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Scandal – S4E16 – It’s Good to Be Kink

Previously on Scandal, ‘The Testimony of Diego Muñoz’

The Dustbuster

Leo’s sexual proclivities are going to be put on blast in a book by a girl who has slept with several high-powered men in D.C. Even though she used codenames (Leo’s is The Dustbuster – I don’t even wanna know.), people will be able to figure out who the men are, and Abby is livid.

Leo and Abby Fight

Abby asks Olivia to shut it down, so Olivia visits the author, Sue Thomas (guest star Lena Dunham), at her home. Sue is immediately starstruck and it’s likely the reason she has little to no reaction when Olivia threatens to make her life a living hell if she goes through with publishing her memoir.

The next day, Sue shows up at OPA and she’s decidedly less intimidated. She’s let down. Olivia is shaming her with threats of her reputation being tarnished when all she did was have a lot of great, consensual sex. When did Olivia become afraid? She demands $3 million from whoever hired Olivia to stop her. Then, and only then, will she not publish the book.

Lena Dunham on Scandal

Fitz is pushing to have body cams on all police officers, which Abby warns won’t pass because Republicans. Fitz insists. Meanwhile, Mellie is making plans to run for Senator of Virginia – Susan Ross’ vacant seat – as the first step in her plans to become president. She wants Leo Bergen to run her campaign, but Abby says Leo is too busy.

Land O’ Kink

Sue on a date with CharlieOPA looks into Sue Thomas: she’s smart, social media savvy, and also currently unemployed. They need to figure out who the men are so they can get them all to chip in on her blackmail demand. To figure that out, they need the book. Huck can’t find any digital copies on Sue’s computer so they figure it must’ve been typed on a typewriter. Using the Land O’ Kink dating site, they set Charlie up on a date with Sue so Huck can break into her place and scan the book. Huck barely makes it out of there with the book before Charlie fucks up the date by being a bit TOO kinky for Sue’s tastes. Note to Charlie: Women don’t like being told you’re going to find the soft spots between the bones of her feet and nail them to the floor with a nail gun. 

Jake is reporting on Olivia’s comings and goings to Fitz. She spends most of her time at home, walking around with a gun and drinking wine. Fitz wants Jake to stay on her, but Jake won’t do it for free.

The Doctor

OPA team + Abby all settle in to read copies of Sue’s book and they figure out 16 of the 17 men featured in it. All powerful political figures. Abby finally realizes the last codename, The Doctor, is actually David Rosen.


Cyrus goes to Lizzie and demands she gets Fitz the votes he needs to pass the body cam law. She’s his bitch now and must do what he says.

OPA gathers all 17 men into the conference room and tells them they all need to be in for $175,000. There’s lots of fussing, but Leo is in immediately. You know who’s not in? David. He’s the Attorney General and warns everyone in the room not to pay. David got on his white hat.

Huck is furious and is about to knock that damn hat off David’s head. He was promised immunity and if that book comes out, David has no power to do anything because he’ll be fired.

Leo tries flipping it and tells Abby she’s more disgusting than he is since she has had sex with two men in Sue’s kinky book. She’s too busy writing her resignation to explain to him how ridiculous that is. She does pause to explain to him how sexist our society is in that they (the press/society) will absolutely write about her when this book comes out because they already write about her, her appearance, and who she dates, even though none of it has anything to do with how she does her job. When they write about Leo, they don’t automatically include her. But when they write about Abby, they always mention him as if she is nothing without mentioning which man she’s attached to.

Based on something Sue said earlier, OPA decides they need to look into her life. Meanwhile, Abby warns Cyrus she may have to resign because of the salacious book. He seems completely unbothered and too busy to care.

Regaining Control

Olivia goes out to a bar, looking sexy as hell, and attempts to pick up a random for some sex. When she goes to the ladies room, she imagines she’s back being held captive and runs out.

