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Scandal – S4E9 – Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Previously on Scandal, ‘The Last Supper’

The episode begins with Olivia in that place where things are going on around her, but she can’t hear any of it. Walter White was in that place when he was told he had cancer. She’s sitting the Oval Office while Jake and Fitz talk about what to do next. Or measure their dicks. Whatever.

When they raid Wonderland, they find Maya Pope in her hole. Upon being interrogated by Fitz and Jake, Maya thinks Olivia is going to come to her rescue. Olivia is fed up and tells them to charge her and lock her up. As for Rowan? Hunt him, catch him, kill him.

Huck shows up at Kim’s looking for Javi and that goes about how you’d expect it to: She’s pissed he contacted her son and wants to know what Huck did to upset him. Oh, nothing much. Just a little coldblooded murder.

Fitz meets with the West Angola ambassador and promises the U.S.’s support. Fitz wants to send in troops, but Cyrus advises against it.

When Olivia finally has a moment to charge her phone, Quinn tells Liv about Kubiak and the Andrew/Lizzie alliance. Lizzie arrives at OPA and tells Olivia she knows her phone was hacked by Cyrus and threatens to expose his secrets. Liv tries to warn Cyrus something is coming, but it’s too late: Lizzie has leaked the pics. During their What the Hell Do We Do Now meeting, Olivia drops the bomb that Andrew is sleeping with Lizzie. Poor Mellie has to keep her face neutral. Fitz decides they will fight back on behalf of Cyrus.

Olivia comes up with a plan that involves Cyrus marrying Michael, who’s down for it. Cyrus? Not so much. He’s only had sex with two men in his entire life: James and this piece of shit over here. He’s not going to sully James’ memory by putting a ring on it.

Jake gets his hands on the surveillance footage outside the restaurant the night before… you know, when Rowan played them all like a card game. Speaking of card games, a hit man tries to kill Jake in an alley, but Jake busts out some badass B613 moves and kills him. He finds a playing card with his face on it: King of Spades. This is a kill card because apparently Rowan had time to go to Kinko’s and have them made so that all B613 agents are wiped out. Jake tells Huck and Quinn to watch their asses and then goes off to find Rowan because Jake ain’t scared of shit.

Quinn meets with Charlie to warn him and the two end of up fighting and fucking. The big question here is: How the fuck is Quinn driving a Benz? Quinn sneaks into the law firm where Caitlin first stole the Liv files and learns that night Kubiak, Caitlin’s dad, and Andrew were meeting to discuss something billed to one client: WACO Inc.

Jake shows up at OPA to give Liv a gun and a refresher course on how to deliver stop shots. Liv is more interested in kill shots. He begs her to leave with him, go back to the sun, but she says the sun has gone down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up. See. The problem is that Olivia refuses to stand in the sun. She seeks out the darkness because her parents have fucked this girl all the way up.

Scandal S4E6 Jake and Olivia

Lizzie meets Andrew in his office for a quickie and it’s clear the only thing these two want more than each other is to go to war in West Angola.

Cyrus resigns because he’s not about that marrying Michael life. David has to investigate the Cyrus/Michael situation to make sure Cyrus didn’t compromise any national secrets while cavorting with a hooker. Abby is subpoenaed and during her deposition David learns she’s been banging Leo Bergen. Post coitus, Quinn finds her kill card in Charlie’s wallet. The two fight it out Mr. and Mrs. Smith-style.

Jake and Huck think they’ve found Rowan, but he’s chilling in Olivia’s house like he pays rent. Olivia tries to read her dad, but we all know how that turns out. He twists everything back on her: “You’re not normal. You can’t love. Looking at me makes your stomach turn because it’s like looking in the mirror.” Ouch. Olivia grabs his gun.

“Olivia, watch yourself.” Rowan says. That’s short for, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Olivia pulls the trigger and nothing happens because everyone knew that damn gun was empty when Rowan placed it on the table within her reach.

Olivia Shoots Rowan

Rowan cannot believe she “shot” her own father. He tells a story about playing a Stevie Wonder album to help her sleep the night before her first day of kindergarten. Then he tells her she’ll miss him when he’s gone. And then he’s gone.

