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Scandal – S4E7 – Baby Made a Mess

The Audacity of Hope

Olivia dropped a 4-letter word on Fitz and now he’s calling her every night. He wants to figure out a way for them to spend time together, but first Olivia wants to make sure prison bae is being treated humanely. She hangs up on him after dropping a list of demands and Mellie overhears her raggedy-ass husband talking to his mistress right under her nose.

You Can’t Stop What’s Coming

Quinn wanders into Mr. Winslow’s (Caitlin’s father) house even though all the lights are out and that usually means nothing good. She finds him sitting on the stairs and drinking. Quinn proceeds to reveal everything she knows: Caitlin came to her dad’s office to snitch on her stepmom and overheard something she shouldn’t have. She grabbed the files on Olivia and ran (what we saw on the elevator) and is later killed for it. Quinn wants to know why they were watching Olivia. He could probably tell Quinn, but then he’d have to kill her. Unfortunately for us, he kills himself instead, right in front of Quinn.

Scandal S4E7 Quinn

Baby Made a Mess

A Republican senator is caught on a tape drinking with a hooker while wearing a diaper and then shitting in said diaper. Clearly he has to go. Abby has to field questions from the press as to who will take the disgraced senator’s seat. Rumors are circulating that Fitz has already endorsed Chip Putney from VA. This is clearly news to Abby and she doesn’t look happy about it. Cyrus later confirms that it’s true and then Abby watches at Putney, and his campaign manager (Leo), shoot the shit with Fitz in the Oval Office.

Scandal S4E7 Abby and Cyrus

Putney is Abby’s abusive ex-husband. More importantly, he’s Anders from Battlestar Galactica!

Huck has been playing an MMO with his son, making him believe he’s also a little kid. When his son asks to meet at an arcade, Huck agrees. Oh, Huck. Quinn tells Huck about Winslow’s suicide, and they decide to keep it from Olivia. She has too much on her plate dealing with Jake’s incarceration.

Over a Cliff

Seeing her ex has sent Abby to the bathroom to throw up. Olivia shows up with a fresh dress for her to wear and the two talk on the floor behind Abby’s desk. Abby is a mess of tears and she’s convinced nothing can be done to stop Chip from being elected. Olivia is like, “Challenge accepted.”

Olivia immediately heads over to Chip’s opponent’s campaign headquarters and takes over Susan Ross’ pitiful efforts. First thing to go? Campaign signs made with Crayola markers. Next? Susan’s image needs major work. Unfortunately, nothing can save her poor TV presence so Olivia puts Susan’s adorable daughter in front of the camera to shoot an ad. It helps and Cyrus, Leo, and Chip take notice that Olivia Pope is on the case.

Scandal S4E7 Susan and Olivia

Chip confronts Abbie in an empty parking garage and he’s super fucking creepy. He’s inappropriate on so many levels. Abby shows him the new Abby. New Abby points a gun at his face and tells him to back the fuck off. He listens.

Later, Abby walks into Olivia’s office and tells her what happened. Olivia is like, “Um, first I’m gonna need you to give me that damn gun and stop waving it around.” She advises Abby to tell her story, to expose Chip. Abby notes that women who speak out against abuse from powerful men, usually end up with no career to speak of.

Truman v Roosevelt

A car bomb goes off near the U.S. embassy in West Angola. Fitz orders the nearest ship in the area, the USS Truman, sent in to increase military presence. Cyrus, suspicious of what Abby told him, tells Michael they’re sending in the USS Roosevelt and then orders Ethan to monitor all of Lizzie Bear’s press activities for the next 24 hours to see if she mentions it.

Meanwhile, Mellie is prepping for an interview about presidential china patterns. Lizzie walks in and offers her something better to do.

To the SuperMax

David has finally returned Olivia’s calls and he shuts down her request to bop into super max to see Jake. Not only does Olivia have a plan to make it happen, she tells David it’s not Jake she wants to visit. It’s Tom.

He stares at Olivia and notes she’s beautiful. He can see how she has all the white boys on this show acting a fool. She wants to know who really ordered him to kill Jerry, but he wants to talk about why she left Fitz. He tells her that Fitz went to her apartment after she’d gone and cried inside while he waited in the hall. He also reveals that Fitz tried to kill himself. He compares Olivia to Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. And much like Olivia, Helen didn’t have a father. Her father was a god. Olivia tries to convince Tom that her father ain’t all that, but he’s like, “You don’t know Command like I know Command.” He sticks to his Jake Ballard story and Olivia warns him that her father will have him killed once he’s no longer needed.

