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Scandal – S4E13 – No More Blood

Previously on Scandal, ‘Gladiators Don’t Run’

How Do You Say ‘Bullshit’ In Farsi?

The Iranians are ready to purchase Olivia, but first the woman in charge needs to confirm Liv’s identity. Olivia takes advantage of the fact that she speaks Farsi (OF COURSE!) – and her kidnappers don’t – to manipulate them into believing the Iranians are about to double-cross them. She convinces the Iranians of the same. The deal is off and Olivia lives to trust her gut another day.

Abby is still out of the loop. Cyrus won’t even acknowledge that there’s a something to discuss when Abby asks if Liv is dead or alive.

At OPA, Quinn been drankin.’ Quinn been drankin.’ Quinn getting turnt in her office when Jake comes in with the good news that the deal fell through and Olivia is still alive. Quinn sobs into Jake’s muscular, firm, perfect chest.

Andrew is getting amnesty. He will not be punished one lick for what he did. Of course, all of this is contingent upon him keeping his fucking mouth shut AND Olivia getting home safely. Mellie can’t help but taunt him a bit, reminding him that he’s a loser and he’ll always be a loser. He counters that any time he wants he can just whisper into a reporter’s ear all the dirty, kinky shit she’s into. Um, dude, you just signed a confidentiality agreement!

Mellie Aint Playing

Plan B(ae)

Fitz is being briefed in the Situation Room and the CIA Director breaks it down thusly: We can try to extract her, but that plan has a 30% chance of working. It’s better if we just kill Olivia because she knows too damn much. Fitz listens, as any reasonable president would, and then he tells her to extract Liv anyway because he is the WORST president in fictional history. The CIA Director looks at him like he has lost his ever-loving mind.

CIA Director

In the Oval Office, Fitz is going on about the nerve of his administration, actually expecting him to do the smart, presidential, patriotic thing. Cyrus zones him right the fuck out and then fantasizes that he tells Fitz just how much of a disappointment he truly is. Unfortunately, he snaps out of it and yes sirs Fitz to death.

Mellie goes to Lizzie and demands she handle Andrew. Lizzie isn’t sure what she can do. Mellie tells her she slept with Andrew to stop Huck from shredding her back so Lizzie might want to figure something the fuck out. And that’s when Lizzie realized she ain’t on Mellie’s level.


Jake warns Huck that he needs to reign his crazy in. Olivia might not come back, and he can’t rely on her to be the thing that stops him from going full-psycho. Abby consults David, who’s further out of the loop than she is.

Desperate, Lizzie arrives at OPA and asks Huck to take care of Andrew. He says he doesn’t kill anymore. Lizzie ain’t tryna hear that shit.

Cyrus meets with the CIA Director and agrees they need to “neutralize the asset” behind Fitz’s back. Abby suspects fuckery so she confronts Cyrus, who doesn’t deny it. And it pains him to do it because he loves Liv, too. She’s the godmother of his daughter who he never sees! He warns Abby to keep her mouth shut.

eBae Part Two

Team JHQ get back into the auction for Liv, using the name Marie Wallace. It comes down to a tie between them and the Russians. When Gus asks Olivia which one they should choose, she says Marie Wallace because Olivia is dumb. Gus recognizes that Olivia still thinks she has a shot. She doesn’t look nearly as upset as she should knowing she’s being sold to a terrorist. He says the Russians can have her.

Abby finds out Liv was lost and tries to warn Fitz about what Cyrus is about to do, but Cyrus intercepts the shit out of that play.

No More Blood 

Huck gives Andrew the Dexter treatment, but instead of killing him, he injects Andrew in the neck. Then he tells Lizzie to call the paramedics.

Cyrus oversees the mission that Fitz believes will be an extraction. WHY wouldn’t Fitz be there for that? He’s been in the room for every other discussion or operation to get back Bae. Abby reaches out to David and wants to know if he has any connections at INTERPOL. Knowing that Olivia will be killed by the CIA, David agrees to help.

Jake visits Mama Pope to see if there’s anything she can do and she sends him to Prescott Lake in Canada. There he finds Papa Pope. Rowan is not surprised to learn that Jake has lost Olivia. He Papa Popes for a full five minutes, scaring away all the fish, before telling Jake that Olivia is not his daughter. He basically Bye Felicia’d him.

Olivia’s captors are packing up to go when she tries to make a run for it. Gus stops her with a backhand. He’d been saving that hit since she got him with that pipe. Abby tries to get in to see the Director at INTERPOL, but she’s detained. She makes a phone call.

The fake extraction mission is underway when Cyrus changes his mind, but it’s too late. The extraction team is too far away. Cyrus calls off the whole thing at the last second when he recognizes someone on the screen.


STEPHEN!! Let’s take a moment to drink him in, shall we?


Stephen is with the Russians? Yes, kinda. It doesn’t matter because Olivia is not, as Jake predicted, being sold to a Russian Rape Gang! Olivia realizes this, clearly, and snatches Stephen’s gun so she can pop a long overdue cap in Gus’ ass. Then she kicks the shit out of him, repeatedly.

Abby is the one who got Stephen involved because once a gladiator, always a gladiator. Cyrus is all, “What’s a gladiator?” But more importantly, he’s like, “Are you going to tell Fitz I ain’t shit?” Abby agrees to keep her mouth shut.

At the helicopter set to take Olivia home, she asks Stephen to come back with her, but he’s happy where he is – being a spy and NOT married to Georgia as we thought. They hug and us OG Gladiators cheered.


Turns out, Huck gave Andrew a stroke so he’s pretty much a vegetable. Mellie visits him with bouquet of I Told Yo Ass Don’t Fuck With Me.



At Olivia’s debriefing she reflects on what happened to her and her hand begins to shake.

