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Scandal – S4E12 – Gladiators Don’t Run

Previously on Scandal, ‘Where’s the Black Lady?’

Out of the Loop, In the Game

Abby waits for Olivia on a bench. She comes bearing hot beverages. When Olivia doesn’t walk by, Abby gets worried and leaves, but not before Hucking Up – which is what we gonna call it when a nicely dressed woman gives money and/or food to a homeless – some guy with Olivia’s tea.

Abby stomps into OPA like she still works there, which she does not. And that’s exactly what Huck and Quinn tell her when she demands to know where Olivia is.

As Fitz paces and worries that they won’t get Olivia back, Mellie reassures him because Mellie so damn amazing. Cyrus comes in with news of vengeance: Fitz has cleaned house of all his Secret Service agents and it was time. I mean, between Hal always snitching to Mellie, Tom killing his son, and some of them taking part in a coup, this was long overdue. Not only did he fire them, he put in an executive order that, from now on, the Navy SEALS will be his new protectors.

Then Fitz decides he wants in on the bidding because “who has more money than the United States?” Sir, that’s not your money. That’s the country’s money. Taxpayers. You can’t just be taking it and using it for personal gain. This ain’t some petty cash jar in a small business. Anyway, Fitz wants to call in his entire high-ranking staff, plus Jake, to go over the plan.

White Boy Fairy Dust

Gus is pissed. Gus is the kidnapper who Olivia beat over the head with the sink pipe. He’s not happy to see her walking around like a princess in their hotel suite. He lays into Ian for making this decision, but is promptly told to calm the hell down. Ian’s in charge.

The auction is going down on “the dark net” and you need to be invited. Guess what? The White House not invited. Friendly terrorists are so they’re going to team up with them to bid.


Back at OPA, Huck is all, “Liv’s gonna die!” Settle down, man. Jake and Quinn start talking about pooling their money. Unfortunately Quinn doesn’t have any money just Sallie Mae loans. Jake has $2 million. But Huck has $2 billion. The $2 billion B613 siphoned from federal budgets. So, one way or another, the American people gonna pay to get Olivia’s raggedy ass back.

Huck be like:


Ian is willing to let Olivia pick who she goes to because Ian is suddenly a nice guy. They’re gonna shake on it, but Gus blows out the back of Ian’s head. Gus is in charge now.

Gus shoots

blood in champagne


The auction is on and the tech nerds are fighting amongst themselves about whether they should be going along with this crazy scheme. Meanwhile, Gus is kind enough to clean the blood off of Liv’s face. When he insinuates that he’ll rape Olivia, she warns him she’ll bite his dick off. Welp.

Olivia in shockmight bite it off


Andrew ain’t going no-a-where. He refuses to sign the resignation letter and Cyrus thinks it’s adorable that Andrew thinks he has options. Andrew wonders what the American people would think if they knew Fitz went to war over his sidepiece. Oop.

We have a new problem: to get invited, you need to be an all-star baddie. Thankfully, Team JHQ knows an all-star terrorist.

After hissing and meowing at David Rosen, Maya listens to their plea. She wants to strike a deal though because only doing this to save her child’s life is not enough, damnit! They haggle, but they settle on her getting a flatscreen TV with basic cable. Hey, I’ve done worse for less.

Flipping the Script 

When Fitz learns that Andrew won’t go quietly and has threatened to tell the world about him and Olivia Pope, he informs Cyrus they should call his bluff. Fitz told the press that they went to war over the attack on Andrew. If they can prove Andrew set it up, Andrew is fuuuuucked. For that, Cyrus goes to Lizzie Bear and tells her she will be testifying against Andrew or else she’ll go to jail, too. Cyrus now has her as his “bitch for life.”

Cyrus and Fitz

Also, flipping the script is Maya. She connects with a drug dealer named Gustavo, but when Huck and Jake go to meet him there’s a change of plans. Maya waits till Quinn and David leave the room to tell them that Gustavo will help, but only after they kill the men waiting in the room. Those men think they’re there to buy/steal from Gustavo. Jake is going to get out the car to help, but Huck is all, “I got this.”

Andrew goes to Mellie and warns that if they make him quit, he’ll tell the world about their affair. Andrew is all about that bitchassness.