Scandal S4E7 Tom

Hope Makes a Man Do Thangs

Fitz calls Olivia and says that Jake is being treated like he’s staying at the Ritz Carlton for prisoners. Now he wants to talk about how he can get in dem panties. She throws cold water on him by admitting she saw Tom and he told her about Fitz’s suicide attempt. This shuts him up for all of five seconds and then he’s back to talking about hope and what it means. Does it mean we fucking or nah? After some dirty talk, Fitz hangs up on Olivia, leaving her looking at her phone like, “What the fuck am I doing?”

Fitz Phone Sex


Ethan reports that Lizzie hasn’t said shit about the USS Roosevelt so Cyrus is happy his boo thang for hire is trustworthy.

Huck shows up at the arcade, but only watches his son from afar like a creeping creeper who creeps.

Leo tells Abby they found out Susan Ross isn’t a widow because she was never married to her daughter’s father so… boom. They won. Abby then drops the bomb that Chip is an abusive asshole and suddenly Leo doesn’t look so smug.

I Brought You In This World…

Papa Pope is waiting in Olivia’s living room when she gets home, like he pays rent. He is too through with her ass for going to see Tom. She tells him to beat it and he monologues about all he’s done for her and how she betta not ever cross him again. She doesn’t back down, though. She basically tells him his life efforts weren’t worth shit because she’s not afraid of him. When he reaches to caress her face, she flinches because Olivia ain’t that damn stupid. He only cradles her face and warns that against him, she will lose. When he leaves, Olivia has to change her underwear.

Tom is shanked by a prison guard, who pulls a Roose Bolton. “Command sends his regards.”

All the Tea is Spilled. All of It.

Quinn and Huck finally tell Olivia that whatever happened to Caitlin, it was about her.

Mellie drops the USS Roosevelt name in her china pattern interview, and Cyrus, who is laid up with bae for hire, realizes he’s been played.

Leo finds Abby in the empty White House press room and offers her a drink. Chip dropped out of the race because someone leaked to the press that he paid the hooker who filmed diaper boy. Abby realizes Leo leaked that for her and they kiss. And then they drink. And just like that, Abby got a new boo.

Huck’s son, Javi, finds him at Pope & Associates. He tracked him via his IP address because, duh, he’s Huck’s son. He knows Huck is his daddy and wants to know why he left.

Fitz tries jumping up Mellie’s ass for talking about West Angola, but she reminds him that he wanted this Mellie back and now she is. Deal with it.

Tom confesses to Olivia and she plays his confession tape for Fitz. Fitz wonders why Tom chose now to tell the truth. Olivia played him like only a Pope can: SHE paid for the guard to stab, but not kill, him. Now that they know Rowan had Harrison and Jerry killed, it’s time for Fitz to release Olivia’s baby.

Jake meets with Olivia in the secret bunker and all is right with the world. Until we see Fitz is there, too. Boy, bye.


Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions
  • Tom’s speech was everything. I said last week that everything on this show revolves around Olivia’s vagina (something I’m getting so tired of) and finally someone told her to her face. Everything bad that happens to these people stems from her relationship with Fitz.
  • So. who’s watching Olivia? Could it be connected to Mama Pope?
  • David Rosen had some of the best lines. “I’ve been Poped and I don’t even know it, right?”



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8 Comments on Scandal – S4E7 – Baby Made a Mess

  1. This episode was great!

    I am getting so tired of Fitz. Melly has been grieving over their dead son and he (Fitz) is attempting to kill himself because he can’t get his dick wet. Bye, Felipe.

    Poor Quinn wants to be B6-13 but she’s at about a B6-eleven and a half. One good roundhouse kick could’ve disarmed that guy. Where in the hell is Chuck Norris when you need him?

    Abby finally made me feel something when she was hiding behind her desk. I hate that she didn’t put him on Front Street for what he did to her but I like that she finally stood up to him. And by “stood up to him”, I mean “shoved a gun in his face and said, ‘Bitch, I am not the one!'”

    Poor Tom. Poor poor poor poor Tom. He is getting played by all the Popes AND the people they sleep with.

    I am so glad they are getting Jake out. His mouth is too pretty for super max.

    Finally, I loved that Olivia put her Pope Pants on and got that confession out of Tom. I’m so happy they’re starting to pick up the pace but it makes me nervous for the mid-season finale.

  2. Finally! This is the episode I’ve been waiting for since, oh, mid-last season!! Olivia is pulling her head out of her ass…about her father anyway.

    Quinn. Poor, misguided, wannabe Quinn. Do I bash someone on every show I talk about with PF? Well, they deserve it! Back to Quinn. One has to wonder if she didn’t fly off half-cocked, confronting that guy, would he still be alive?

