come in and threaten him on behalf of Andrew. One hints that there are many people on Fitz’s staff, all around the White House, who are watching him to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone what’s going on. Oh, and he mentions beheading Olivia.

Fitz heads to Cyrus’ office and says he wants to meet with all the joint chiefs first thing in the morning. War in West Angola might be back on the table. Cyrus is like, “Say what now?”

That night, Fitz helps Mellie out of her necklace and is about to tell her about the kidnapping and blackmail when she confesses she’s been sleeping with Andrew again. They’re partners now and she doesn’t want to keep secrets from Fitz. But she realized that Andrew can’t keep his dick in his pants either, so he’s not her happily ever after. She starts to spill all the presidential tea when Fitz is all:

Shut Yo Ass Up

She mistakes this for Fitz being jealous of her and Andrew and storms out.

Proof of Life

Fitz calls Andrew and demands proof of life before doing anything. Andrew resists, but the next thing you know, Ian has Olivia reading their hostage demands from cue cards. She needs a glass of water to get through it, but she eventually does.

Olivia Ransom Video

Poor Fitz is residing in his feelings as he watches the video, which is quickly snatched up by one of Andrew’s secret service men as soon as it’s done. But don’t fret, he left Fitz a copy of it on a thumb drive so he has tangible proof of this blackmail. Smart.

Look at the Flowers, Lizzie

Lizzie is just tucking in her daughter when Huck grips her up outside the bedroom door. Damn. He didn’t even let her close the door good. I mean shit. He threatens to kill her and her daughter if she doesn’t find out where Olivia is. Lizzie immediately takes her ass to Andrew to complain, but he’s all, “Take a deep breath. Get your head on straight. And then get on board.” Oop! Basically, he told her, shit has gotten real.

Patriotic Cray Cray

Fitz is zoning out during a meeting where one of the topics of discussion is Tom’s pardon request. Fitz ain’t about that life, but he does want to see Tom. Tom gives a crazy patriotic speech – and by that I don’t mean very patriotic, I mean insane guy talking about being a patriot. Fitz wants to know who he can trust and he’s surprised when Tom already knows about Olivia’s kidnapping and the war demands – the face that launched a thousand ships. He tells Fitz the only place he can go to speak without being overheard is the same place that’s always been safe.

Olivia’s magical bedroom.

There he meets Jake and passes off the ransom video. While Team JHQ (Jake, Huck, Quinn) examines the video, they notice that Olivia paused to take a sip of water, and you can see Ian’s reflection in the bottom of the glass as she got turnt up. Huck will work his magic, and run it through some software because technology.


Olivia Pulls Some Strings

Ian bets Olivia a dollar Fitz will declare war because he heard on them D.C. streets that Fitz is a fuckboy. No. Seriously, all jokes aside. Why is Fitz so damn powerless? Anyway, after a slip of the tongue, Olivia suspects that Ian is not the boss at all – he answers to someone else. Then he gets a little rapey and I’m not here for that.

Florence from The Jeffersons shows up at OPA looking for “the black lady,” that being Olivia. Not seeing her, she leaves and says she’ll be back tomorrow.

Wheres the Black Lady

During the joint chiefs meeting, Fitz is given his strategic possibilities if he decides to invade West Angola. Andrew has lots of input, which makes Cyrus nervous. It doesn’t help matters when Abby later brings up the Coalition For West Angola and Cyrus is all, “What’s that?”

The pic of Ian is a dead-end. Huck and Jake leave Quinn alone at the office without saying where they’re going.

Say Goodnight, Lizzie

Huck is back in Lizzie’s house. This time he’s in her daughter’s bed while she sleeps. And he’s brought his toolbox! Those are for grown-ups, little girl. Just go back to sleep.

Fitz finally tells Mellie what’s going on at my new favorite set piece: that presidential patio, y’all. He spent the whole day walking around the White House side-eye’ing the fuck out of everyone. He needed an ally so I don’t blame him for telling. Fitz is torn. He doesn’t know what to do. Mellie points out, “I thought you loved her. I’d hate to think everything we went through was for a cheap screw.” He tells his wife that he loves another woman, and Mellie – ever the badass – says then he knows what he has to do.

What Is It Good For

Fitz gives a press conference and announces small attacks on West Angola. Cyrus and Abby have their best WTF faces on. When Fitz gets back to the Oval Office, he finds Andrew in his chair and drinking his liquor.

Andrew gotta die, y’all.

They’re not letting Olivia go. They’re going to milk this to control the rest of FItz’s term.