Quinn and Charlie have fought and made up. They both admit they hurt each other, and Quinn reminds Charlie that he hurt Huck by giving up those files on his family. Um, is it me or didn’t he give those files to Quinn and she made the decision to share them with Huck? Anyway, when Rowan asked him to grab all the B613 files and replace them with blanks, Charlie kept a few for himself because he’s not entirely stupid.

Olivia goes to visit her mom to see if she knows where Rowan is. It went like this:

Olivia: “He kept you in a hole and visited you every day. You have a PhD in his crazy. You know where he is and you will tell me right now!” 

Mama Pope: “Bye, Felicia.” 

Olivia: *cries*

Mama Pope looks at Olivia like: 

Girl, Bye

Olivia visits Cyrus at home. He’s packing to go to Europe. She jumps up his ass, accusing him of being a BitchBaby. She gets him all fired up and this would be way more effective if Olivia didn’t make #poorlifechoices.

Olivia and Cyrus

But it works because the next thing you know, Cyrus and Michael are talking about their upcoming nuptials in an interview. Back on the job, Cyrus tells Fitz going to war is a bad idea. Lizzie tries to find out from Mellie what Fitz is thinking. Mellie is confused as to why Lizzie thinks they’re friends. Is it because they’re both fucking Andrew? Mellie basically tells Lizzie to not get it twisted.

Scandal S4E9 Mellie

Later, Olivia watches Abby, Cyrus, and Fitz drinking and laughing in the Oval Office and decides not to go in.

Huck drops off Charlie’s stolen files with Kim. He tells her to read them. Does D.C. have Stand Your Ground laws? Cause Huck gonna fuck around and get shot if he keeps showing up at this woman’s house. 

Quinn figures out Andrew knew the explosion was coming and he was working with Lizzie to push Fitz to war with West Angola. Meanwhile, Andrew confronts Fitz. Of course Fitz wouldn’t go to war because WA tried to kill him. Fitz don’t give a fuck about his vice president. At the same time, Quinn and Huck are trying to figure out why Andrew and Lizzie had pics of Olivia…

Jake comes home after a long day of trying to kill Olivia’s dad, but she doesn’t want to talk about that. She has food, pie, beer, and wine. And she just wants to dance! She encourages him to dance with her, and he does. And it is adorable.

Olivia Dancing

Olivia Dancing 2

Jake and Olivia dance

Jake and Olivia Dancing 2

Score | 9.5/10He says he loves her. She says she wants him AND Fitz, but she’s not choosing Fitz. She’s choosing Olivia. And Olivia wants to dance with Jake and fuck him on her piano. He’s so down with that plan. In fact, he thinks it’s the best.plan.ever. They just need blankets and a pillow, which he goes to her bedroom to retrieve. When he comes back, moments later, Olivia is gone. Wine is spilled on the white sofa (that was bound to happen sometime!) and the front door is open. Andrew taunts Fitz, asking what’s the one thing he couldn’t live without. Fitz asks what he’s done with Olivia. “How you liking that war now?,” Andrew asks. And Andrew now has to die.

Can Olivia please move now?


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5 Comments on Scandal – S4E9 – Where The Sun Don’t Shine

  1. Ok, so Scandal has simultaneously snatched my edges & blown my hair back — i LOVED this winter finale!
    Quinn’s trampy-triflin ass
    Huck facing the wrath of Kim…
    Mellie Mellie Mellie -big.sigh- my grrrl NEVER disappoints! Did she pimp-slab LizzieBoo or what?
    Cyrus getting mojo back via Liv…
    Then MamaPope reading Liv all the stuff we shout at the TV before dismissing her w a #ByeFelicia
    Liv telling Jake the island is over, then admitting she wants it all but is only choosing herself!
    StevieWonder’s “Dont U Worry Bout a Thang”!
    Jake & Liv’s sexy-cute-silly-spontaneous dancing.
    Andrew slamming his own presidential-sized balls on Fitz oval office coffee table!!
    I LOVED IT! …thatIsAll…

  2. Dear Scandal, I think we need to break up. There’s no fun in this anymore. Unless of course the fun is raging about how stupid Olivia is. So much happened last night, a lot of it good, but it was all shadowed by the enormity of Olivia’s foolishness. At least for me.