    Cyrus wants so bad to believe Big Daddy Longstroke is not playing him. Sorry, Boo, he is. I need him to get his shit together. It’s just dick; stop losing your mind about it.

    That scene with Fitz and Liv and the phone sex. Gross. There was nothing hot about it. How can you be turned on by this milquetoast dandy?? Ugh!! I really need Shonda and all the writers would just stop with them. It ain’t cute. Rod pointed out something on twitter: Fitz beat the shit out of Jake but Tom was so fresh and so clean. What up with that, Prez??

    That scene with Tom was everything. I’m glad he finally got some lines. Too bad he has to die. Also, what’s up with all the men, at least those who hang out with Eli too much, monologuing like him. Those deliberate pauses. Punctuated by a sniff or an inhale. They tryna keep up with Joe Morton?? It’s more than speaking, honies; that man is a beast on the screen.

    I’m glad Abby finally said something to someone about her ex, Sam, and I’m doubly glad Leo did something about it.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. I was not feeling this episode until the second half of the show. It was when Abby hid behind the desk that things got interesting. Anders sexy yet trifling ass showed up to make nice and Abby almost lit him up. I’m not mad at all.

    Tom, finally we get to hear Tom speak, you can’t have that job and not have formed an opinion on the ins and outs of the White House soap opera. I appreciate that Tom had that Scandal cadence down.

    Baby Huck, his son looks so much like Noah Cabey, and he is obviously a genius. I know we joke about Huck being in full on creep mode, but he is fractured and sensitive. I hope they do justice with this story line.

    You all know how I feel about mustache twirling ass Papa Pope. He was better but not by much.

    The phone sex, that was a realistic interaction and her response was accurate, but I am so damn over the Fitzlivia nonsense, I rolled my eyes so hard.

    I’m sorry I can’t record this week, so much to say.

  4. For the first time in a LONG time I didn’t want the hour to end! This was a great episode. For once Abbey didn’t bother me….I felt her fear when she was sitting behind the desk while she rambled about her dress and Liv just had her back and since she couldnt just call Abbey’s ex out she helped the opponent. And when her ex cornered her in the parking lot – I freaked. So when I saw her get in the car but her back was to her ex, I kept thinking what that eff! Are the writers going to make her stupid but when she pulled out that gun – I cheered! That was a victory to spouses who’ve been victimized and abused! Thank you Mr. Slimey for getting your own client to drop out of the race! I loved how Olivia flipped the script but not sure I’m digging the new 3-way…FINALLY Cyrus is learning you can’t trust a trick-ho….he needs to listen to some Jay-z or something. And Huck’s kid is hella smart if he can track IP;s and I can’t even load my bandcamp tracks into my itunes and this kid can find people.

  5. Great episode! Totally didn’t see the Roose Bolton maneuver coming.

    This stuff with his son is gonna backfire on Huck but they are too cute!

    Loved Abby in this episode! Wanted her to shoot that bastard so badly! And I was feeling a vibe between her & Leo last season so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

    Cy finally woke up! You’ve been played! Now what’s he gonna do?

    Tom was killing it tonight! Loved that whole scene!

    I think Olivia hid her fear well. Cause it’s safe to say Daddy Pope scares us all.

    Y’all may not have liked the phone sex but there were plenty of scandal fans out there who did. Neither Fitz not Jake do anything for me. I just want her with Fitz at the end of the series. But I think the dynamic between the 3 of them should be real interesting next week.

    Mellie is trying but she needs to stay away from Lizzie Bear. Listen to Bitsy. She knows what’s up.

    Now I think that someone after Daddy Pope is following Liv. Or connected to her mom. Either way, it has something to do with her folks.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Sorry to hear you won’t be on it this week Kituria.

  6. I forgot to mention…..Tom is a creepy as hell. ‘My President’. Not Mr. President….he said MY PRESIDENT….someone is obsessed! And I loved how he told Liv she’s been under commands control since birth. Did he Read her?

  7. Forgot to mention that I’m kinda hoping for a celibate Liv until they handle the situation with her dad. Don’t sleep with either one of them so they’re not constantly trying to one up the other.

    But since this is Scandal this probably won’t happen. Oh well.

  8. I wanna start by saying that Nina’s recap was everything! EXCEPT the Quinn shade! This has got to stop or there will be repercussions!!!!! I originally was just gonna end my feedback with a lil Quinn nod but after that I realized how important it is for me to lead with my Quinn love!!!
    Anyways on to the episode! Man seeing how much Abby was affected by her husband was jarring! It was great to see her bounce back at the end of the episode and perhaps have a new boo in Cooper(from private practice)! But am I the only one who missed the interaction they had last season? But here’s to hoping they get it in so I can have Nina say Ginger minge!!!!

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