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Scandal – S4E18 – Honor Thy Father

Previously on Scandal, ‘Put a Ring on It’

The Case

Congressman Reed seeks Olivia’s help in getting a stay of execution for his father, who is on death row for murdering a man who had an affair with his teenage daughter, which resulted in her suicide. He’s been in prison for 15 years and his son insists he didn’t do it. He thinks his father confessed falsely.

Olivia meets with the father in prison and after a few moments of him insisting he is guilty, her gut tells her otherwise. She is going to prove he’s innocent whether he likes it or not. The return of the gut! 

Olivia and Congressman Reed

Olivia and team go over the details of the Reed case. After the daughter killed herself, her father found her diary where she detailed the affair and how the teacher dumped her. Reed maintains he went to the teacher’s house and killed him. They decide to look into other students the teacher may have slept with and eventually land on his ex-wife.

Olivia goes to interview the woman herself, only to learn she passed away weeks ago. Since the ex-wife wasn’t a career criminal, Olivia guesses she might have left some evidence of her crime behind. She tasks Quinn and Huck with breaking into the dead woman’s house to find it. They find a gun, and call in an anonymous tip so the cops will find it, too.

The ballistic report shows it is the same gun that killed her husband. However, Olivia tells Congressman Reed and his father that the gun couldn’t have been sitting there for 15 years without any signs of rust or wear. Congressman Reed begins to confess, but his father demands he shut up and respect his wishes. When he leaves the room, Reed does confess to Olivia. His father would threaten to kill himself any time he wanted to tell the truth.

Olivia talks the father into letting his son take responsibility for what he did. She will be there to help him regain his life when he’s served his time. Reed confesses, is arrested, and his father is released.

The Sister

Lizzie meets with Mellie’s half-sister, Harmony, to vet her before Mellie’s election. It’s clear this blonde, kinda trashy, extremely southern woman is the polar opposite of Mellie. Lizzie is concerned. Later, Mellie rages when she learns Lizzie reached out to her sister. Despite Mellie’s anger, Lizzie tells her if she wants to make a run for Senate and later the Oval, she needs to welcome her sister with open arms.

Cyrus warns Abby to keep Harmony away from the press because she’s basically a hot-ass mess…. buuuut he’s kinda cool with her bringing a raincloud of drama because after the rain, flowers will grow. Sweet-smelling flowers in the form of Fitz putting a big old HELL NO on Mellie’s candidacy. Cyrus, you dastardly bastard.

Scandal - HarmonyThe first step in softening the sisters’ relationship is inviting Harmony to spend a few days at the White House. Things turn sour almost immediately when Mellie asks if Harmony needs to borrow a pair of flats before going on the White House tour. Harmony thinks it’s a jab at her clothes, but Mellie insists she’s just concerned for poor Harmony’s bunions. I mean, really. You can’t wear hooker heels to the White House, girl!

Fitz brushes Mellie off when she presses him to have dinner with her and Harmony. It’s her sister; she should deal with it. Cyrus loves it. Fitz tells Cyrus if Mellie is so easily frazzled, she’ll never stand a chance in the election whether he’s by her side or not. Um, why wouldn’t you be by her side, you ungrateful asshole?

Fitz does have dinner with Mellie and Harmony and Mellie can barely stand it. Harmony talks about the animal fat she uses to make soaps and she keeps calling him Fitz, which Mellie corrects. The two argue and accusations are made about home-wrecking whore mothers and other dirty little secrets, all of which Harmony threatens to expose if Mellie doesn’t watch her tone. Poor Ftiz. You know he is not used to this ratchedness. 

Later, over some of her Daddy’s hooch, Mellie speaks with Fitz and he warns her that she’s going to have to make nice with Harmony if she wants to win. Mellie points out everyone likes Fitz even when they don’t. She doesn’t have that likability gene and it was his job to diffuse the situation, like she does for him. Preach, girl! 