    The scene between her and Papa Pope, where he read her for FILTH! Amazing. Her reaction, trying to kill him, had my husband and I asking each other the same question: what is so bad about him that she wants to kill him…her own father? Who has never hurt her. Yes, he’s diabolical, evil, a murderous scuzz, but who in her life isn’t?? Abby! That’s it!! Jake, Fitz, Cy, Huck, Quinn, Mellie, Mama Pope…they’re all running around like Lady Macbeth, but Eli deserves a bullet? More than any of the others?? Girl, bye!

    I didn’t like her admission that she wants both Jake and Fitz, but she’s choosing herself…but before I do that, let’s fuck on this here piano. I almost had a stroke from that eyeroll. I like every character but Olivia, yep, even Quinn’s stupid ass.

    I’m not understanding Shonda’s insistence on making Olivia so contemptible while ignoring the jewel that is Bellamy Young and Mellie. Damn, she gets better every episode. If she doesn’t get an Emmy nod…ooh, imma know somethin.

    I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll tune in for the rest of this season.

    Before I forget, Jake dancing….dayum that was doing it for me!! Jake this whole episode. That man is foine!!! And yeah, Quinn’s booty was looking kinda good.

  3. Absolutely loved the show last night!!
    First let’s start with the best thing about the episode, and of course that’s QUINN!!!!!!! I’m glad to see I’ve finally begun to break some of you down, it definitely took a while but I’m down for the cause and will continue to fight the good fight!!! One of the principal reasons I’ve been on team Quinn was dat ass and last nite the security guard definitely noticed it as well!!! But one thing that continues to bother me is this charlie itch she can’t seem to get rid of, this has got to go!! The only reason she gives charlie the nootsie is bc he is the only person to give her attention, but my guess is Huck will soon be back on his game and their nasty sex will be back!!! But before everyone say it’s just looks that has me on Quinn, let me also say she once again was the case MVP and solved the case!!!

    But jus bc Quinn is bae, I wanna say Mellie is definitely a close second!! I really appreciated the flashback to sexy Mellie, and the last scene with Lizzie Bear was great and I can’t wait for Mellie to really show how she is on the not to be fucked with crew and really cause some damage in the second half of the season!!

    Onto Huck! Man he definitely needs a bell around his neck bc he keeps showing up out of nowhere at his baby mommas house with those crazy ass eyes and scaring the fuck out of people!! But also did everyone else notice how she didn’t even know Javy was upstairs traumatized?!?! Lady get yo shit together!! And lastly did no one want the Huck mission bc the whole episode I was waiting for someone to try him or his family and it never happened?

    Then there was Cyrus and his bout with being a “Bitch Baby”!! The headlines were hilarious though “Chief of staffs and Benne Busted” made me lmao!! As nina said last week Cyrus is an evil motherfucker but marrying a whore was crossing the line? You were already paying him 2500 a session and bought him an apartment, marrying him is the smart thing just financially alone, bc at this rate Cyrus would have been on the streets with a bag of cheeseburgers in a couple of years!! Also the pep talk was great!! Liv became Phil Jackson and Cyrus Kobe and after it was all over Cyrus knew what it would take to win the chip!!

    Lastly Olivia, sigh. She started off strong when her mom was all “get em, baby” and liv said NAW bitch u a criminal, but it was pretty much downhill for her after that. The whole scene with Rowan had me on the edge of my seat!! I can’t believe it took him this long to realize how ungrateful liv is, we have known for seasons right? Also did u notice Papa Pope used the term “clan of good ole boys” did he me another Klan, just wondering? But the best part was when liv pulled that trigger and Rowan turned into Denzel from training day and said “I’m the police, I run shit here, you just live here!!” Then she goes to her mom for help after she locked her up and mama pope says “ain’t nobody got time for that”!! But in the end olivia does realize she is selfish and tells Jake and he is cool with it as long as he still gets them guts!! They then decide to have sex somewhere liv has never had sex, but we all kno the truth is she has had sex EVERYWHERE!!! It also shows how much I hate liv bc when she was snatched up, I wasn’t even mad!!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the show!!

