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4 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 157: Scandal S4E8 ‘The Last Supper’

  1. I’m all about rocking matching bra and panties, too.

  2. 6:36 Jake in tshirt & fatigues? — umm YAAAS!
    (I’m a Olitz-r but after the Island & the S3 fallout Im liking Olake, but i still dont trust him)

  3. Hi Nina! Im a “new” fan to Project Fandom – but Ive heard u on some othr stuff on the web (LOVED u & A-Ron on Orange~NuCast & then u popped up on UnSpoiled & that led me to finally listen to Podcast Fandom!!
    …which has led me to Rod & Karen on BGWT (also Awesome!))
    Anyway so all of u are my new “friends” in my head & helping me get thru my day while catching me up on my fave shows.
    I love ur commentary on this ep of Scandal Nina but I have to say that I do miss the perspectives frm the othr voices on ur team. I guess it’s because I like how they challenge ur opinions & all of u guys together are HI-larious..
    Im really sorry that I didnt discover ProFan earlier — I wouldve had an opportunity to really appreciate Meghan while she was still here…
    The tremendous loss that u must be feeling is apparent & I am so sorry for that.
    Anyway, this was another stellar ‘cast on Scandal — but Im hoping u get the othr folks riled up on the next ep!

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