Home Sweet Home, Now With 200% More Locks

Team JHQ take Olivia home where Huck has put about fifty ‘leven locks on the door. She wants to be alone so they leave pretty quickly, but not before Huck awkwardly tells her he was pretty sure she was going to be chopped into bits, but boy is he happy that didn’t happen.


The Audacity of Pope

No sooner does the door close behind them does someone knock on the door. It’s Fitz. Looking pitiful. What’s the first thing he wants to know? If Olivia was hurt. She thinks that’s code for, “Were you raped?” She reassures him no one else besides him (and Jake… and possibly Edison?) have known the pleasures of her platinum vagina. However, Olivia has learned that there are worse things than rape – and finding out the man you compromised yourself for so he could be president is really, really, really bad at his job (like terrible) is one of them.


Fitz is so confused. Surely sending innocent men and women to their deaths for your sidepiece is a panty dropper. Not so much. Olivia tells him she’s disappointed in him. And then she throws his friendship ring at him and shows him the door, now with 200% more locks.

Say What Fitz

Score | 6.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • It was so wonderful to see Henry Ian Cusick again, but it was not enough to justify this ridiculous kidnap storyline. Everyone came together – to some degree – and worked to free Olivia. Unfortunately, she was working against as she tried to be her own savior. The auction was silly and went on for far too long. However, I still think the mid-season premiere, Run, was the best episode of the series so far.
  • Are both Olivia and Huck going to suffer from PTSD now?
  • How long before Fitz is calling Olivia in the middle of the night for dirty talk?


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4 Comments on Scandal – S4E13 – No More Blood

  1. Both Olivia and Fitz are ungrateful bitches.

    Olivia did all that bragging about how the President of the US was going to save her no matter what when she was locked up in that prison. Olivia did finally save her and she’s mad about it.

    Fitz is ungrateful because after everything everybody did to get him in the White House (he didn’t like it at first but eventually did his own dirt to stay in it)…he jeopardizes EVERYTHING for Olivia’s yamp ass. Shonda must be stopped.

  2. Something told me don’t watch this live, so I didn’t. Not that I would have been disappointed; I’m well past that with this show. The highlight of the episode was seeing Stephen! As much as I want him to stay all the way the fuck away from Olivia and her bullshit, a part of me wants him to come back. But he ain’t ’bout that life and I don’t blame him at all.

    They could have saved that Papa Pope scene; waxing poetic about fish like he’s Red Reddington. You wish you told stupid anecdotes that well. Stick to what you know: lathering at the mouth, shouting about how superior you are. That, I would have loved to see.

    What?s with Olivia always thinking she knows everything? She think she on Papa and Mama Pope level? She better pull up a seat and sit at the grown up table a few more years.
    Are we to believe Olivia is done with Fitz now? I don?t buy it. All the shit he?s done and THIS is her breaking point? Puh-lease! I love how she tells the kidnappers that the president will do anything to get her back then gets mad at him for doing just that.

    What I really need to know is what she does with that nootsie to make these dudes so crazy? Was she raised by skilled courtesans? Does she have gold in there? What is it?! I need her to sleep with a woman to see if it has the same effect.

    Mellie is queen B!! I can’t wait to see what her presidency looks like. Will she have Lizzie Bear on staff? Mellie and Abby saved the day and they better get a damn thank you! What am I talking about? Olivia almost didn’t thank Stephen!!

  3. Somebody on one of the Scandal Facebook groups I’m on said Stephen was probably gonna save her. And he did. That was cool.

    What wasn’t cool was Gus hitting her & basically being an idiot. He honestly thought he could make deals with terrorists and hostile to the US countries and get away with it. With just him & 2 computer geeks? Idiots! Was happy to see Liv shoot him & kick his ass.

    Abby saved the day! Everyone always underestimating her. Smh. She has Liv’s back and Liv has her.

    Cyrus does realize when Fitz finds out about him going behind his back, it’s gonna be ugly. But that dream he had of telling Fitz off was hilarious! Basically everyone is pissed at what a pussy Fitz is. Lol.

    While it would have been nice to see Huck torture the hell outta Andrew, what he did do was beautiful. Loved Mellie walking in there with her flowers basically like “got you bitch!” And her & Lizzie Bear did make a good team.

    I knew Papa Pope wasn’t gonna rescue her! She pulled a gun on him & broke his heart! He has no daughter! Seriously, you do not pull a gun on your daddy unless he is threatening you with bodily harm! Smh. But I loved how he schooled Jake! “I’m gone less than a week & you already lost her.” Lol.

    Now for the Fitz & Liv confrontation. I understand why she was upset but quite frankly, had she kept her damn mouth shut, she’d have been rescued by Jake & the DEA back in PA! Anyway, why the hell would she expect Fitz not to go to war for her. She’s knows that man! She knows how freakin crazy he is about her whether they’re together or not! But I also get why she’s mad. They went thru all this stuff to get him in office cause they believed in him but he’s essential a selfish man who can’t think past his dick. Just saying. Honestly, I don’t want her with either Jake or Fitz right now. Liv needs some serious therapy. And possibly drugs. Cause she’s got all kinds of PTSD going on. She ain’t gonna be right for a while.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Should be a doozy!

    Btw, it’s about damn time they put a gazillion locks on Liv’s door! All those times people be in & out of her place and they finally put some big ass locks on there! Smh

  4. 1. Liv is the most ungrateful person EVER!! She the type of chick who even when u take them to dinner before hand she still wants popcorn at the movies!!! I HATE HER!!!

    2. I loved that papa pope said Nope!!

    3. I’m glad Quinn told Huck how she feels, this gets me 1 step closer to dirty Huck and Quinn sex!!!

    P.S. I also support women who rock the mic, I just wanted to call Liv a ho!!

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