Oh, THAT Black Lady

Marla Gibbs is back and she finally explains that she’s really looking for her friend Lois, who lived across the hall from Olivial, and she can’t reach her. She came to Olivia’s to get Lois’ spare key. A-ha! Team JHQ break into Lois’ house, find Olivia’s ring, and trace activity on Lois’ WiFi to figure out who Ian is.

Quinn Huck and Jake

Fitz calls Cyrus into the Oval Office and gives him a brief on West Angola. He wants Cyrus to read it. Cyrus is butthurt and says it’s too late to want his opinion now. But Fitz is insistent. Just go read the damn report, Cyrus! 

Olivia demands beef stew and an orange creamsicle because Olivia thinks she’s at the Radisson or something. Just kidding. She knows she’s going to die now that they have their war and she’s seen everyone’s faces. If she’s going to die, may as well go out after eating your favorite meal. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for wine. Ian confirms what we already knew: Olivia ain’t going nowhere for three years, the rest of Fitz’s term. They will use her to get him to do whatever they want until he’s out of office. THEN they will put a bullet in her head. So, eat the grub you’re given and relax.

Ride or Die

Lizzie comes to see Mellie. She insists that she had nothing to do with Olivia being kidnapped. Then she shows Mellie what Huck did to her back. Her back looks like shredded chicken. Mellie is horrified, but tells Lizzie that Huck won’t kill her because Olivia will be let go now that the war is on. Then Lizzie tells Mellie what we all already knew. Say it with me: ANDREW GONNA MILK THIS SHIT FOREVER AND EVER.

Mellie goes to Andrew’s office and pretends to be upset that Andrew made this play with Lizzie and not her. He promises that it’s about them and that he’ll have the White House with Mellie – it’s all meaningless without her. Then they do it in his office.

Olivia plants seeds in Ian’s head that she’d be more beneficial to him if he sold her on the black market. Wait. What now? Right now, she says, he’s just a glorified babysitter. But he could be the boss. Or the massah. Whatever.

It’s Handled

Cyrus meets Fitz on the balcony and they speak in code for:

“Shit, I didn’t know it was like that, son.”

“Yeah, it’s like that. They got bae.”

Then Mellie saunters up and whispers to Fitz that she took care of everything because Mellie is the best.

Turns out: Mellie’s vagina has sedative properties and left Andrew out cold on his couch like a hungover frat boy. She swiped his cell phones (real and burner) and gave them to Lizzie.

Mellie and Lizzie

Lizzie took them to OPA and begged Huck to leave her, and what’s left of her back, alone. Homegirl could barely walk and it was hilarious.

Lizzie and Quinn

Team JHQ track Andrew’s calls to Ian to somewhere in Pennsylvania. But they can’t just bust in there alone and they can’t ask the White House for help. Jake has an idea.

David Rosen! Remember him? Jake gets David to work with the DEA and authorizes a “drug bust” in the building they believe Olivia is being held. Of course, when they get there, Liv is gone. All Jake finds is that funky sweater in her cell.

As Fitz looks at footage of his soldiers dying in battle, he gets a call from Olivia… and Ian. Ian announces (from a fancy private plane) he’s going to sell Olivia to the highest bidder, and he thought it only fair to get Fitz in on the bidding.

And then chatter opens up on Huck’s spy network and he realizes that Olivia is alive and they’ll now be able to track her.

Score | 8/10Thoughts and Questions:
  • I was not a fan of Mellie sleeping with Andrew. It felt like she was, once again, sacrificing herself in some way to help Fitz. After watching the episode a second time, I think her actions were more about making sure Jerry’s death wasn’t in vain – their son died so they could remain in the White House. You don’t then let someone else take control of the presidency. Also, I think she took some personal satisfaction in being able to screw Andrew over – no pun intended.
  • I want Marla Gibbs’ character to move into Lois’ apartment and then when Olivia comes home they can be neighbors. Marla will randomly drop over for gurl talk and wine.
  • I’m just gonna go on record as saying this black market sale storyline is bullshit.
  • Fitz needs a complete overhaul of the entire White House and his administration. Clearly, he has no power and few allies. Where’s Sally Langston’s crazy ass?



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6 Comments on Scandal – S4E11 – Where’s the Black Lady?

  1. the first red dress she had on was even more amazing.

  2. This recap is on point!!

    Where do I even begin??

    Fitz- that whiny, bratty, pussy-whipped, bitch made punk. I cannot stand him. I need a redeeming quality, people! Just ONE to make me give half a shit about that chump. Going to war over your side piece?! Just lovely. That’s what every world leader should do. I loved Ian’s speech about why he would. He called it, even when I did not believe it would happen. Ugh!!

