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Scandal – S5E2 – Yes

Previously on Scandal, ‘Heavy is the Head’

After Sally went on TV and dropped truth bombs about Olitz, Olivia ducked out of The White House… and dove right into a case. This is particularly frustrating to Fitz because he’s waiting for her to make an official statement. It’s frustrating to Abby who cannot do her job efficiently since the press wants answers and Fitz won’t let her give them any.


While Olivia tries to find a young man who may or may not have killed his father – I wasn’t really feeling this so my attention wandered – Mellie arrives at the White House to bail Fitz out of the jam he’s in. She will tell the public their marriage is fine and the affair is a lie. Fitz is all, “Bye, Felicia.”

Abby learns Lizzie leaked the photos to Sally by using Mellie’s access to the White House’s systems. Instead of using this info to get rid of Lizzie, she agrees to keep quiet if Lizzie will begin working with her and not against her.

In the end, Abby convinces Fitz that being the scandal wouldn’t make Olivia happy, and he takes Mellie up on her offer. After hearing a message from Fitz explaining what he’s going to do, Olivia confronts the crowd of reporters outside of her apartment building and confesses to the affair.

Only in Shondaland: 

Would someone still hire Olivia Pope when she’s on the news for possibly screwing the president.

Fitz is the Worst – the Literal Worst:

Mellie offers to fix the mess he created by parading his mistress all over HER house and coldly tells her to get out. It’s as if all the trifling shit he did doesn’t matter. Mellie didn’t know what would happen to the people on the jury list, but Fitz knew what would happen when he put that pillow over Verna’s face and pushed until she stopped breathing.

Then he expects the vice president to not honor her commitments so she can cover for him while he’s busy hiding, waiting for his mistress to surface.

Boy, bye.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Olivia, STAHP: 

The whole running and not facing the music bit pissed me off. It’s getting harder and harder to believe that Olivia is this great fixer when her personal life STAYS messy.

Throughout most of the episode I had Olitz fatigue. How are we five season in and still dealing with this mess? Thankfully, Olivia finally put on her big girl panties and…




Either you want this or you don’t. I guess she does.

What the Huck Moment:

I guess I have to accept the fact that Scandal is not interested in getting these characters any REAL help. Huck and Olivia seems allergic to actual therapy – and Huck probably needs meds. I’m glad they didn’t expect us to believe that a sleepover with Jake was enough to “cure” Huck, and that before the episode was over he was popping a weird boner, ready to kill a pushy reporter.

Still, sitting at a bar with Quinn, who is suddenly less mad at him for slaughtering a busload of people because she’s crazy too, isn’t the kind of help he needs.

He needs more than deep breaths and someone who (sometimes) understands him.


Olitz Moment (cause I’m not a complete hater): 

There wasn’t one. I’m sure some of you swooned while she was listening to his voicemail, but I just rolled my eyes so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

Olake Moment (cause I ain’t no quitter): 

Jake is the most understanding man EVER. He drops everything to help Olivia with her case and spoons with her after she cries over Fitz.

Unfortunately, spooning did not lead to forking.

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