Olivia Out at the BarOPA discovers Sue was sexually harassed, fired, and then blackballed by her boss so she couldn’t find work. Olivia convinces her to go after her boss instead of publishing the book. That’s how she can regain control of her life and move forward. I nearly fell off the bed from rolling my eyes so hard. 

Cyrus meets Olivia with a briefcase filled with $3 million in cash. He says it’s to get Abby out of her pickle, but really it’s to use the book to blackmail the powerful people in it. Olivia is disgusted by the town and everything it does. Because she’s not a big part of that problem? Oh, Olivia. 


Cyrus and Olivia

Lizzie goes to Mellie and pitches herself as Mellie’s campaign manager. It totally works and I think these two will make a great team. 

Quinn and Huck head to Sue’s to drop off the paperwork on her lawsuit against her boss. They find one of the men from her book is there and threatening her with a knife. Huck gets the guy to drop the knife and let’s him go. Then Huck picks up the knife and slices Sue’s throat. Huck wasn’t taking any chances. That book must never come out, or he’ll never be able to get his immunity deal and return to his family.

Quinn gives Olivia the manuscript and tells her finding justice for Sue will come at a cost to Abby, her family. I’m not clear if Olivia just thinks Quinn took evidence from a crime scene or if she also realizes either Quinn or Huck killed Sue. I’m guessing it’s just the former since Quinn said she would help find whoever did it and take the manuscript to the cops if that’s what Olivia wants, but just understand that it will fuck Abby in the end.

Huck signs his immunity deal in David’s office and says he’s going home.

Leo and Abby talk about Sue. She was a nice, perverted girl. She brought him chicken soup once when he was sick. This is a nice moment about a girl killed because of them, but it quickly devolves into dirty talk and sex in the kitchen. This fucking show.

While Jake reports in to Fitz about Olivia, Olivia returns to the bar and successfully picks up the same stranger from the other night. This time, they have sex in her house.

I need to quit this damn show.

Score | 6/10Overall Thoughts:
  • I am not a fan of Lena Dunham’s. I think Girls is terrible and her acting is a mess. I did like the character of Sue, though. I loved that she read Olivia’s ass so very accurately. That’s why it was so perplexing when Olivia tells her going after the shitty ex-boss is the way go as an alternative to publishing the book. Sure, she handed it back to Sue, but clearly Olivia still wanted Sue not to publish it. Why can’t she do both? Was there any reason Sue couldn’t have just removed job titles or departments from the stories. She could have edited it so that all people would do is speculate. This “scandal” felt so unnecessary.
  • It’s particularly tone deaf that the episode contained all these messages about slut shaming being wrong and women gaining control of their lives (Sue, Olivia, Mellie, Abby, Lizzie), and there’s even a commercial featuring Kerry Washington advocating for an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse gain financial independence, but it ends with Huck slicing a woman’s throat. And Quinn going along with it.
  • So, one night stands cure PTSD? Why is this show so determined to keep Olivia from getting any real damn help?
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4 Comments on Scandal – S4E16 – It’s Good to Be Kink

  1. Completely agree with you about Liv!! As we all know I hate her, and when she was going in on ole girl I was like why is she slut shaming her? I mean don’t be the kettle calling the pot, or the pot calling the kettle Olivia!! She’s the worst!! Also while reading the recap I totally thought u wrote how do stds cure ptsd!!!

    As far as Lena Dunham goes, I also really enjoyed her!! I’ve never seen an episode of girls so I went in with no prejudices and was presently surprised!! I didn’t like that fact the Huck killed her all for the comforts of his baby mamas nootsie tho!! It was truly a sad moment for me!!

    Onto Abby I definitely had a moment of pause during her monologue about how she is viewed in public, and it totally struck a nerve to me bc it is not fair for women to be judged in such a way!! Message received shonda!! But on a lighter note damn did we know Abby was such a freak doe? I love the fact that cooper said she taught him a thang or 2!! Even though I’m totally against this relationship all I was thinking is Abby be putting it on em boy!!