    Huck- I knew that muthafucka was crazy but I didn’t know he was CRAZY crazy! All up in the baby’s bed, snuggling. That was the stuff of nightmares. And while i don’t wanna know what he did to her back, I kinda wanna know what he did to her back. That’s worse than face licking and teeth pulling!

    Andrew is a bag of shit and I hope he dies the most painful, horrific death the show has ever seen. Not only because he took Olivia, just to seize power, but also because of how much he’s hurt sweet Mellie.

    Olivia- this scheme is so far-fetched and ridiculous. I mean, how can she guarantee her people will find her before she’s sold?? Or is she hoping Daddy Dearest will get wind of it and save her? He bet’not! Make her ass twist in the wind. Pullin guns out on folks. So, did Ian stop at Sally’s to get a flat iron or something? How was her hair did so good when she just got out of captivity??

    Mellie- I had to save the best for last. I love her. She’s almost on Felicity Bae level. This woman listens to her punk ass husband say he loves another woman and she takes it in stride. Then she does one better and lays it on Andrew like it’s never been laid before. Dude was knocked the fuck out. She should have Crip walked out the room for fucking him into a coma. She stepped up when I wouldn’t have done a damn thing to help Fitz or Olivia.

  3. That was another solid episode of scandal, but I want to start by saying that I hate everything about what Mellie did this episode!!!

    My Mellie love is strong and only second to my Quinn love(btw Quinn held it down this episode)!!! So with that being said, I hated the first scene where she confided in Fitz about sleeping with Andrew again, why does fitz even need to know this? Then when he tells her what’s up on the balcony I was expecting her to be as excited as I was when Liv was kidnapped, but nope she actually helps that Fuckboy out with reassurance and tells him basically to get his side piece? WTF MELLIE?!?!! I can understand the point of trying to fight for their sons memory and all, but I’d prefer Mellie to be petty!! Then Mellie once again proves how ride or die she is by using her nootsie as ambien and knocking andrew out!! I’m just tired of Mellie doing everything for a man that’s not even worth it!!

    Speaking of that lame, how in the hell has Andrew turned the entire White House against fitz’s bitch ass in less than a year? I love this show, but you mean to tell me in that short of time he undid everything fitz has done for 5 years?!?! C’mon son!!! That didn’t make sense to me at all!!

    Now onto to some positives I loved team JHQ, emphasis on the Q part

  4. Was anyone else disturbed by the fact that they had that rapey scene between Olivia and her white capture and then at the end they are going 2 sell her 2 the highest bidder ON BLACK HISTORY MONTH it just made me really uncomfortable, they couldn’t time that shit better? or maybe they did it on purpose, but it still feels wrong 2 me.

  5. Another great episode. My MVPs are Liv & Mellie.

    Liv is always thinking and that was great to see. What’s not great is she missed being rescued. But I guess they want to get more mileage out of this storyline.

    Mellie took one for the team! I don’t know what she did to dude but he was laid out! They always underestimate her. Mellie will do what she has to do and look fabulous while doing it. Plus you don’t mess with her position. Undermining Fitz undermines her. She is not about to let two timing Andrew get away with that. Plus she doesn’t want Liv dead. Fitz would just martyr her like she said a couple of seasons ago.

    Runner up for MVP is Huck. He will do what he has to do to save Liv. Hopefully he was bluffing about Lizzie Bear’s kid. But Huck is a crazy mofo so who knows.

    So how did Andrew get all that power? Is the Republican Party really that powerful? Or is someone else behind this? Like Papa Pope.

    Fitz gives new meaning to a lame duck prez. He can’t trust no one. Hell, if someone tries to kill him again, his new secret service agents might push him toward the bullet.

    Was real nice to see Marla Gibbs again. And I’m glad that nice lady next door had someone looking out for her. I hope they find her body so she can get a proper burial.

    Can’t wait for next week!

    Can’t wait to catch up on all my podcasts too!

    Btw, did y’all peep what Huck said about Liv’s ring? She never takes it off. Cause it’s a gift from him. Just putting that out there.

  6. Soldiers died in that war. That’s crazy. Surely, no one woman’s jam is worth all that. But I’ve got an important question and I hope someone can help me out here: Is there one good reason in this world – you know, after Olivia returns and things are back to their normal level of dysfunction – that Jake and Mellie can’t just get drunk and screw? I’m not greedy, once would be fine. They’re my favs, they’re both hot, and their couple name would be “Jellie.” I don’t even remember them ever sharing a scene but they’re my crack ship.

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