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Scandal – S4E8 – The Last Supper

Previously on Scandal, ‘Baby Made a Mess’

A Tale of Two Petties

Jake is happy to hear that Olivia and Fitz now realize he’s innocent, but he’s still a little shitty over being locked up and beaten. Because Jake can be petty, too, he insists that Fitz call him Captain Ballard and not Jake because only his friends call him Jake. He wants to be released so he can pop a few caps in Rowan’s ass, but Olivia tells him he has to stay in so they don’t tip off Rowan. They need to get Rowan by the book, as two people who walk in the sun. Jake not-so-casually points out to Fitz that “walking in the sun” is their special catchphrase. See? Petty.

But damn he’s fine.

After referring to Olivia as his girlfriend and reminding Fitz that he was hitting that all kinds of ways on a private island, Jake agrees to do things their way and reveals his secret B613 files. Boom.

Lizzie’s Got a Problem & Andrew’s Da Bomb

Lizzie Bear’s phone is bugged and she hires Olivia to find out who it is. The list of people who don’t like Lizzie is long, and even though Olivia is on the list, she agrees to help.

Someone tries to kill Andrew, probably because of the West Angola situation from last week.

Fitz in the Situation Room

Forgive & Forget

Papa Pope calls Olivia like he didn’t just threaten her ass last week. She missed their dinner date. She says she’s pissed at him. He wants to know if she’s new. Doesn’t she realize this is the way family behaves? He reminds her that he’ll be there for her long after those “boys” are gone. She hangs up on him.

You know who IS reconciling though? Mellie and Andrew. She rushes to his office and she’s so relieved to see he’s not dead, she gives him some booty. Right there in the office with the curtains open.

Battle Plan

While Quinn babysits Kubiak, Huck waits to track the person bugging Lizzie’s phone.

Rosen is summoned to the bunker where Fitz, Jake, and Olivia fill him in on the their plan to bring Rowan down. Through some slick talk, Jake basically tells Rosen he better help because he should have used the damn files months ago like he told him to. David agrees to maneuver some kind of military tribunal to ensure that Rowan’s trial doesn’t become public record.

In the hallway, Fitz tries to push up on Olivia and she pushes back, but she eventually gives in and kisses him because Olivia makes poor life choices.

Cyrus on Front Street

Huck figures out that Cyrus has bugged Lizzie’s phone, so once confronted by Olivia, Cyrus comes clean about his affair with Michael. He asks Olivia to help him figure out what Michael and Lizzie have on him. You know, because they’re friends. He conveniently forgets how he basically gloated about imprisoning Jake a few episodes ago. Even though it’s a conflict of interest, Olivia agrees because poor life choices.

Bring Your Son to Work Day

Olivia finds Huck and Javi hanging out in Huck’s office and, of course, she has questions. I mean, is it even legal for you to be hanging out with him, Huck? He doesn’t want to talk about anything but work. Fine. She asks him to look into what Lizzie has on Cyrus. He’s all, is this even legal? Touche, Huck. Touche.

Scandal S4E8 Huck

Liv calls Lizzie with some bullshit about her phone, and then she tells Cyrus to go home and not see Michael. Definitely don’t go to Michael’s new apartment that he paid for. She’s going to find out what Michael told Lizzie.

Then Liv goes to meet with Jake in the bunker and he wants to make sure she’s going to get him out of there. She’s not going to let him rot there and go walk off into the sun with Fitz. She tells him be bet’ not ever talk about her and another man in the sun. This would be really sweet if she didn’t just have her tongue in Fitz’s mouth.

Scandal S4E8 Jake and Olivia

Remember how Olivia told Cyrus to stay away from Michael and how we all knew that wasn’t going to happen? Yup. Michael shows up at Cyrus’ house and Cyrus makes him bend over and keep his damn mouth shut. Anger sex, FTW! Turns out, Michael didn’t deserve all that. Huck discovers that Michael never told Lizzie anything worth a damn. So, Olivia confronts him and learns that Lizzie has a top secret apartment. Olivia sends Huck to bug the apartment so they can try to get dirt on Lizzie.

You know who else makes poor life choices? Huck! He brings Javi along on his stakeout of LIzzie’s apartment, so he’s there when Lizzie arrives there with Kubiak. And since Quinn was tailing Kubiak, she shows up at the stakeout van. Huck sends Javi off for ice cream so he won’t witness Lizzie screw Kubiak. But, hold up! Andrew arrives and he sends Kubiak off to kick rocks. Lizzie and Andrew start making out… and this is really problematic because Andrew JUST told Mellie he was ready to resume their affair.

Kubiak smashes the window to their van and after a struggle with Huck, Huck impales Kubiak’s neck on broken glass. Javi witnesses it all and runs away, leaving perfectly good ice cream on the ground.

These Popes Ain’t Loyal

Fitz and Jake can’t agree on a plan to get Rowan. Sick of their shit, Olivia comes up with a plan that involves her calling her father in tears because both Fitz and Jake have let her down. She suggests dinner and he picks the time and place. I knew from the jump this shit wasn’t going to end well.