Jake goes to check on Huck and finds that Huck has done THE most. He done went full-on Wolverine with a dash of Jason Voorhies. There’s blood EVERYWHERE and body part strewn about like Legos. Jake offers to hack off the heads for Gustavo’s proof while Huck gets cleaned up. As Huck leaves the room, Jake mutters, “Animal.” Then he starts sawing off a head.

Olivia tries to sprinkle her fairy dust on the two hackers, but since they’re minorities, it doesn’t work and they proceed to sell her ass. Olivia’s power only works on white boys.

Mellie 4 Prez

Abby straight out asks Fitz is there something wrong with Olivia, and he sits her down for the truth. She immediately goes to David and jumps in his ass for not telling her that her best friend, her only friend, was kidnapped. David is all, “That’s above your pay grade, boo.”

Mellie and Fitz share drinks on the patio and she tells him that they gotta let Andrew slide because he will tell the world what she did. They play a game of “If you could have anything you want… what would it be,” and first Fitz says Jerry alive, then Olivia home safe. Mellie wants to be president. She wants to run the world. Fitz is all, “Oh. Well, Andrew walks then.”

This is like, the third supportive thing he has done for her in four seasons.

Jake is worried that Huck might need a leash, but Quinn insists that Huck will be fine. That’s just how he is – he goes a little murderous and then all is well.

And the Winner Is…

Huck finally hacks his way into the auction and it shuts down just as he starts bidding.

Cyrus tries to wake up Fitz, but Mellie yells at him to let the man sleep in peace. This can’t wait though so he’s up and hustled to the situation room.

Gus wakes up Olivia. Good news! She’s been sold to Iran, in cash! So, the auction was useless and a waste of time. Also, the hackers don’t look too pleased at this development. But no one looks worse than Olivia. And I don’t feel sorry for her.

Score | 7/10Fitz is informed of the situation and is advised that “the asset” should be neutralized per their standard protocol. Olivia knows too much to be in an enemy’s hands. Fitz ain’t tryna hear it. They will get her back.

Jake and Quinn are freaking out, trying to figure out how they can find out where Olivia is. They say Iran, but it can be anyone. Then Huck completely Hucks out talking about how Olivia is so dead. Quinn flips out and it takes Jake to pull her off Huck’s ass.

Mellie meets the plane with the bodies of the soldiers who died in West Angola. Meanwhile, Fitz tells Cyrus that they need to get Olivia back not because he loves her, but because many men died trying to get her back. And this whole ridiculous scene is played with patriotic music from a Kevin Costner movie. This is some bullshit and Fitz oughta be ashamed.

Finally, Olivia is taken to her new owner, but we don’t see who it is.

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7 Comments on Scandal – S4E12 – Gladiators Don’t Run

  1. Things I watched this week on Scandal:

    1) Caskets of the fallen soldiers who Fitz sacrificed to the shrine of Olivia’s glittery hoo-ha coming off the plane
    2) Huck creepily getting off on dismembering people
    3) Big government muckety-mucks in the war room breezily watching the President lose his shit over getting in on this slave auction that he’s going to fund with MY TAX MONEY. I don’t even want to pay for your defense budget, Mr. President, much less your side-piece slush fund. I’ll chip in for Mellie’s wig and wardrobe budget, though. Stay on point, my Queen.
    4) I like Fitz when he’s abusing his power to make Mellie the next president, though, and I like Fitz and Mellie as friends in a weird way.
    5) But they’re both going to hell for all these soldiers dying to get Olivia Pope back (I have to blame my Mellie, too, since she condoned this horseshit). I mean, I know I mentioned it before but it’s heinous enough to bear repeating that people are DYING for this mess. And then for Mellie to go and comfort the grieving families. It’s so wrong, it’s baffling. Everybody on the show is an utter psychopath.

    Thing I didn’t watch this week on Scandal:

    Hot Jake on Mellie action. WTF, show? Give me my completely imaginary ship. ~~~~JELLIE FOREVER~~~~

  2. Scandal, Scandal, Scandal…what the hell are we gonna do with you?

    Nina always clowns me about saying I’m gonna stop watching, but real talk: this show is some super fantastic bull-schnikey. I know it’s all fact but damn, give the audience some fucking credit and please end this kidnapping storyline!

