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Podcast Fandom Episode 161: Scandal S4E9 ‘Where the Sun Don’t Shine’

Scandal S4E9 Quinn Huck and Olivia

Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast joins us to discussion the winter finale of Scandal. We talk about Olivia’s abduction, what it means to be a bitchbaby, how Quinn came to drive a Benz, and the all-knowing, all-seeing Papa Pope.

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4 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 161: Scandal S4E9 ‘Where the Sun Don’t Shine’

  1. I cannot wait to listen to this…but I have to. I need something to get me through my work day.

  2. Listening now. A webisode w/ Rowan and Charlie????? YES, PLEASE! And in one of the webisodes Rowan needs to have a heart to heart w/ Charlie regarding his sugar intake. Yep…. this needs to happen.

  3. That’s why I was saying “supervised” visits. If she had allowed at least one supervised visitation, he would have hopefully never gone that back handed way of connecting to him thru the game. He definitely wouldn’t have had Javi out on a stakeout or anything.

  4. Too bad Lisa Kudrow has already appeared on this show as a senator. She could have brought her “Web Therapy” character on to listen to Olivia.

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