Olivia tells Cyrus that Michael cares about him, thinks he’s a good man. He says it’s ironic that the ones closest to you are always the ones who do the most damage. Are you listening, Olivia?

At dinner, while a team surrounds the restaurant and Fitz and Jake watch from the situation room, Rowan starts monologuing. Meanwhile, David has some military personnel helping him go through the B613 files.

Papa Pope tells Olivia that everything he’s ever done was for her, and now, his leaving and the deaths of all the men outside is because of her as well. Snipers take out the team, David realizes all the papers are blank, and Papa Pope tells Olivia that she really, really, really, really fucked up. Then he pimp walks out to his waiting ride and drives off into the darkness. Not the sunset. Never anything to do with the sun with that one.

Score | 8.5/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • So, Lizzie is involved in whatever is going on with the files on Olivia. Andrew, too, it seems. Not surprising since Andrew has no love for Liv.
  • After he threatened Papa Pope, was Jake dumb enough to go back to the files in the storage unit? I’ll have to go back and check. But I know for a fact he had the files moved to his hotel room, which is why he didn’t let Olivia in. Wait. That would mean he DIDN’T go back to the storage unit because he threatened Papa Pope at dinner after that. So, some time after threatening him, but before going to The White House with his folder, Jake took all of those files to ANOTHER storage unit. And either Papa Pope was having him watched or Papa Pope has an inside source.
  • Huck’s wife is going to kick his ass.
  • I’m going to overlook how convenient it is that EVERYTHING that has happened this season links back to Olivia. I mean, even the really great case-of-the week, which turned into case-for-a-few-weeks, involving her friend’s missing daughter all links back to Liv, as does everything Lizzie has been doing.
  • Jake BET’ NOT die.
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4 Comments on Scandal – S4E8 – The Last Supper

  1. I wanted so much to like this episode; I’m coming to realize I expect too much. I want to like the lead character, I want to have respect for her and her choices…but wait! I need to wake up because this is a Shonda Rhimes joint and we KNOW you don’t end up liking her lead characters. Olivia is so weak and stupid sometimes; I forget that she’s the D.C. Handler!! How can someone be so good at fixing everyone else’s messes, yet so bad at fixing her own??

    I feel bad for Huck; he just wants to be with his son, is that so wrong? While I don?t want to witness my father kill some dude, I would rather see that than see said dude kill my father! Am I right or am I right? I hope this situation works out for Huck but all signs point to ?ish don?t think so?.

    Mellie. My poor, battle weary-can?t have nothin nice- always fallin for the lame ducks- Mellie. Why can?t she find happiness?? Olivia got every dude in D.C. fallin at her feet and Mellie keeps getting played. Why?? I just don?t understand it! That damn Andrew!!! You got a major dime like Mellie and you go off and mess around with Lizzie Bear??

    I can?t even talk about Cyrus and his choices.

    Jake Ballard. That man. That face. That mouth. Excuse me while I cut on the AC. Damn that man is fine!! The way he told off Fitz; oh, the shade of it all!! I?m still trying to figure out why Fitz and Olivia wouldn?t listen to him about using his men to take out Rowan. Oh, yeah, it would make too much sense!
    I think I said this last week or the week before: I?m sick of Rowan getting away with everything! This dude is so diabolical it?s unrealistic. He?s worse than the Lannisters because at least bad shit happens to them. It?s not fun to see a villain continue to succeed in their evil plans. Something has to give!

    Olivia and Fitz. Excuse me while I throw up. At this point, I don?t believe he even loves her. This is a game to him. What does she see in him? He can?t win an election by himself, he?s a crybaby, a lush, a cheater?thumbs down, man. But she keeps going back so, as Dr. Phil would say, she?s getting some kind of payoff. And we know it?s not his package; Jake let us know what?s up with that. All I know is ain?t no way in the HELL, I would choose Fitz over Jake. That mouth. That face. Jake bet?not die.

  2. FINALLY Olivia Pope and “Lizzie Bear” in the same room.
    Is it bad that I actually sympathize with Portia DiRossi’s character? It’s hard being the only female in a room full of vampiric men who are waiting for you to accidentally cut yourself before they pounce on you like wolves.
    I live for Mellie. I truly do and she needs to find her own happiness once this sham of a White House marriage is over. Bellamy Young kills it in every scene.
    Huck. Ugh, this poor guy and his poor shattered and fragmented life. I don’t think Guillermo Diaz gets enough credit for properly depicting the emotional shitstorm many of our veterans contend with when they come home from war. His scenes are always so hard to watch not because they’re gross (like Olivia and Fitz’ love scenes) but because they’re hard truths many of us in this country have difficulty facing: that for as much as we claim to love our veterans, our government has a really crappy way of showing it. Getting off my soapbox now.
    Cyrus… Cyrus… Cyrus…. I hate to say “I told you so” but… I told you so. Take a page from the younger gays and just get a profile on Grindr, Jack’d, Scruff and all the many gay dating apps us young’uns use. Picking up some random never ever leads to good things.
    Papa Pope is just crazy— calculating, cold, rational… But that doesn’t mean he’s not crazy. Olivia really should’ve known better than underestimate the man who taught her everything she knows about being a chess player in this Game of Scandals.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode bc it really made me realize something I didn’t know already! I am firmly on team Jake!! I didn’t think I was for anyone but my initial reactions to several scenes last night proved otherwise.