    Olivia’s plan is backfiring in her face…literally! Good; I can’t stand this trick. She tried that Mandinga shit with those tech nerds and they were like, “a million dollars will buy me some ass.”

    Fitz is the biggest dumbass of a president, real or fake. Why does he think he can just do whatever? He needs a comeuppance. Clearly losing his son wasn’t enough. And wtf is with his cabinet co-signing this BULLSHIT?!?!

    Huck needs to be put down. I knew that fool would be playing in their blood and guts. He makes the Mountain look like a Girl Scout. But before we take him out, can we let him play in Andrew’s viscera?

    Anybody else think Papa Pope is the buyer? That would be a boss ass move, but I’m kinda hoping it’s not him because then the writing is getting sloppy; we’re figuring shit out too easily. Can’t wait for the ‘cast!

  3. Can we all agree that Andrew is about to catch a hot one right between the eyes? The only thing I can’t figure out is who will be the one to do it. I hope it’s my favorite sugar fiend, Charlie. I miss him.


  4. First I wanna welcome Nina to team Quinn, it must feel good to finally stand in the light right!?!?

    Abby- she needs to have several seats!! She was on my last nerve this episode! Now she’s a gladiator, she wasn’t bout that life when liv was getting ran through on that island when my boo Quinn was holding down the fort was she? But since all she has now homeless Harry to share her tea with, Liv is her best friend!! Also I’m completely on David’s side, ain’t nobody got time for that!! All she needs to know is “its handled”!!

    Huck- who knew Huck hit a lick?!?! But did anyone else notice how Quinn reacted when he told them(perhaps now they will get back to their nasty dirty sex!! PLEASE!!) about how much money he has!! All I know is they better get liv back before Huck goes ham on someone else!!

    Fitz- Damn he is so lame!! I was mildly surprised when he said he wanted his son back, but personally I believe that’s just a cover and his real answer was Olivia’s magical nootsie aka white boy kryptonite!! The one thing I liked about fitz was his reaction to Mellie saying she wants her between them, I know he was thinking 3some at least i know I was!! I also completely agree this is so sad that all those men died for a thot!!

    Olivia- I really don’t understand why she talks so got damn much!! First she ruins her rescue by talking herself into slavery, then when her captor gets shot in the damn head and his blood is still in her mouth she talks shit to the new massuh?!?! Also lets be real we know she used to having things in her mouth(no shade) ok maybe a lil I hate her!!!

    That’s all I got for this week!! Look forward to hearing the podcast and also Mellie for prez 2016!!

  5. Also we all think “iran” is papa pope right?

  6. I was running around today so this’ll be quick.

    Didn’t like this episode but they did have some oh shit moments for me. Such as Gus taking out Ian and Huck’s playroom with the drug dealers bodies. Cause yikes! He needs to get back to his AA meetings. I think the whiskey is kicking his ass.

    This line in the recap gave me life! “Olivia?s power only works on white boys.”

    Liv really shoulda stayed her ass put in Pennsylvania. Cause at least then she wouldn’t possibly be headed to Iran. She better hope Iran is actually Papa Pope or some other lost bf of Mama Pope who owed her one. Cause otherwise her ass is grass.

    Favorite scene of the night had to be the talk on the White House balcony between Fitz & Mellie. I love that he right away was supportive. He’s not an asshole to her all the time. I think they work really well as partners if not husband and wife.

    I’ll end this with Andrew needs a play date with Huck so he’ll learn to act right and not like a punk bitch. And #Mellie4Prez

  7. Does anybody think the buyer could be Harrison? I know we all think he died because Columbus Short was showing his ass but what if papa pope didn’t kill him and he’s working with papa pope, I just think that if the buyer is pops that wouldn’t be surprising at all and they could of just showed him at the end of the episode. FITZ AINT SHIT, that ending scene of Fitz talking about all the men and women who died for his side piece was played like it was this great empowering moment but it wasn’t it was gross and if I was in that room I would have spit in his eye especially if I was one of the soldiers family, ugh this fucking show. I feel like they are trying 2 tell us that Fitz and Olivia are this epic love story when really they are toxic and disgusting. I actually don’t think she should be with jake either, she doesn’t deserve his fine ass. (Btw I finally watched waiting 2 exhale so can I have my black card back)

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