Harmony is leaving, but first Fitz has a chat with her and asks that she takes it easy on Mellie. Mellie is secretly jealous of her, he says. That works. Harmony gives Mellie a big old hug before she goes. Fitz tells Mellie she’s going to win that election and he’ll be by her side when she does. I love these two so much when they’re working together and he’s not trying to touch Olivia’s nipples when he should be worried about some Presidential shit.

Side note: Cyrus overhears this promise of support and he doesn’t look happy about it.

The Mission

Olivia awakens to find Chocolate Boo Thang still in her bed and asking why she speaks six different languages in her sleep? He knows her real name is Olivia and says his real name isn’t Franklin, it’s Russell. Or maybe it’s Russell and not Franklin. I forget. Anyway, Franklin Russell or Russell Franklin insists on getting freaky again, even though she told his ass it’s time to go. Thankfully, a phone call about the Reed case interrupts.

I don’t like this motherfucker one bit.

David tries to get Jake to sign the immunity agreement Huck got so he can testify against B613 and Command. Jake ain’t bout that life and reminds David he doesn’t need his protection; David needs protection from him.

With no other recourse, David, Huck, and Charlie reach out to three former B613 agents who worked with Jake, and offer them immunity. Unfortunately for them, Jake is listening to all of their plans via a bug he planted in David’s office. Damn. David stay losing.

“How sad were you when Radio Shack went under? Did you cry? Be honest.” – Charlie

The three spies are in, and kept in a safehouse with Charlie while Huck and Quinn go help Olivia with the Reed case. Charlie returns to the safehouse with food only to find two of the agents dead, one hanging on for dear life, and Jake moseying out the bathroom like he didn’t just kill two motherfuckers. They fight and struggle over a gun, which accidentally finishes off the third agent, and then Jake runs off.

David wants to be sure it was Jake. Charlie offers to kick David’s ass so he can see if he’ll remember Charlie’s face afterwards. Charlie knows what the hell he saw. Point taken, David suggests finding other agents who worked with Jake. Charlie points out they won’t be willing to cooperate when they learn what a bang-up job David did protecting the first three agents.

Charlie says they need to kill Jake. Quinn ain’t bout it. This isn’t Jake. There has to be an explanation. Huck says the explanation is B613: this is pretty much what they were trained to do when threatened. He thinks Jake needs to go as well. Quinn gives in.

Huck and Quinn have pinned down Jake’s location from tracking his phone. Charlie’s on the street nearby, looking for him. That is until Huck realizes Jake is inside Olivia’s apartment building. They call her, but get no answer so he and Quinn rush over, only to find Liv sipping wine and eating popcorn with her chocolate boo thang. Everything is fine, Liv says, and sends them away.

Well, where the hell is Jake? Jake is in Lois’ apartment across the hall. He tells Huck and Quinn that Liv is safe as long as he’s alive. Welp.

The Sad Spy Club meet on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. What to do about Jake? Huck says they’re done because if they go after Jake and fuck up, Liv is dead. David – the one least capable of doing anything useful – insists they keep going. He’s outvoted.

Scandal Super Sad Spy Club

In his office that evening, David remembers the night James was killed. He sends his assistant, Holly, out for some coffee and then he calls Huck. He will testify against Jake, telling everyone how Jake killed Vanessa, Shelby, and James. Of course, Jake is listening in to this conversation as well.

Huck meets Olivia on the street and tells her he’s there to protect her from Jake. Meanwhile, David is walking to his car with Holly, as Jake watches. He confronts the two with a gun, and you know David shat himself. Jake instructs David to take two steps to his left and when he does, we see Holly has a gun too. She’s B613. Jake kills her, getting blood all over David’s face so now he’s covered in blood and poop. Holly was the one who killed the three agents in the safehouse and she was hiding under a table when Jake and Charlie were fighting. The injured agent who was shot accidentally was trying to crawl towards her when he was shot. Jake warns David that Papa Pope is coming and he won’t always be able to tell the good guys. That’s what this shit is about. David outchea playing checkers while Jake is playing B613 chess.