  4. I don’t even know where to start with this episode. When Olivia first sees her mother and leaves her in the room and she calls after her, did anyone else expect her to use Olivia’s middle name? Just me? Moving on!

    So many good things about this episode… Melly had a set back but took it in stride AND put Lizzie bear in her place all while looking amazing. While I’m on that subject, I hope Lizzie and Andrew get to share a raging case of fire crotch.

    I hope that Huck gets to be around his family but I worry that it’ll put them in the cross hairs.

    At this point in the game, I felt the whole “I choose me” thing from Olivia to be a little too late. I know you’ve mentioned it before how she may not end up with either of them but, why NOT Jake? He’s good for her, he cares for her, he wants her to walk in the sun with him, AND he makes her go “ooOoOoOoooOOO” like Eddie Murphy described it in “Raw”.

    Jake. Dancing. Jake DANCING! I gasped. I grinned. I may have clutched my non-existent pearls. So yummy. All in all, a great episode. It’s too bad Beyonc didn’t have another secret album up her sleeves to ride us over until winter.

  5. Epic midseason finale! Loved it!

    Finally!! Liv finally chose herself! Hell, at this point I’d be ok with her using both Fitz & Jake as her personal boy toys. Works for me!

    Now her parents have really f$cked up her life. Girlfriend don’t know which way to go. But you don’t shoot your daddy, no matter how crazy he is. That’s not your duty. Cause despite his multiple issues, he still looked out for her. That broke his heart! He really wasn’t the best dad and yeah, he killed or had killed a lot of people. But she was the one person he never physically hurt. It’s cause she pulled that trigger that those folks could grab her. Cause you know daddy had some b613 folks watching her ass. Smh. And how do all these folks just be popping up in Liv’s house? Seriously, it should not be that easy to get into her house and kidnap her with a trained b613 operative in the next room. Granted, y’all’s boy was thinking with the little head and not the big one. Anywho, listened to the AfterBuzz TV podcast and they brought up a good point. Unlike a lot of folks, Liv never had the kind of upbringing where family is first. Blood is thicker than water and all that jazz. Eli provided for his child materially but he never provided for her emotionally. They lost whatever emotional connection they had a long time ago. If they had any semblance of a normal father/daughter relationship, she would have never pulled that trigger. Unless my parent is about to actually kill me, I can’t see pulling the trigger. He was not physically threatening her at that moment. But she pulled the trigger.

    Ok, Mama Pope had me dying. And looking mighty good for having been in the box all these months. Was Rowan providing hair care products or something? And he just left her ass down there too when he cleaned out the joint! Lmao.

    Cyrus. Really great scenes tonight with him & Fitz and him & Liv. What did she call him, BabyBitch? Lol. Now is making a ho a husband really the way to go here? But both he & Michael started catching feelings so I hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass.

    Abby & Leo got some! Good for them! But poor David having to find out during a deposition. He stays losing.

    Quinn is a freak. She’s a super freak! She’s a super freak with a violence fetish. Ewwww! And wtf did that Benz come from? Is that Liv’s car or something?

    If Astrid, cause I really can’t remember her character’s name at this point, had allowed Huck some supervised visits, maybe Javi wouldn’t be needed therapy till he’s 80 now. Then Huck wouldn’t have had that boy out on some really inappropriate field trips. They’re both at fault. But what do you think will happen now that she has those files?

    I love Mellie! She had me dying when she read Lizzie Bear. Don’t think she knew Andrew was diddling the First Lady either. Boy did we all misjudge him. I thought he genuinely cared for Mellie. But he clearly cares for power more. And apparently is blindsiding Fitz outta nowhere! So what is his motivation behind the staged bombing & kidnapping Liv? They want that war but why?

    Sorry for the long ass feedback. When it’s a good episode, I just can’t help it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    Btw, y’all know Jake from State Farm can’t dance! That was hilarious!

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