    QUINN- she really didn’t do much this past episode, but do to y’all’s inability to behave I must show her some love! She really is handling her business right now and OPA would be shit without her!! All u HATERS know it, but won’t say it so I will keep up the good work Quinn! I got u boo!! Btw I like how QUINN called Huck and said she was bored, I hope that’s code for I wanna do some nasty things in the future!!

    Huck- Boy does someone need to monitor Hucks activities, I would say liv should but we all know she won’t take her head out of her ass long enough to really give it a try!! Instead of causally noticing that huck’s son is in Your place of business and saying “does his momma know where he is?” I will say I love the fact he gave her the bye Felicia
    Treatment when she tried to get all self righteous as liv is want to do!! But as much as Huck was right for checking liv, you can’t take your son to a sex stakeout then when shit gets real tell him to go get a Nutty Buddy and expect things to be ok!!! Although I was a bit bummed when Javy ran like he was Eugene when he saw his dad kill someone!!!

    Mellie- Hello sexy-Mellie!! Oh how I’ve missed you!!! My one problem with Mellie is not even a problem with her, it’s with shonda and her writers!! Why does Mellie continue to get with these ain’t shit ninja’s, first fitz lame ass now Andrew is playing her?!?!! WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY?????? Question, do u guys believe he really had feelings for her and when she stop communicating with him that’s when he got with lizzie bear, or has he been playing her from the jump?

    Cyrus- “Turn around and bend over”!! Man I hope Cyrus don’t hate himself after what he did to Michael!!!

    Olivia- what a dummy this chick continues to be!! The fact that she is still so self absorbed that she thought a real g like Rowan would fall for her crocodile tears is laughable!! I immediately knew she was faking, and I bet Rowan hung up thinking she really gonna make me do this huh?!?! Anyways I stated earlier how and I’m team Jake, and the opening scene when Jake was being petty as fuck was my first clue into my true feelings, bc all I was thinking was keep throwing shade fitz bitch ass deserve it!!! Then when this thot liv is in the hallway with fitz and I’m screaming ” u bet not kiss this ninja” I knew the truth!! But it wasn’t all good, bc Jake had a momentary lapse where he resorted to his old side piece tendencies and gave liv the thought to chose fitz!! Doesn’t he know u don’t give a hoe other options bc chances are she would take them smdh!!

    Anyways sorry about the length and as always can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!

  4. I liked this episode! But I’m sick of both of Liv’s men! They get on my damn nerves! First Jake is throwing mucho shade on Fitz. Then Fitz is all like kiss me in the hallway. Liv is so confused. Which is why I say leave both their dumb asses alone for a minute! Damn!

    Huck does not know child friendly activities at all. Stakeouts are not ideal settings for “Take Your Child to Work” day. Not at all. Especially when you were purposely bugging Lizzie Bear to see who she was sexing! Now that poor boy is scarred for life! And his momma is so gonna take Huck to court to get a restraining or something! Damn!

    Cy is all kinds of thrown. And Michael was actually catching feelings? Didn’t see that coming. But first rule of trick school is never go to their house! That’s a one way trip to either getting murdered or forcibly taken from behind. Would that count as rape or angry sex? Also, Cy was looking kinda shady when news of the bombing hit. You think he had something to do with it?

    Mellie was looking fabulous tonight in her red. And she most have known she was getting some cause she even had on the red bra and everything! I was so hoping her & Andrew would work out. But I had an inkling that Andrew & Lizzie Bear had a thing going on. It was something about their body language in their scene together earlier this season. But what does that have to do with them having Liv followed? Is it cause of Fitz? Or her dad? Or her mom for that matter? Hmmm.

    Now onto Papa Pope, the heavy weight champion of the world! Did those pussy whipped fools actually think they could outsmart him. Seriously??!! Both of those idiots are so blinded by Liv’s magic spot that they’re having delusions of grandeur thinking they could outsmart Command. He’s been 20 steps ahead of them the whole time! And for Liv to pick her boy toys over her daddy, damn that’s cold. Cause as much crazy & havoc that man has brought to her life, he never actually hurt her. How are her boo thangs supposed to protect her now from whoever is tailing her. Smh. Idiots!

    Still loved the episode. If I watch an episode of Scandal & yell out Holy Shit at my TV a couple of times, I consider it an hour well spent.

    Sorry this got so long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    Btw, slight confession. For one brief moment in the bunker, Jake from State Farm actually looked kinda good. I think the bruises helped cause normally I get nothing. But the lighting in that room was good to him & the bruises. Still ain’t team Jake tho. Won’t ever be. Lol

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