Scandal S4E18 - David and Holly

Olivia is laying Huck’s ass out on the street. He’s been lying to her, keeping things from her, and she’s had this shit under control the whole time. She knows what Jake is doing and has been in the room with him as he listened to their conversations in David’s office.

At home, Olivia gets a visit from Random Dick Chocolate Boo Thang Russell Franklin or Franklin Russell and he’s not alone. He’s with Papa Pope.

Told y’all his ass wasn’t ’bout shit!

Score | 7.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  •  So Liv and Jake have been working this the whole time. Hopefully, this will finally get viewers used to the fact that Scandal operates within the true spy genre where men and women go toe-to-toe. Jake slamming her against the wall wasn’t domestic abuse. Jake viewed her, in that instance, as a domestic terrorist who just toppled the one organization able to keep Fitz safe from Mama Pope and her plans with Adnan. It would appear that Olivia – assuming she has her own agency here and slept with Russell Franklin Franklin Russell as part of their plan to catch Papa Pope – just did what James Bond has been doing in films for decades: sleeping with people to get the job done.
  • Even though the case-of-the-week was predictable as hell, I enjoyed this episode. I loved the interactions between Mellie and Harmony, and Fitz is always his most likable when he’s being good to Mellie.
  • Cyrus stay hatin’!
  • I hate to say it, but I missed the B613 stuff.
  • And by bae ain’t evil! *twerks* #TeamJake
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4 Comments on Scandal – S4E18 – Honor Thy Father

  1. …sorry this is so long-assed — i got caught up in my feelings…

    ok, so Scandal has been my fave show since my Mom first told me to watch — i got hooked on the snappy dialog, intricate stories, mysterious characters & the slow-burn reveals of their relationships with each other. all of those things set the bar really high for me. i have remained a faithful viewer every week — but i’m starting to feel like this show is going thru a mid-life crisis or that my relationship with it is going thru a 7yr itch.

    where did things go wrong? did the writers reveal way too much about Liv way too soon — like before they really fleshed out how her twisted parents & their evil ways would affect the lifeline of the series? did Kerry’s detour into Motherhood wreck the momentum?

    I dunno
    I’m not a writer, just a fan
    I might just be a fan with my own Daddy issues, but I find it disgusting that Liv’s Dad (who we’re led to believe loves her above all else, even though he’s Command & tends to blur the lines of family with asset management) would continue going to far as to keep sending men to sleep with her & gain some of her trust only to turn around & ultimately use whatever information gained against her.

    Keep in mind, I don’t care how super-spy/007/deep-cover Liv & her cohorts get nor how many partners she sleeps with — I was a huge die-hard Olitz-STAN up until the kidnapping saga & I even defended Liv’s decision NOT to choose btw Jake & Fitz (cuz why can’t a side-chick have her own side-piece?).

    Anyway, I probably wouldn’t really care — except that Eli/Rowan is her DAD & I just feel like that’s a stretch ultimately going way too far for how these characters were sketched out for us in the beginning…

    Anyway, I thought this ep was just “…meh?”
    *CoTW was predictable

    *Mellie’s sister Harmony didn’t wreak nearly enough havoc & was way too tame — i wanna see her twist Mellie into knots, cuz (to me) Mellie is at her best when she’s stress, throwing shade, chewing nails, and spitting fire.

    *did Cyrus even show up?

    *wtf is up w/ Huck? now he’s lying to Liv? is he no longer her shadow-protector/spirit-animal?