    Lastly i need some clarification on something!! I didn’t get a chance to rewatch like I normally do, but is Jake actually spying on Liv again or is he just telling fitz’s lame ass what he wants to hear? Bc we all know jake has insecurities galore and I can’t imagine he’d be ok with Liv giving the nootsie to that dude who I can never remember his name but is always generic good looking black guy in all the movies he’s in right?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the show, and Nina U BET NOT TRY TO QUIT THIS SHOW, I ALREADY LOST THE FOLLOWING MY HEART CANT TAKE LOSING SCANDAL SO CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OK here’s my thoughts by character
    Olivia was looking too good in those black dresses and that blue striped jacket was great but a little bulky. Whoever commented saying KW is pregnant again might be right. Also notice that Olivia wears blue when she is not wearing her ?white hat?. Till she gets right in the head I?m sure we won?t be seeing her in any bridal shades. Yea for black men getting a chance again. Boo that it is Brian White for me. He resembles my brother so the sexy scenes were gross to me and plus twitter informed me that Olivia might be disappointed with the size of Russel?s?. (what?s the opposite of Nootsie?) Boo for PTSD and the way the writers are using it.

    LenaSue ? That was Lena Dunham playing Lena Dunham as far as I?m concerned. I did not appreciate Shonda giving the epic read of Olivia, that we?ve been waiting for, to this chick. Other than that I agree with your sex shaming thoughts. Also I noticed people on Twitter body shaming in jest. I get that we hate Lena but the ?how did she get all those guys? They must?ve been desperate? comments made me think of all the women that share Dunham?s body type and thus made those jokes very harmful. Just a thought of mine.

    Huck- He just wants his normal back and he?ll go all the way to the top of Mount Crazy to get it. Huck is Cain?t Get Right. Glad he got his immunity in the end though maybe his family will settle him. Another note- couldn?t get with people cheering the death of Sue as proxy for the murder of Lena. Again we hate Lena but I can?t get with cheering her death. She?s a person. Maybe I?m too stuffy on this but I saw way too many tweets happy that ?Lena? got killed.

    Abby/Leo- So basically Leo is still Cooper From Private Practice. Shonda really needs to shake up her character jar after 4 seasons. Yea for Abby?s speech. Boo for them getting it on by thinking of the freakiness of a dead girl.

    Quinn ? she?s back to being all right but just all right with me. She is a down ass chick for OPA.
    Everyone else was nice but right now I can?t remember much of their story lines.
    Sad I changed my ?Who would kill someone? vote to Quinn at the last second because Huck ?promised? he was done a few episodes ago. Messing up my points and I just joined the contest.

  3. All I have to say is no immunity deal is gonna make Huck safe enough to be around his family. He needs to take some seriously strong drugs & calm the fuck down! Tho kudos to him for slicing Lena Dunham’s throat. Her voice was like nails on a blackboard. But still, that was some serious WTF going on!

    I had to look up dust busting and I’m with Abby. DISGUSTING!! Lol. But Leo was killing me in that meeting with all the dudes. Lol.

    So Liv wanted some chocolate instead of her 2 scoops of vanilla this week. She’s got 2 dudes willing & able to be her boy toys. But I guess she wanted something new. Good for her! Cause y’all know both Fitz & Jake are being ridiculous right now. But how the hell does her fuck buddy not recognize her. Hmmm.

    Anywho, tried to keep it short. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  4. 1) What the hell does “Dust buster” mean?
    2) Brian White is fine as HELL. Sweet father God. I hope he’s in more episodes.
    3) Fitz and Jake are gonna be SICK once they find out she’s sexing up a Black man.
    4) I can’t stand Lena Dunham but I didn’t want her character to die like that. That wasn’t right. WTF, Huck?
    5) Brian White is FINE AS HELL. It had to be said again.

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