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Scandal – S5E1 – Heavy is the Head

Previously on Scandal 

Olivia and Fitz are carrying on their secret affair – again. This means Mellie’s not invited to the state dinner welcoming the royal family (the queen, the prince, and his American bride) of Caledonia, a place I didn’t think was real, but the auto-correct on my MacBook seems to like it. After the dinner, the princess is killed in a car crash, and the queen hires Olivia to get all the paparazzi photos that were taken of her dead body at the scene. Olivia figures out the queen staged the accident to have her daughter-in-law killed, and works through a loophole in her non-disclosure agreement to tell the prince what his mother did.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Meanwhile, Fitz serves Mellie with divorce papers, Huck goes to Jake for mental guidance, and Lizzie (new Chief of Staff) and Abby learn about the affair and realize it’s the reason their jobs have been impossible lately. After Cyrus refuses to help Mellie, they both come to terms with the fact that Fitz doesn’t want either of them.

Sally announces on her show (The Liberty Report) that Fitz and Olivia are having an affair and she has the photographs to prove it. Welp. 

Only in Shondaland: 

Even if Olivia was hired by a visiting queen to handle something so important, how was she able to just run up on the crash scene, past cops, and cover the princess’ body with her coat? Where they do that at? Shondaland.

Fitz is the Worst – the Literal Worst:

After Fitz shows up at her swearing-in ceremony, Mellie assumes this means her husband is finally ready to be a decent human being. Oh Mellie, you ain’t new. Fitz waits until she’s done gushing over how happy she is to hit her with divorce papers. He assures her that he will survive any fallout from a fight, while her budding career won’t.

He is a terrible, terrible person and I have no idea why Olivia wants to be with him. Not that she’s the most emotionally or mentally stable person.


Olivia, STAHP: 

WHY does Olivia think it’s okay to yell at the president like he’s a little boy who took a cookie without asking, in the Oval Office, in front of his staff?


When Lizzie read Mellie’s ass like scripture. I love Mellie, but she had that coming. She treated Lizzie like crap and held her hostage for her loyalty. Lizzie put her in that Senate seat and didn’t get so much as a thank you. However, Lizzie is about to find out why Cyrus was always one crisis away from a stroke. The only time Fitz makes more poor life choices without Olivia is when he has Olivia. He’ll be sending us to war again before the season’s out – all because Olivia stubbed her toe.

What the Huck Moment:

Huck is sleeping on Olivia’s white couch (now missing the cushion again), and pretty much funking up the place. Olivia finally stops her White House sleepover to go home and finds Huck sitting in the dark like a fucking creeper. He basically tells her he’s killed people by saying the other part of him is out and free. I mean, that’s what she SHOULD take from that cryptic shit. He says she needs to fix him ’cause that’s what she always does. Olivia finally admits that she can’t even fix her own self and Huck needs to look elsewhere for repair.

Olitz Moment (cause I’m not a complete hater): 

The chemistry they had while staring at each other from two different elevators was ridiculous.

Olake Moment (cause I ain’t no quitter): 

Jake working with Huck means he’ll be around when Fitz inevitably breaks Olivia’s heart. Boom.

Questions & Predictions: 

  • Abby and Lizzie are totally the ones who leaked the affair, right? You might think Abby is too loyal, Game-score-6.5but she’s also the woman who stole the Cytron card from David. I could even see her defending her actions as being what’s best for Liv and the country. She might even tell Liv, “You’d have done the same thing!”
  • I wish the “cases of the week” wouldn’t be so obvious each time.
  • If Mellie is smart, she’d turn this into an advantage: The loving wife betrayed by her husband when he couldn’t handle her having her own aspirations.
  • Am I the only one who finds Olivia’s parting shots (like the evil queen comment to the queen) ineffective because we know what a wreck her persona life is?
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  1. Is Scandal even worth watching anymore? I stopped at the end of S3. It just got too fantastical for me.

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