    *best scenes:
    1- Mellie whining to Fitz after the dinner that “U were supposed to be ME! Flatter the guest & sit there looking pretty”
    2- DaddyPope’s evil grin next to FranklinRussell/Russell/Franklin

    (if this ep is supposed to set the tone for the rest of the season, I may be binge-watching the remaining eps on the same nite the Finale airs…)

  2. Really enjoyed the episode!! I was genuinely surprised by most shockers this episode!!

    This episode I really didn’t like Mellie, and that’s hard for me to say!! I mean yea we can agree her sister was a bit ratchet, but damn she is your sister!! I really didn’t like she wanted her to call fitz’s bitch ass mr president!! 1. Bc fuck fitz and 2. Bc that’s like a family member asking you to call them doctor so and so!! Fuck that I’ve known this ninja before he was president and were in a private setting so the mr president bullshit is not needed!!

    Anyway I agree the only time I’m not shaking with anger at fitz is when he’s being a good husband to Mellie, I’ll be interested to see them team up and work together, bc we know Cyrus is about to start throwing so much bullshit their way to stop this run of Mellies!!

    Last thing I wanna touch on is the B613 stuff, I’m also glad Jake didn’t go crazy, but I’m still kinda confused about his willingness to be ok with Liv fucking her black boo! Is it just a way to get to papa pope? Bc if it is I no longer will throw shade at Jake for being a meat peeper!! Also I’m glad papa pope is back and can’t wait for him to monologue on livs ass, it’s been far too long!! But I will never understand his mindset of letting all his agents fuck his daughter!! I mean he know she a freak, and he just keeps adding multiple dudes to her body count so they can get mad at him and tell her how she taste?!?

    Anyways can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  3. I wasn’t feeling this episode.

    I love Holly aka Harmony as Mellie’s sister but Mellie was being way to bitchy for my taste. Maybe it’s because I’m a half sister who never refers to her siblings as half & feel some kinda way when people do. That bothered me. Plus, while I want Mellie to run for office & win, she’s too far removed from the American public. Especially with the “us” and “them” convo.

    As for the B316 stuff, yawn. Tho I was worried Jake was about to kill Charlie. I love that crazy, sugar addicted psycho. I was really hoping Jake had gone crazy but y’all know how I feel about him.

    As for Liv’s chocolate boo thing, at first I thought he was working with Papa Pope, which would be the worst, but I think Papa Pope just put the fear of every god known to man into him. He had that scared shitless look on his face. But jeez, that man needs to stay out of his daughter’s sex life! Ewwww.

    Overall, didn’t like it. And if y’all drop Scandal from your podcast, wouldn’t bother me any.

  4. This episode was the best since Liv got back home but I still only enjoyed a third of this episode. This show seems the best lately when they have a overall focus for the season . So all these cases of the week that don’t tie in with it don’t do anything for me and this week was no exception.

    The Mellie/Harmony stuff was fine . I hope the show isn’t trying to make me dislike Mellie now that she’s trying to get some real power. That us vs them conversation is only cool when your keeping score in spades. Oh yeah Fitz did something good to actually help his wife but I’m not hating, I’m the same way. If my wife wants me to do something I don’t normally do she needs to spell it out. What am I a mind reader lol? I wish I had something hilarious to say about Holly/Harmony but I quit True Blood and missed the last 2 seasons so I’ll leave those jokes to the pro and all y’all hate watchers! Hopefully she’ll be a returning character.

    Finally the B613 part of the show was great. The Charlie vs Jake fight was fun. They really had me thinking Jake was going to the dark side because he was never really on board with going after B613 from day 1. I havea few qyestions though. I get how the kid Russell Franklin Franklin Russell was a spy because of knowing all those languages she spoke in her sleep so I’m assuming that’s when Liv found out too right or did she know before she slept with him? So I guess Jake goes to Liv off screen about bringing her into the fold about going after B613 because I missed the hints of her doing anything besides ruining people’s lives in these last few COTW? How is she ready to go against B613 and she still hasn’t sat on someone’s couch about what she’s saying in her sleep? It’s all good though I don’t need that scene if it cuts one damn line of an epic Papa Pope monologue because I am so here for that!!

    Love the podcast yall are making Scandal watchable while they go through this last month of mediocrity! Thank you!

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